Chapter 9- Yes, James. I’ll Meet You At Midnight


“Miss Evans I heard you had quite a time this morning with Mr. Potter,” said the unmistakable voice of Sirius Black.

Sirius had just walked into the living room, where Lily was reading on the couch. After she washed all the muck out of her hair Lily had decided to read a little bit and get some peace and quiet before somebody came to find her. But obviously that wasn’t going to happen much longer.

“Really? Where did you hear that from?” she asked grinning behind her book.

“I just talked to James upstairs. Can’t wipe that smile off his face,” Sirius said before climbing over the back of the couch and sat next to Lily, “if you ask me he looks like a complete nutter. Looks like somebody’s put a potent cheering charm on him.”

At this Lily laughed and sat her book down on the end table.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, he’s bragging now?” Lily asked, looking at Sirius.

“No, he’s just extremely happy he’s one step closer to getting you to say yes,” Sirius said, then furrowed his brows together, “even though I always thought the snogging was supposed to happen after the asking and saying yes part.”

“I guees you could say heat of the moment,” Lily said shrugging.

“Maybe, but I bet you- Miss proper Lily Evans- enjoyed it,” Sirius smirked.

Lily blushed and rolled her eyes. So what if she had enjoyed it. She loved James.

“Ha, Evans enjoyed snogging James Potter! Who would of thought!” Sirius shouted standing up and saying it loud enough to make Lily blush even more, knowing that James could probably hear him.

“Sirius, shut the hell up and sit back down!” Lily whispered urgently, tugging on the hem of Sirius’s shirt.

“Bloody hell Evans, don’t get your knickers in a twist,” Sirius said sitting back down, “you know it is alright to enjoy a good snog. Even if it was James. The boy you have claimed to hate all these years. And now look! You’re living under his roof and snogging him!”

“Does he really think I hate him that much?” Lily asked, twiddling her thumbs and avoiding eye contact.

“Well, love, I think the fact that you would scream your bloody lungs out just to say ‘no’ to a simple question really doesn’t make him feel all that loved.”

Lily turned pink at the word ‘love’ but nonetheless looked back at Sirius.

“I really never hated or even disliked him. I just… I guess you could say I just never agreed with his actions. If he would have deflated his head a little bit, I would have said yes sooner.” Lily said, truthfully.

 “And what about now? Would you say yes now?” Sirius asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Lily asked.

“Because it is my job as a best mate to torture the girl he fancies.” Sirius said putting his hand up like he was pledging something.

“So would you say yes,” Sirius asked, putting his hand down.

“I don’t know…. maybe… well, yes I probably would,” Lily said quietly.

“So you do fancy him?” Sirius asked.

“I never said that. Sirius, you jump to conclusions,” Lily said irritably, but still continued, “but how you can make me talk to you of all people I really don’t know but yes, I guess you could say I do fancy him.”

“Good, I always thought you did. Now that is all cleared up, I was wondering if maybe Emma could come over soon. I’ve been lonely without Prongs, he spends all his time snogging and throwingpancake ingriedients  at you.”

“Shut up,” Lily said, smiling and smacking him in the face with a pillow.

“But I wanted to know if you could write her and ask if she wanted to visit,” Sirius said throwing the pillow back at Lily.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Lily asked.

“Because if I did I would sound to needy,” Sirius asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Your insufferable,” Lily said, shaking her head.

“I know,” Sirius said getting up to leave, “but you got to love me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lily said, throwing a pillow at Sirius’s retreating back and picking her book back up to continue the reading that had been interrupted by Sirius minutes before.



Lily sat up, startled.


“I’M COMING!” she yelled back.

She got up from her position on the couch and walked to the entrance of the house.

“Emma! What in the world are you doing here?” Lily asked, smiling and giving her friend a hug.

“Sirius wrote asking me to come over, told me you wouldn't invite me over for him,” she said, smiling mischievously, “ and he also told me I needed to supervise because there has been some snogging going on.”

“What,” Lily asked, feigning shock, “I don’t believe it! James didn’t I tell you we needed to keep a close eye on Sirius and Remus!”

“I know, I should talk to them. But I’m glad you’re here Emma. Now you can help us keep an eye on the two hormonal teenagers,” James said, trying desperately to hide back a grin and keep his face as serious as possible.

“Oh that’s old news,” Emma said, and smiled, “no, I heard you two were snogging this morning.”

“Oh, that. Well Lily decided to wake me up in a rather seductive way, you see. She asked for a quick shag before breakfast and I, so very graciously gave her one,” James said, as if it was nothing.

