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A/n: I guess you could say that I am trying to make up for the long wait last time….or that I just had a streak of inspiration…

Chapter 4

The City of Elijondria

Two boys ran through the narrow streets. They laughed as the blond haired boy chased the blond and raven haired boy. “CAL!” the blond hair boy yelled, “You cheated!”

“DRAY!” the other one mocked as he ran, “I did no such thing!”

“CAL!” the other boy screamed tripping over a stone lying in the street. The boy called Cal, continued running not noticing his brother’s predicament.

“Little boys such as you should not be wandering alone,” a silky voice said coolly. Dray looked up at the stranger and said, “Stay away from me!” The stranger laughed, “Are you afraid of me?” he asked amused. The man took the small boy by his collar, “Mr. Malfoy, your father will not be pleased, though I do live to make his life more difficult.”

“LET GO OF ME!” Dray yelled, his yell caused his brother who had nearly left sight to turn, “Dray,” he whispered, and started running back down the dark alley towards his brother.

The stranger hit the boy with a white light an as Dray and him approached, Dray noticed that his brother was bound it ropes. The stranger laughed as he grabbed both boys and disappeared into the darkness.

Lucius Malfoy was livid.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST MY SONS!” he yelled after returning to his office to find his secretary in hysterics after loosing the two small boys.

“Milord, please!” the girl begged, “I looked away for two seconds and they disappeared!”


“Milord, it wasn’t my fault,” the girl sobbed falling to the floor and gripping the man’s robes.


“Milord, please, they could be anywhere!” the girl sobbed, “Elijondria is a huge place!”

“YOU HAVE AN HOUR!” he yelled before slamming the door to his office.

The girl named Maria stood up and grabbed her coat muttering, “Stupid brats are going to cost me my job.”

Calais and Draco Malfoy sat huddled together in a cold dark room with no windows. “Are you alright?” Calais asked his brother.

“Brilliant, never better,” the boy muttered sarcastically.

“Who do you suppose that man is?” Calais asked.

“I have no bloody idea!” Draco hissed. “This is your fault!”

“How is this my fault?”

“You’re the one that wanted to leave father’s office!”

“You said you were bored!”

“Now, now boys,” a silky voice chastised. “Bickering is very unbecoming.”

“What do you want?” Draco asked the man. “We have nothing to give you.”

The man laughed, “Perhaps not, but your father certainly does.”

“What do you want from him?”

He laughed, “To long has that man been a thorn in my side, but no longer, he will bow before me, when I take the throne right out from under our precious king, our king will fall to my wrath, and your father along with him!”

The two boys looked at each other, “But why do you need us?” Calais asked stuttering.

“Parenthood, ah the joys.” The man smirked. “Parents will do anything for the wellbeing of their children, but first a little leverage to let your father know that I have you, perhaps a finger?”

Draco whimpered.

“Or, an eye, you there have such a unique one,” the man grinned staring at Calais.

He whimpered. “Please sir, don’t hurt us.”

“Don’t hurt you?” the man snarled, “I think not! Crucio!”

Calais twitched and screamed under the influence of the curse.

“CAL!” Draco yelled. “STOP IT! STOP IT! PLEASE!”

The man broke the curse. “Stop it? You want it to stop? Perhaps you’d like a try?”

Draco whimpered. “No sir.”


“EXPELLIARMUS!” a man voice shouted. The stranger twirled around and found himself facing a tall man dressed in black.

“You!” he snarled.

“Xavier, my old friend,” the man smirked. “How good to see you, are you hurting children now?”

“Get out, this doesn’t concern you!”

“Oh, but Xavier, you see one of those boys is my godson, so yes, it does concern me, Avada Kadavra.”

The stranger fell to the floor, dead, and Draco put himself between the man and his brother who was lying unconscious on the floor. “Stay back,” he said.

“I mean you no harm,” the man said, “Let me see to your companion.” Draco reluctantly let the man pass. The man knelt by the boy, “He is suffering from the aftermath of the Crutiatus Curse, he should be alright though.” He picked up the frail boy.

“What are you doing?” Draco said concerned.

“I’m taking you home.”

Not long later the three were in front of the Gate to Malfoy Manner. They swung open and the man walked through, Draco following behind him. The door swung open before they got there and Narcissa yelled, “CALAIS!” She ran the rest of the way and looked at the man, “What happened?” She whispered. “Severus, what happened?”

The man looked at her, “The Cruciatus Curse,” he said bowing his head.

“My baby!” She wailed. “My poor baby!”

“What?” Severus said, “I thought that, this one was your son,” he motioned to Draco. “They both are, Severus, didn’t you know that?” Severus looked at her and shook his head. “We should take him to his room.”

“Yes, yes,” Narcissa said, “Right this way.” When they reached the stairs Lucius came storming in, “NARCISSA THE BOYS ARE MIS---Severus” Lucius said noticing the man, his eyes fell on the small boy in his arms, “Calais,” he said his voice sounding pained. “Severus what happened?” 

Narcissa took the boy from Severus and led Draco upstairs.

Lucius showed Severus to a sitting room and offered him a drink, “It was the Cruciatus Curse,” Severus said softly.

Lucius’s eyes widened and he stood up, “Calais,” he whispered.

“Sit down, old friend,” Severus soothed, “he should be fine.”

“Who did it?”



“He’s dead.”

“You killed him?” Lucius asked.

“I did.”

“Thank you, Severus,” Lucius said.

“I thought you only had one son,” Severus stated.

“Why did you think that?” Lucius said gulping. “Calais and Draco are twins.”

“I see,” Severus responded, “How old are they now? Seven?”

“Eight,” Lucius corrected.

“When will you start to train them?”

“They’re ninth birthday is next June, I will begin then,” Lucius responded, “Will you help me?”

“I would be honored,” Severus said inclining his head.

“Dumbledore going to let you have the Defense job at any point?” Lucius asked.

“I doubt it,” Severus responded. “I keep hoping, but every year he seems to come up with one more teacher, they are slowly becoming more and more incompetent.”

“It’s just as well, Severus,” Lucius replied. “After all we can’t break tradition can we?”

Severus smiled slightly, “You would be one for tradition, wouldn’t you?”

“Every Head of Slytherin House since Salazar Slytherin himself has been a Potions Professor; we can’t break that tradition now.” Lucius replied.

Severus shook his head, “Only you would remember little details like that, Lucius.”

“Was that an insult?” Lucius asked indignantly.

“Take it how you will,” Severus said standing, “I would consider teaching your children to defend themselves soon, Lucius, Xavier is not your only enemy.”

“We used to be such a peaceful community,” Lucius sighed, “What happened?”

“What happened?” Severus repeated amused, “The Dark Lord happened, Lucius, you of all people should know that.”

Lucius shook his head, “You wouldn’t understand, Severus.”

“I understand more than you think, Lucius

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