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‘Popularity is the easiest thing in the world to gain and the hardest thing to hold’
~ Will Rogers

Chapter 13: Introducing Buttons the Wonder Cat

It was September 1st. Oh, how I had looked forward to this.

The weeks after Dad’s fiftieth had been completely boring, except for a couple of high points like Dad splashing himself in the eye with paint while painting the walls of Petunia’s room (pink as she ‘so desperately’ wanted), Dad falling off the roof while fixing a drain pipe, Dad nailing his finger to the door while fixing a lose screw, Dad stabbing himself with a stapler, my getting Head Girl (oh my god, yay!) and my brand new kitten, a belated birthday present from my great Aunt Gertrude, from my mothers side (Jesus, what a horrible name!).

Yes, I am now a proud mum. Her name is Buttons and she is all white expect for little brown socks and a splodge of brown on her left eye. Her eyes were deep green like mine and she wasn’t all that smart.

But she made it up in cuteness and the fact she was a cat.

Anyway. Dad was loading the car up with my trunk, a messenger bag with my uniform and a book it sitting next to me, Buttons was on my lap and I couldn’t be much happier.

I couldn’t wait to get there.

My friends were at Hogwarts (being popular had its high points; you lose your friends and you’ll soon have new ones).

Speaking of which, my popularity was at Hogwarts. Oh, how I missed that sweet, sweet title as Queen Bee of Hogwarts. Around this neighborhood, I was treated like dirt; the girl with freakishly red hair and slime green eyes that goes to some posh boarding school in the country; the creepy girl who made unusual things happen.

And, as much as I hated to admit it, James Potter was at Hogwarts. Yes, I was looking forward to seeing James. No, I wasn’t going to go out with him (and get my heart broken before I could break his? No thanks), but just the thought of seeing him made my heart flutter.

Imagine how seeing the real thing would be. I would probably faint.

Oh Lily. What have you done? I sighed. I was so in love.

It was disgusting.


Steam billowed out of the train as I casually stepped through the wall. My parents were on the other side, probably discussing other ways to improve the house and, as much as I loved my mum and dad, I couldn’t exactly get turned on by the discussion of floral wallpaper.

Buttons was safely secured in her new cage that was sitting onto of my trunk on my trolley, curiously eyeing off the other cats in the station. She let out a low hiss and curled up into a ball. I smiled slung the bag over my shoulder and pulled the trunk of the trolley with one hand and took Buttons’ cage in the other.

Once I had dragged the trunk into the compartment, I let Buttons out and she immediately fell asleep on my lap.

Aww. She is so cute.

I stared out my window, waiting for people to join me. I waved at a few people and they waved half-heartedly back.


I saw Ella and I smiled brilliantly and indicated she should join me. She gave me a shake of the head and indicated at some of her Ravenclaw friends. I nodded feeling slightly hurt.

I sighed dejectedly. Last time Marissa and I had a fight – of this proportion – Ella had gone off to her other friends as well. I couldn’t really blame her. She didn’t want to pick sides and I wasn’t going to make her.

Besides, it was nice to be alone for a while.


‘And did you see the way he fell? Merlin, Sirius, it was great, I mean, he head practically did a 360 turn!’ James Potter gushed.

I know, I know. Why did I let them in my compartment? I didn’t. They barged in. Now, I was squished into the corner with James Potter next to me, Sirius Black opposite me with Remus Lupin next him. Buttons, while still on my lap, had curled up into a small kitten ball on lap, apparently not the slightest bit miffed her territory had been invaded.


Out of the very few things I considered interesting, I had asked them where Peter went. They said he had transferred to Durmstrang, as his family was moving in a nearby city for business reasons, for one whole year.

‘Anyway,’ James said as he turned his attention to me. There was a strange twinkle in his eyes. ‘Lily. How were your holidays?’

I blinked. What? No marriage proposal? Boy, his standards had gone down. ‘Fine,’ I said shortly, turning my attention back to the view out the window.

‘When did you get the cat, Evans?’ Black asked, prodding for conversation.

‘A late birthday present,’ I said, keeping my gaze on the scenery out the window.

‘From who? Your parents?’ asked Lupin.

Oh for God sake. Leave me alone!

‘My Great Aunt.’

James lifted his hand for Buttons to sniff. I regarded him curiously. He obviously owned a pet, as this was regulation cat-courtesy. ‘What’s his name?’

Her name is Buttons.’

‘Buttons?’ Black laughed. ‘What sort of name is that?’

I glared at him. ‘It’s the name of my cat.’

James was scratching her behind her ears. ‘Buttons, huh? Well, very nice to meet you Buttons. You’re a cutie.’

I blinked, completely forgetting that Black had dissed my cat. Who cares? James Potter was talking to it.

Buttons purred, as if she actually heard him. She didn’t, of course, she probably just wanted him to pet her.

Bloody minx.

‘Can I hold her?’ James asked, looking up at me.

I nodded, all my energy transferred to willing myself not to jump up and snog him senseless. Oh, how I wanted to...

‘I-I need to get changed anyway,’ I stuttered, noticing they were wearing their uniforms and remembering we were on our way to Hogwarts.

Oh, what love can do it you. It is horrible.

I stood up and took my bag off the rack above. I slowly turned around and started towards the door. Suddenly my foot hooked on something and I fell.

Right into James Potter’s crotch.

Lupin and Black roared with laughter and I felt my face turned red. Redder. Redder.

Oh. My. God.

‘No need to be so eager, Evans!’ Black teased.

James’s face had gone stark white. He was pressing Buttons so close to his chest Buttons ended up snapping and bit him so he loosened his grip. His breathing had quite literally stopped and if I hadn’t had known better I would of thought he died.

I scrambled up from my rather compromising position only to have Black’s foot trip me up... again.

Rage bubbled through me as I raised my foot and kicked him in the gut. A dull ‘Oomph!’ told me it was safe to stand up.

My face was about as red as my hair and I straightened my shirt. ‘Sorry,’ I mumbled and, with one last glare in Idiot Twins' direction, I exited the compartment and headed to the toilets to change.

Oh God. My face was in James Potter’s crotch.

...Oh God.

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