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Chapter 2

The Rescue


            It was a down right blizzard as the wizard wandered through the forest. This was truly his element. The woods kept him calm and relaxed as he lightly walked around the forest, his feet not sinking in the snow. He looked up and felt the cold snow melt upon his face, how he enjoyed the wetness on his face as the snow turned to water. He often traveled the forests in Britain, favoring the one that surrounded his large home, but tonight he was exploring new territory that he had never explored before. It wasn’t a magical forest, as the one by his estate was, but in a way he enjoyed it more because it wasn’t magical. Magical forests retain most of their animals in the wintertime, but in the non-magical forest that he was currently wandering, miles from civilization, many of the animals were absent, hibernating in the cold weather, anxiously awaiting the warmth that spring brought.

            It was growing late and the forest was pitch black, but the man did not care. He could see perfectly, a gift graciously given by his ancestors. His entire family was blessed with the ability to see in the dark. Special abilities were something that came with being a pureblooded wizard. He could not tell you exactly where in the forest he was, if he had to point it out on a map, but he knew that he was near the center, miles away from those muggle towns that bordered the forest. The sounds of human life did not make it out into the forest; in fact the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the man’s own breathing.

The sun had long set and it had to have been sometime past midnight. The man sighed knowing that his wife would grow worried if he stayed away any longer. He was about to head home when a soft whimper to his right alerted him that he was not along, turning expecting to see a small animal cowering in the cold, he was surprised to see a large blob laying in the snow, it was half covered in snow, so he decided to investigate. As he grew closer he realized that the blob was a small child, it was not the presence of the small child in the forest that made him gasp however; it was the pool of blood that stained the snow near the boy’s head.

When he bent down the boy seemed to notice his presence and muttered ever so softly, “No, stay away.”

The man’s heart immediately went out to the frightened child, and he responded, “Shhh, young one, it’ll be alright.”

He lifted the child in his arms, but was at loss at what to do. He didn’t know if the child was magical or not. If he wasn’t then he could face problems with the ministry. The man knew that the child would die if he didn’t help him immediately so he finally decided muggle or not, the boy was coming home with him. A second later the boy and the man were gone, the only remnants of their presence was a pool of blood and some footprints, quickly being covered by the falling snow.

The man appeared in the foyer to his grand home, “Dobby,” he called softy.

A house-elf appeared, “Yes master?”

“Tell Narcissa to meet me in the guest room closest to the master bedroom, and bring some healing potions and supplies.”

“Yes master.”

The man walked into a large bedroom and sat the small boy down; he took the broken glasses off the boys face and set them on the bed table.

“Lucius,” a woman said entering the room, when she saw the small child lying on the bed she gasped, “Who is that?”

“I don’t know, but he is very injured, I found him in the forest a few miles from Surrey.”

“What were you doing in Surrey?” the woman called Narcissa asked.

“Just wanted a change of scenery,” the man said examining the boy’s wrist. “It’s broken,” he announced. He checked over other parts of the boy’s body with a flick of his wrist, “Four broken ribs, one wrist is broken, the other arm is broken just below the elbow, his ankle is sprained, and he has a large gash on his head.”

“Oh, dear,” Narcissa said coming to the bed. “I don’t know if we can heal this. However did he get all these injuries?”

“I don’t know.”

Narcissa set to work healing him, she suddenly whispered frightened, “Lucius, he has a very big fever.”

“Do what you can,” Lucius instructed.

Narcissa nodded and carefully wiped the blood from the boy’s forehead, she gasped in surprise.

“What is it?” Lucius asked curiously. 

“He’s…he’s…. Harry Potter,” she whispered.

“What?” he said coming over and looked surprised at the presence of the lightning bolt scar. “And Dumbledore says he fights for the light,” he spat. “Not even the dark lord would let a child of his ally’s get hurt so badly.” He spun on his heel and exited the room, leaving Narcissa and the house elves to their work. An hour later Narcissa came out, “Lucius, he’s not going to make it,” she said softly.

“He has too!”

“Unless…” Narcissa continued, “We make him one of us.”

“Cissy, we can’t do that, the ministry will…”

“Lucius, you have influence in the ministry, not to mention we have legal claim over the boy while in the magical world anyway.”

“We do?” he said surprised. “How do you figure?”

“Well, firstly, James Potter was your cousin.”

“Yes, I knew that, but that is hardly close enough…”

“Add that to the fact that his godfather was my cousin and is currently in Azkaban and we have the entire legal claim to him.

“But, his muggle family is a closer relation.”

“Yes, but the law clearly states that unless no magical relatives remain a child born into the magical world may not be removed from it.”

Lucius gasped. “I never realized that, we will make him one of us.”

“Good, come into the room then, and bring Draco,” Narcissa said reentering the bedroom where the boy-who-lived lay on the brink of death. 

A/n: Wow that was shorter than i anticipated, but they'll get longer....anyway..... Any predictions on what "One of us" means?

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