“You shagged him?” Emma burst out, looking wise eyed at Lily.

“No, I didn’t. I just had to wake him up. Poking him didn’t work so I went another route,” Lily replied.

“So you two didn’t snog or shag,” Emma asked, “then what did you two do?”

“I wouldn’t call it a snog,” Lily replied looking at James who was smirking at her.  SHe blushed and continued to struggle finding the right words to explain what had happened that morning.

“What would you call it? Swapping saliva of two close friends?” Emma asked, raising her eyebrows.

Lily and James both burst out laughing.

“No, come on Emma let’s go upstairs and I’ll tell you all about it,” Lily said smirking at James as she led Emma to the steps.

“Oh, Lily! You know you liked it!” James yelled up the steps to them.

“Whatever you say, Potter!” Lily shouted back.

Emma and Lily walked to Lily’s room where they made themselves comfy on Lily’s bed.

“So, what exactly happened?” Emma asked, eagerness in her eyes.

“Well, I was waking Potter up and I whispered something into his ear that cause him to sit up really fast,” Lily said.

“And then I was knocked off balence and he comes crawling towards me. So, long story short he ended up behind me kissing my neck, ear, and shoulder,” Lily finished.

“Did you stop him?”

“I did stop him and then we made breakfast. But ended up throwing eggs and flour and various other cooking items at each other,” Lily said, smiling, “but then I told him we needed to take showers and of course he thought I meant like ‘together’ but obviously didn’t so then I took a shower…alone, I might add.”

“So, what are you going to do?” Emma asked, rocking back and forth on the bed.

“I’m not sure. Maybe say yes next time he asks me out,” Lily said quietly.

“Wow, who would have thought Lily Evans would be considering dating fat-head Potter?” Emma chuckled.

“Shut it, I would have never thought you would be one to date the handsome Sirius Black,” Lily said, teasing Emma.

“Oh, that reminds me. Where is he anyway?” Emma asked, standing up to leave.

Lily shrugged and followed Emma out of the room. 

No sooner had they gotten three steps away from Lily’s room did they see Sirius bounding over the top of the steps. He stopped when he saw them.

“Emma, you’re here! I was wondering if you would ever show up,” Sirius said, striding over to them and giving his girlfriend a  kiss.

“Yes, I’m here,” Emma smiled, as Sirius latched his arm around her waist. “Hey Lily, do you want to write Scout and see if she can come over?”

“Sure, I’ll go downstairs and leave you two alone,” Lily said and smiled at them before disappearing down the steps.

“So, what’s going on?” Emma asked turning to face her boyfriend.

She put her hands on his chest while he pulled her closer. She felt secure and safe in his arms.

“Not much,” he smiled down at her. His black shaggy hair was in hangy in his eyes. He shook his head one way and they moved off to the side.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered, sliding her hands up and around his neck.

“I’ve missed you too,” Sirius smiled down at her.

He brought his hand up to her neck and massaged it gently before pulling her up to him and kissing her deeply.

Emma shivered as his tongue asked for entrance to her mouth. Her mouth complied. His tongue slipped inside and the kiss deepened considerably. She was on her tippy toes and every minute Sirius was pulling her up by the waist, trying to become closer to her then she already was.

Finally, when they came up for air he smiled at her and took her hand in his.

“Come on,” Sirius said, leading her towards a door.

“Sirius, where are we going?” she giggled, following him.

“To my room,” he said, opening the door to his room. She had never been inside his room before. Or anyother guys room. She looked around at the room. She liked it. His bed was situated on the opposite wall. It wasn't as dirty as she would have expected it to be. His bed was actually made. 

“Oh,” she said before he pulled her inside and to his bed.

He laid down on the bed, pulling his arms behind his head. Emma sat awkwardly on the edge of the bed.

"Emma, I'm not gonna bite," he smiled.

She grinned at him before crawling over to him. She lied down right next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. 

“Emma,” Sirius whispered.

She brought her head up to look at him.


He cupped her cheek in one of his hands and stroked her cheek with his thumb. His eyes lingered on her for a while until she was red from blushing under his intense gaze.

“Sirius, what are you looking at?” she asked, staring at him.

“You’re beautiful Emma,” he whispered, looking into her eyes.

“Sirius…” she started, but he pulled her down to him. He kissed her slowly until he pulled back and looked at her. Her face was flushed from the kiss, her light brown hair framing her face perefectly, and her pretty blue eyes stared down at him. He loved this girl. He knew it. From that night in the common room he had always known it.

“Emma,” Sirius began, cupping her cheek in his hand.

“I love you.”

