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BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!! The alarm clock rang. I had set it for nine so I figured that’s what time it was, but when I looked at the clock it said five in the morning. I was highly confused. I had no brothers or sisters and I lived with my grandmother, so no one would’ve changed it. The only explanation that my cat or owl had done it, however I didn’t care at the moment because I was too tired, but I couldn’t come across sleep. As has been the case for the last month or so, nightmares and visions of unspeakable horrors haunted my mind and kept sleep just beyond my grasp. Finally I drifted into a restless sleep. As much as I didn’t want it to, the dream I had been having for a while returned. It was of the day Sirius died. I hated the dream it always ended with Sirius screaming from beyond the veil and something, I have no idea what, kept Harry and me from getting to him. All we could do was listen as his last dieing screams faded away. It broke my heart more and more each time it replayed.

The dream ended. I woke up gasping for breath. Trying to forget it all, but alas it was to no avail. Sirius was like a dad to me. Harry and I were next-door neighbors so Harry and I were close and because I had never had a dad Sirius became my adopted dad. When I lost him it hurt me as bad as it hurt Harry. I would have talked to Harry, but he was gone. He had left yesterday to go to Ron’s house. Fred and George were coming to get me today.

“Well might as well start packing since I’m up,” I muttered to no one in particular. I pulled the covers off and walked, or rather stumbled, to my closet to get dressed. I made it about halfway across the room when I tripped and fell. As soon as I hit the ground for some unexplained reason, I started to gag. It had come out of the blue, all of a sudden I was sick to my stomach. I literally crawled back to my bed; I couldn’t have stood up if I wanted to. The only time I had ever been this sick was the time I in St. Mungo’s for almost a week. I was there for a snakebite that had poisoned me and almost killed me. If it weren’t for Draco, I would have died. (I’ll explain eventually!) He is my best friend, even more so than Harry. He was there for me when no one else was. It was sort of odd how great of friends we were considering I was a Gryffindor, but amazingly Draco was becoming much nicer. At the moment I was wishing he were there to help me. After a few minutes, the nausea passed. “Thank God,” I whispered.

Slowly, I stood up. I was a little shaky at first, but all in all I was fine. I made my way to the closet and grabbed my over sized, sparkly, red sweater and a pair of jeans. The jeans had flowery, red swirls across the bottom and on the pockets. It was my favorite outfit. I finished it off with my favorite necklace. It was one Draco had given me. It was a lion made of gold and rubies. It also had an A made of rubies combined with a D made of emeralds to signify that we would always be friends. He had given it to me for my birthday when we were just out of our first year; the year I turned twelve.

I couldn’t wait until one, because that was when Fred and George were supposed to pick me up. Supposed to being the key words, I knew it would be later though because they were always late. Once they got me we were all going to Diagon Alley to get our school supplies. While we were there I was hoping I would run into Draco. After we got our books everyone was going back to the Burrow. We were going to go to number twelve Grimmauld place, but both Harry and I point blank refused. It would have been too hard. It was just too soon.

I grabbed a quick shower and got dressed. By this time it was seven. I began to gather my things. Textbooks, school robes, a broom, and every other imaginable thing was scattered about my room. I started with the textbooks. I randomly picked up the closest one. "Advanced Potion-Making. Fun fun fun," I said with a sarcastic tone. I threw the accursed book in the bottom of my trunk. I gathered up the rest of my useless books and groaned loudly at the thought of having to get more. Once all the books were thrown in the bottom of my trunk, I began gathering my robes. "Okay.. I am bored beyond all belief... I mean I am talking to myself.." I said aloud to no one in particular. I walked over and grabbed my cell phone. I dialed Draco's number. After about seven rings his voice mail came up. I was sorely tempted to throw the phone at the wall, but I resisted the urge. "Hey Draco. It's Amanda. Just calling to say hey and that I'm really bored.. Well see ya in a few weeks I guess. Bye bye. Call me back if you get the chance." Then I hung up the phone. "That HAD to be the stupidest message ever!" No sooner than I had just walked away from my room, my cell started ringing. I walked back and picked it up. "Hello," I answered.

"Hey," answered the voice on the other end. "It's me." I cheered silently.

