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Chapter 5

A Ninth Birthday Surprise


“It’s mine!” Draco yelled. “It’s my birthday!”

 “It’s mine too!” Harry retorted.

“IT’S MY PRESENT!” Draco screeched.

“It’s addressed to me!” Harry complained.











“What is going on in here?” Lucius asked leaning on the door frame.

The fighting boys spun around.

“Father,” Harry responded. “We were we were just…”

“Just what Calais?” Lucius asked.

“Lookingforourbirthdaypresents,” Harry mumbled.

“What was that Calais?” He asked. “You both know better than to go snooping around my study.”

“Yes father,” the two said casting their glances downward.

“You’re both grounded until further notice,” Lucuis told them.

“But father!” Draco protested, “My birthday is tomorrow!”

Lucius just looked at the two and Harry pulled his brother out of the room.

“You had to go and make a scene didn’t you?” Harry snarled.

“I just wanted to know what they got me!” Draco hissed.

“So you were going to open my present?”

“Of course not,” Draco hissed, “You’re birthday’s not until July!”

“Dray, don’t you remember, father’s having some of his friends over tomorrow, so as far as anyone else is concerned, tomorrow is both of our birthdays.”

“He is?” Draco responded, “I don’t remember him saying that.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Brother, perhaps if you didn’t play with your food during dinner you would have heard him.”

“I was not!”

“Were too.”


“Were too.”


“Were too.”


“Boys!” Narcissa scolded coming up behind them. “Stop making a bloody racket.”

“Sorry mother,” Harry responded grinning, “Dray was just denying that he doesn’t play with his food.”


“Calais, dear,” Narcissa said sighing. “Don’t spread rumors about your brother.”

Draco stuck out his tongue at Harry behind his mother’s back.

“Yes mother,” Harry responded.

“Come, Calais, I am going to Diagon Alley, you are to come with me,” Narcissa told the boy.

“What about me, mother?” Draco asked.

“You are to stay here, Draco,” Narcissa told him, “And you are not under any circumstances to bother your father, if you need anything call for the house elf.”

“Yes mother.”

Harry followed Narcissa to the floo powder. Narcissa went first and Harry took a handful of the green powder, “Diagon Alley,” he announced as the flames turned green.

“Good, you’re here,” Narcissa said. “Come now.” She led him Gringotts. “Mr. Harry Potter here to access the Potter Fortune.”

The goblin looked up at Narcissa and then down at Harry his eyes going toward the boy’s forehead where the scar was concealed behind his bangs and a powerful concealment charm.

“Does Mr. Harry Potter have his key?” the goblin asked her.


The goblin looked at her suspiciously and then motioned for them to follow her. “We will need a blood sample.”

“Very well,” Narcissa said squeezing the boy’s shoulder. “I thought that it’s time you knew something of your parents,” she whispered in his ear.

Harry held out his hand and the goblin pricked his finger, when the test results came through he nodded and looked at Narcissa, “The trust fund or the family vault madam?”

“The family vault I think,” she responded.

“You are aware that he cannot take anything out of the family vault without Mr. Albus Dumbledore’s knowledge and approval?”

“I was not,” Narcissa responded. “Does Dumbledore need to know if he visits the vault?”

“If he takes nothing then he does not need to be told.”

“Very well, take us to the family vault,” Narcissa told the goblin. “I expect this visit to be kept a secret however.”

“Gringotts ensures secrecy, madam,” the goblin said bowing.

Narcissa nodded and the goblin led them down to the Potter Family Vault.

“Take as long as you need,” the goblin said, “Ring this bell when you are ready to leave and I will be back.”

They stepped into the vault and Harry gasped at what he saw.

“Happy Early Birthday, Harry,” Narcissa said, “I hope that this room can tell you something about Lily and James.”

“Thank you, mother,” Harry responded a tear falling down his cheek.

“It’s all yours, Harry,” Narcissa said, “As soon as you turn seventeen.” 

A.n: wow that chapter is alot shorter than i expected...sorry everyone...i'll try to make the next one longer....

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