Emma stared at him and her eyes got wide with surprise. But then she smiled.

“I love you too, Sirius.”

He smiled back before kissing her again. The slow and gentle kiss turned hungry and passionate. Sirius rolled over situating himself so he was on top of her. Situating his legs so they were in between her legs. 

She slowly opened her mouth fully, letting his tongue slip inside. He nibbled on her lower lip and she whimpered and Sirius groaned as she moved her hands up and down his chest, massaging every toned muscle he had. He slowly pulled away from her mouth. Starting at her jaw line he made his way down to her throat where he could feel her pulse beating madly against his lips. He nipped and sucked at her skin until she let out a small groan. Grinning against her skin he continued his journey south. He reached her shirt and moved his hands down to the hem of the shirt. But she sought his lips and pulled him to her mouth before he got a chance to get rid of the shirt. Their lips met and the heat between the two built up. Their hungry kissing continued for some time before Emma pulled away and looked at him. He could feel her chest moving rapidly against his trying to fill up with oxygen. He kissed her once before rolling back over. She placed her head on his chest again. Breathing returning to normal Emma looked at him.

“We really should go find the others,” she insisted.

“Alright love,” he said before pulling her up off the bed.


Lily walked downstairs towards the office to find some parchment and when she entered the room she found Remus and James talking.

“Oh, sorry I was just going to write a letter and send it off,” Lily said and glanced over to James, who was to her displeasure smirking at her.

“Who you writing to, Lily?” Remus asked.

Lily smiled at him and raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Scout, I’m going to ask if she wants to come over.”

Remus smiled back and shook his head. “Well then I hope she can come over.”

And that was all he said before taking his leave, leaving Lily and James alone.

Lily smiled innocently at him and held her finger up as to say ‘Wait one minute’ and James nodded in understanding.

So she crossed the room and found a bit of old parchment to write to Scout.

Dearest Scout,
            Come over today. Please! Ask your mum if you can. No need to reply if you can. Just show up. I’ll get Remus to answer the door! Ha-ha!


“Minnie’s over in her cage,” James said, pointing to the cage that held the owl.

Lily crossed the room and opened the cage door. The owl held it’s leg out so Lily could tie the letter to her leg and then took off.

“Well, now that’s done, what do you want to do?” James asked her innocently.

“Why don’t we sit here and talk,” Lily suggested, and sat on the couch.

James came and sat next to her.

“So…” James said, waiting for Lily to say something.

“Are you excited for the new school year?” Lily asked.

James bent his head back and let an exasperated sigh.

“What?” Lily asked defensively.

“Nothing, but why do we have to talk about school,” James said.

"Fine then,” Lily said, looking at him and folding her arms across her chest, “you pick something to talk about.”

“Okay, then did you see the scores-,” but James never finished because Lily interrupted him.

“And it can’t be about quidditch, pranks, or anything rude and insulting to females” Lily said, smiling innocently at him.

“Well that leaves like nothing,” James commented.

“No, it doesn't. It leaves school, schoolwork, homework, classes, professors,” Lily grinned at the annoyed look on his face, “so take your pick.”

“Alright, umm,” James thought, “I wonder who are going to be couples this year.”

“Well, Sirius and Emma, and probably Scout and Remus,” Lily said.

“Scout and Remus?” James asked. His eyebrows were knitted together and Lily thought he looked cute like that. Not to often you see James Potter looking confused about something.

“What are you blind?” Lily teased James, “it’s so obvious.”

“So sorry Lily but guys don’t notice things like that.” James said.

"Well that explains a lot,” she said, smiling to herself.

“Hey, that’s not nice,” James mockingly scolded her, “why should you get to insult males when I can’t do the same for females?”

“Because your insults are inappropriate and crude,” she teased him.

“Oh, they are? Never noticed,” James smirked.

“Always thought girls liked it,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah you keep on thinking that,” Lily teased him.

“Thinking on what?” asked a new voice.

Lily looked up and saw her friend standing in the door way.

“Scout, you’re here!” Lily exclaimed and got up to give her friend a hug.

“Yeah, I was bored at home and was tired of listening to my mum talk about different designs for the sitting room we’re re-doing,” Scout explained as she and Lily pulled out of the hug.

“I didn’t hear the bell, who let you in?” Lily asked.

“Remus did, he was already outside” Scout blushed, casting her eyes downward.

“Did you give him a nice big hug?” James teased, entering the conversation.

Scout ignored the comment but the blush on her cheeks gave her away.

“Hello, Potter,” Scout acknowledged James.

James waved at her lazily.

”So what’s new?” Scout asked Lily, raising her eyebrows.

