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She ran from that dreaded sight crying her beautiful brown eyes out the whole way, long red hair flying behind her. How could he!? She mentally screamed at herself. I never should have trusted him. All of a sudden she ran into something solid….but warm. She felt warm arms wrap around her embracing her. Looking up she saw the bright emerald green eyes of Harry Potter staring down at her rounded with concern.


“What’s wrong Gin?” Without even responding she buried her head in his chest and sobbed. He slid down the wall with her still in his grasp and they sat there. What seemed like hours later she finally stopped bawling and fell asleep in his arms. He carefully picked her up and carried her to the common room laid her on the couch. Sitting in the armchair next to her he waited. After a few moments he fell asleep with his hand laid gently on her arm. The beautiful red head stirred. She stared at the one man who had never betrayed her and was always there when she needed him. She got up and staggered over to him still very tired. Running her hand across his cheek softly she awoke him. He opened up those hypnotizing green eyes of hers and she just couldn’t help it. Reaching down she lifted his chin leaned down and……their lips met. Softly at first but then became more and more passionate until she just couldn’t take it anymore and she broke away. He stared at her then stood up and placed his hands upon her shoulders he leaned down and gently kissed her. She started to cry again. He brushed his hand against her cheek wiping away the tears. “Don’t cry.” He whispered to her, comforting her.


“I can’t stop.” She whispered back. “Seamus is a lying git!”


His eyes hardened. “What did he do.” It was more of a statement then a question. His body was racking with the concern for his best friend’s baby sister who he had hid his feelings for way too long.  


“He asked me to meet him in the room of requirements.” She whispered biting back the tears that stung behind her eyes. “When I got there he wasn’t the only one there……” She trailed off seeing that image, that horrible image. “Lavender was there. They were snogging on couch. I yelled at him but he just smirked at me and went back to Lavender. I ran from them. That’s when you found me.” She gently smiled at that part. Suddenly Harry looked at her alarmed.


“What about Ron?” her face fell at the thought of her over protective brother finding out she was going out with his best mate.


“We’ll have to tell him slowly, but we definitely have to tell him.”


“When.” he asked looking into her eyes and grabbing hold of her hands. “Whenever you say…I’m ready.” He leaned down and kissed her then quietly led her up the stairs.


DISCLAIMER/ the only thing that belongs to me is the plot

 A/N I was just looking at the pictures on my computer when I saw a picture and it inspired me.

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