"Hey Draco. What's up?" I asked him.

"Ah, nothing much. The usual I suppose," He answered. "You?"

"You sure you wanna ask me that?" I laughed.

"Yea Amanda, I'm sure," He answered playfully.

"Okay then... Bored.. very very bored. I miss all you guys a lot."

"Well we miss you too," answered Draco with a laugh. Gosh I had missed his laugh in the last month. We talked for like the next hour or so. Then around nine Draco said, "Hey Amanda hate to run out on you but.... Stupid Dad is making me get off the phone. So... Bye see ya soon."

"Yea," I answered softly. "See ya soon." Then he hung up. I don't know why but this sad feeling just overcame me. Like I wanted to hear more than just, "See ya soon." Either way, it didn't matter. I began to gather up my other belongings I was taking with me, the rest of my robes, my animal's things, my broom, and last of all I grabbed my wand and stuffed it in my back pocket. I always kept it close. By this time it was ten. (Yes I am a very slooooooow packer.) It was to early to put Persia (my cat) or Archimedes (my owl) in their cages. So, I went outside instead.

I have this Huge oak tree in my backyard that I always sit under to read. So as I was leaving my room I picked up the book I was reading, The Relic. Yes, I have weird taste in books. I had been reading a lot more in the passed month or so. It was an escape from thinking about what happened... I sat underneath the tree and tried to read, but to no avail. I marked my place and set the book down. I simply stared off into the distance where Harry and I used to meet up with Sirius. Normally I would've cried, but now I just sat staring unfeeling and cold. I thought back to all the times I sat here and a big black dog ran at me. It killed me to know that I would never be able to see Harry and Sirius run around like total idiots while I sat here reading pretending I didn't want to join in. I always used to get dragged in anyway. We would all run around like idiots together.

I must be seeing things
I thought to myself. For it appeared as though a big black dog, or maybe a bear, approaching from the distance. Turns out, I wasn't seeing things. The poor thing (just so you know it turned out to be a dog) was a stray. It's fur was unruly and it was deathly thin. I got the poor thing to follow me to my room. Once it had made it up the stairs, I went to the kitchen to get it some food. I don't give animals the food they're "supposed to have." I've found they really don't like it. So, I give them "people food." After I had done that I carried the plate back upstairs. Upon opening the door to my room, I saw not a dog.... But a person. I dropped the plate on the floor. "Oooooooooooooh my gosh!!" I practically yelled.

"It's nice to see you too, Amanda," answered Sirius. I didn't answer, just ran up an hugged him. It was him. It was really him. I could barely believe it.

"But... But... How?" was all I could manage to say.

"I'll explain once everyone is here to hear it," said Sirius with a kind smile.

"Well," I laughed. "You're in luck. Fred and George should be here any minute." I think I may have jinxed something or maybe it was just good luck, because at that moment Fred and George burst through my bedroom door. "Ever heard of knocking?" I asked in a dry voice.

"Nope," answered Fred and George in unison.

"Nice to know," spoke up Sirius. George look startled and Fred actually said a few unprintable words.

"Oh my (insert cuss word of your choice here because he pretty much used them all) God!!!" yelled Fred.

In response Sirius said "Could you keep it down Fred? You just got here and already you are giving me a headache."

"Well," I said as if stating the obvious, "Nothing new about that is there, Sirius?"

"Not at all," It was George that spoke this time.

"He speaks!" I exclaimed in mock amazement.

"Oh shut up," laughed George while playfully swatting me on the shoulder. Being the dramatic person I am, I fell over and acted as though he had chopped my arm off or something and gave everyone a good laugh. “Alright well as much as I hate to be the fun sucker, I have to finish packing.”

“Need some help,” offered George. I nodded and with a quick spell he packed the remainder of my things and herded my cat and owl into their respective cages.

“Well we had better get going,” said Fred.

“One sec lemme leave Grams a note okay?” I said. I grabbed my awesome looking stationary and scrawled out a quick note okay?”

Hey Grams,

Fred and George came. I had to go. I will owl you A.S.A.P. Okay? I have a LOT to tell you!! I love you,


With that, we were out the door.

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