“Miss Evans and I had ourselves a nice snog this morning,” James grinned and got up crossing the room and took Lily’s hand into his.

“You what!” Scout exclaimed, her eyes bugging out of her head.

"No, we didn’t,” Lily denied, “James decided to…” Lily struggled to find words to explain what had exactly happened.

“Tease her neck and shoulder,” James smirked and Lily blushed.

“What?” Scout asked. She looked from Lily to James waiting for an explanation.

“Lily!” someone called –probably Emma- looking for her.

“Well, I’ll see you girls later then,” James said, taking Emma’s call as his cue to leave. 

He slipped his hand out of Lily’s and walked through the door just as Emma was walking through it.

“Scout! You’re here!” Emma exclaimed, running to meet her friend.

But Lily was not paying attention to any of this. She was looking at something she had found herself holding. It was a piece of paper with scribbled words on it.


Meet me tonight in the office

Around midnight

Don’t be late


She stared at the piece of paper in her hand for a moment feeling her heart beat faster and goose bumps raising to her skin anticipating what James had planned before looking back up at her friends and stuffing the little piece of paper in her pocket.

“So, Lily. What happened this morning?” Scout asked turning her attention back to Lily.

“Oh no. We’re talking about Lily’s snog with James this morning,” Emma complained.

“We did not snog,” Lily cried in exasperation.

“Like bloody hell you didn’t,” Emma said, staring at her friend.

Lily glared at her friend.

“What happened,” Scout demanded, stomping her foot on the ground.


So Lily continued to tell her the whole story about the morning’s events. By the time she was finished they were settled on the couch talking quietly.

“And that’s it?” Scout asked, “Nothing has happened since then. What were you talking about when I came in.”

“Nothing important,” Lily dismissed it.

“Well then what are you going to do with him now?” Scout asked.

“She said she wants to go out with him,” Emma answered for Lily.

“Would you shut your mouth?” Lily glared at Emma.

“Sorry, but you need to say yes to him Lily,” Emma snapped back.

“I know. I’ve just got to wait for him to ask me out,” Lily uttered and then smiling to herself.

“And when will that be?” Scout asked.

“Don’t know…” Lily trailed off lost in thought. She looked back at Emma who was grinning idiotically.

“What are you so happy about?” Lily asked.

“Nothing,” she replied and sat on one of the couches. Lily and Scout followed.

“Oh, and that love bite on your neck has nothing to do with it then?” Scout asked, raising her eyebrows.

Emma blushed and tried desperately to hide her neck but failed.

“Oh, be quiet you two. It’s a harmless mark,” Emma said quietly.

"That came from Sirius Black,” Lily commented, smiling at her.

“Yea and you’ll have one soon from James Potter,” Scout teased.

“And hopefully you’ll have one from Remus Lupin,” Lily shot back.

“Maybe...” Scout said grinning.


And so the day went quickly. Talking quietly on the couch about various things and a few bangs and booms were heard around the house. Dismissing it as only the marauders experiments and nothing  important the girls continued their day together.

“We’re hungry. What do you guys want for dinner?” Sirius asked as he walked into the office, followed by James and Remus.

Lily, Scout, and Emma –caught up in their own conversation hadn’t noticed it was already 30 minutes after 5.

“Oh, umm. How about fried chicken?” Lily responded. “That sound good?”

“Sounds wonderful,” James agreed, smiling brightly at Lily.

“Prongs, stop smiling like that. You’re going to break your face,” Sirius teased James.

 "Fine, I’ll just go let Squeaky know what to prepare for dinner,” James’s frowned and stalked out of the room.

“Love, I think you made him mad,” Emma commented to Sirius.

“No I didn’t. He’s just faking it,” Sirius assured Emma and then sitting down next to her.

He draped his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

'I want that,’ Lily commented silently to herself. ‘I really want that.’

“So, what have you guys been doing all day?” Emma asked Remus and Sirius.

“Not much,” Remus said, folding his arms across his chest, “just a couple of games.”

 “Planning any good pranks this year?” Scout asked, looking up at Remus.

“Of course,” Remus smiled down at Scout and held her gaze. She turned a deep shade of pink.

“Nothing too drastic though?” Scout asked.

Sirius snorted and Remus smiled a little.

“Well, love, what kind of prank would it be if it wasn’t drastic?” Remus grinned at her.

“Umm… well… I’m not… not sure,” Scout stammered, stunned that he had just called her ‘love’, “what kind… of… of joke it would be.”

“A boring one,” Remus grinned at her and sat down next to her.

