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A/n: Sorry it took so long.... Holidays and everything you know... hope to have another up soon 

Chapter 3

Harry James Calais Potter Malfoy

A small six year old boy with silver-blond hair walked sleepily into a dark room, followed by his father, “Mother,” the boy drawled, “Wha-“ he stopped suddenly his eyes falling on the young boy bleeding on the bed next to his mother.

“This is Harry Potter,” Narcissa answered the boy’s unasked question. “Your new brother.”

“We are going to make him one of us; do you know what that means, Draco?” Lucius asked.

The boy looked at his father strangely and responded, “It’s got to do with blood and a ceremony.

 “Exactly,” Lucius beamed proud that his son had grasped the concept so quickly. “We need to surround the bed.”

 Narcissa stood on the right side of the bed and Draco on the left, Lucius opted for the end of the bed and he produced a small silver dagger. He cut his palms with the blade and handed it to Narcissa; she repeated the process and then proceeded to do the same to the unconscious boy. She handed the dagger to the small child and he looked sheepishly at his parents before he too cut his palms with the dagger. All three then took a turn pressing their palms to the small boy’s palms. When the blood was mixed, they held hands forming a protective circle over the small boy.

Draco, though only six years old himself, found himself knowing what to do by instinct the moment the circle joined. Lucius started chanting,

 “Blood of the Father, given to the son.”

Narcissa continued, “Blood of the Mother, given to the young.”

Draco gulped and responded, “Blood of the brother, flowing willingly to his kin.”

All three voices joined together, “Alli, mandrante lo foenetro weh tu fahtro.”

Lucius continued alone, “Blood of the noble flow to blood of the innocent.”

Narcissa joined in, “Blood of the young, combine with blood of the old.”

 Draco joined, “Blood of the Malfoy’s join with the innocent. Alli mandrante lo foenetro weh tu fahtro.”

 Draco continued alone, “Transform my brother into one of the fair.”

 Narcissa joined, “Give him strength and let him flourish.”

Lucius joined the chant, “May he always call where our blood rests home. Alli mandrante lo foenetro weh tu fahtro.”

 Lucius continued alone for the last verse, “Alli mandrante lo foenetro weh tu fahtro, mah falo trahno ka len defo va, Alli mandrante lo foenetro weh tu fahtro.”

 The trio finished with a loud, “SUPATRE!”

 Before their eyes the young boy changed, his wounds seemed to dissolve slightly as his features changed. His ears became slightly less rounded and his hair changed from a raven color to a silver blond with raven highlights falling into his eyes. On his right shoulder a small white mark appeared. It was the roe trasenet. The roe trasenet was a birth mark that all of the Malfoy line had. The roe trasenet was what showed their allies that they were friends, not foes. Lucius Malfoy, and his wife Narcissa and Draco were not human, they were elves.

 When many people in their society thought of an elf, they thought of a house elf, but house elves were not the only type of elves. There were three major types of elves, the house-elves, the wood elves, and the blood elves. The Malfoy’s were blood elves. Blood elves were a cross between a vampire and a wood elf. They had many of the same strengths as each of these races, but they mingled with wizarding society as they appeared more human than elf or vampire.

Blood elves were not good or evil. They often had dark characteristics because of their dark relatives, and the dark arts came easily to them, but most continued to live a life outside the pull of what wizards called, “the dark side.” Lucius Malfoy was a spy for the blood elves in the dark lord’s forces and the ministry, it was not known to anyone outside of the Blood elves that they even had a government, not to mention an army. The Malfoy’s were traditionally very powerful in the Blood elf government. Every King of the Blood elves has always had a Malfoy as an advisor.

Lucius Malfoy looked at the still form of the now sleeping boy, “He will not wake tonight,” he told his family, “It is best if we get some sleep, but first, we must alter his name,” He touched his wand to the boy’s forehead and muttered, “Harry James Calais Potter Malfoy, or Calais Malfoy, to those who ask.”

Narcissa nodded and all three of them quietly left the room.

Harry Potter awoke early the next morning from a strange light seeping through his eyelids.

Where am I? He thought. It’s much too bright to be my cupboard and whatever I’m sleeping on is very comfortable. Am I at the hospital? I don’t remember anything…wait, I ran away, did somebody find me? The boy forced his eyes open and he gasped at the room he was laying in. It was the most elegant place he had ever laid eyes on.

“You’re awake,” a kind voice said from the doorway as the boy sat up to get a better view of his surroundings. The boy jumped and immediately his hand flew to his face in alarm. The woman scowled at the boy’s reaction and she walked over to the cowering boy, “Shhhh, Harry it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you,” She whispered.

The boy timidly looked up at her and whispered, “How did you know my name?”

Narcissa laughed, “Harry, you’re a wizard.”

“Magic doesn’t exist,” the boy said crossing his arms.

“Who told you that?” Narcissa snapped, causing the boy to cower in alarm.

“Uncle Vernon,” he mumbled into his pillow. She placed a soothing hand on his shoulder and asked,

“Was he the one that hurt you?”

The boy looked up at her with his green eyes glistening with tears, she noticed for the first time the specks of blue-gray inside his eyes and she smiled slightly. He nodded ever so slightly.

 “You’re Uncle Vernon is a cruel man, Harry, he nearly killed you, actually he would have if my husband and I hadn’t done some quick thinking. Now this might come as a shock to you, but we had to use magic to heal you, and this magic made you part of our family, it even made you look like us,” Narcissa told the boy. She handed him a small mirror and he gasped at his reflection. His once messy black hair was silky and blond. It had black streaks in it. He saw to his amazement that he no longer needed glasses and that his green eyes had flecks of blue in them, “Wow,” he said in awe. 

“Harry, due to safety reasons we’ll need to call you by your new middle name and Malfoy, so we’ll be calling you Calais, around other people.” Harry nodded. “Harry James Calais Potter Malfoy,” she repeated. The boy crossed his eyes in confusion.

 “How’d you know my full name?” he asked. “Is James my middle name too?”

 Narcissa looked taken aback for a minute and then smiled kindly, “Yes Harry,” she responded, “And as for how I knew your name, my husband was your father’s cousin.” Harry nodded. “I have a son your age, Harry, would you like to meet him?” Harry just looked at her. “I’ll send him in, but you should stay in bed.”

She left the room and told Draco to keep the boy company.

“Lucius,” Narcissa said walking into his study, “He doesn’t know anything, didn’t even know his middle name, not to mention he is afraid of me.”

 Lucius frowned, “No child should have to go through that.”

“Do you know much about James and Lily Potter?” Narcissa asked.

 “Other than what I found out at school, Cissa we were three years older than them, and in a different house, no I hardly know anything.”

 “What about Severus?” Narcissa asked. “He was in their year.”

“He’s too close to Dumbledore,” Lucius stated, “I don’t want Dumbledore to find out that Harry is here until Harry is old enough to understand.”

 Narcissa sighed, “Is there anyone that we can trust that knew them?”

“I’m afraid not,” Lucius responded. “Anyone that knew them well is too close to Dumbledore.”

 “It’s unfortunate that the poor boy’s going to grow up not knowing anything about his parents.”

 “Would it have been any different if we had left him with those muggles?” Lucius asked.

 “I suppose not,” Narcissa sighed.

 “Cissa, he’ll have us, we’ll tell him what we can,” Lucius told the woman.

 “I just wish we could do more for the poor boy,” Narcissa said sadly.


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