Lily grinned at Remus and Scout before turning her head to the sound of footsteps leading up to the doorway. James appeared seconds later.

“Dinner’s almost ready,” he said coming in and sitting next to Lily.

He leaned his head back and put his hands over his face and Lily could hear him mumble something like, “I’m tired,” into them. She grinned to herself before looking around at her friends.

Remus and Scout who were talking about some prank the marauders had pulled in the past.

Sirius and Emma. Emma was curled up next to Sirius, her head resting on his shoulder. She was fiddling with her nails while he gently played with her hair.

In Lily’s mind a perfect, content picture

Then she looked back at James. The man she had decided to fall in love with and wasn’t even aware she was doing so. She grinned stupidly at him. His hands weren’t on his face anymore. His eyes were closed but his mouth was twitching a little. It looked as if he was trying to suppress a smile.

“Like what you looking at, Lily?” he whispered, eyes still shut.

 “How do you know I’m looking at you?” she whispered back.

“Because I got this weird tingling feeling all over my body,” he smiled.

“Funny,” she said sarcastically.

 “Come here,” he said, lifting one of his arms up and pulling Lily to him.

 She snuggled into his shoulder. And closed her eyes, his scent intoxicating her.

 All six of them sat in content silence until dinner was done 45 minutes later. And when they ate, it was cheerful and everyone was full of laughs.

 They were finally done with dinner and Remus was helping with the dishes when Emma and Scout decided it was time to go before their parent’s got worried.

 “Lily, can I run to the bathroom real quick before I leave?” Scout said as they were getting ready to leave.

 “Yeah sure,” Lily said.


 “Where is that book!” a very frustrated Remus Lupin cursed a loud to nobody. He was finished the dishes and was looking for another book to read.

 “Remus?” said a sweet voice behind him.

 Remus turned to see who it was.

 “Scout,” Remus smiled, seeing Scout coming towards him “what are you doing in here?”

 “I was getting ready to leave and I went to the bathroom,” she stopped in front of him and smiled brightly at him, “ and then I heard you in here so I came to say good-bye.”

 “Oh, you’re leaving,” he asked, his smile faltering a little bit. Truth was he was really enjoying her company.

 “Yea. What book were you looking for?” she asked, taking a tentative step towards him.

 “Hogwarts: A History,” he replied.

 “Oh, I don’t know where it would be,” she said, looking at Remus.

 “No, I guess you wouldn’t,” he smiled at her.

 “Yes, well. I’ve got to go,” she mumbled awkwardly.

 “I had fun tonight,” Remus smiled. ‘Now or never.’

 He stepped toward her and grasped her hand. Their faces were inched apart.

 “So did I,” she said quietly and smiled up at him.

 He smiled.

 “I hope you can come over again soon,” he whispered, taking his other hand and cupping her cheek with it, rubbing his thumb affectionately on her cheek. He felt her shiver and then goose-bumps exploded on her skin. He smiled down at her.

 She was looking up at him with wide eye’s wondering what to do next. He bent down and brushed his lips across hers, they both closed their eyes and were wrapped in each others kisses before Scout pulled away.

 She smiled up at him, “Remus, I really have to go now.”

 She turned to leave but his hand still grasped hers. He pulled her back into his embrace and she found herself in a passionate kiss with Remus. His hands pulled her closer to him. She circled her hands around his neck and entertained them in his light brown hair.

 “There’s no way you’re going anywhere yet,” Remus muttered in between kisses.


Lily and James stood off to the side while Sirius and Emma were saying good-bye. Thoughts were running threw her head. Should she tell her friends about the note James left her earlier. She could pull them off to the side real fast before they left. Emma was right here and Scout had been in the bathroom for a while. Deciding to look for her she turned and made her way down the hall.

When she reached the bathroom she saw there was no one in there. Wondering where in the world she could have gone she saw there was a light on in the office.


 What Lily saw didn’t exactly surprise her but she wasn’t quite ready for it.

 Remus and Scout locked in a passionate embrace in front of one of the many bookcases.

 “Scout,” Lily interrupted.

 The two pulled a part hastily and looked at Lily.

 “Lily,” they said in unison, then blushed.

 “Scout, Emma’s getting grumpy. She wants to leave,” Lily lied, deciding not to tell her friends about James’s note.

 “Oh alright,” Scout said and turned to Remus and gave him a quick kiss before leaving the room. Lily looked back at Remus who was looking bashfully at her.

 Lily smiled and mouthed , ‘Told you so!’ before turning back to go say good-bye.

 They all hugged, kissed, and said their good-byes quickly and then Emma and Scout were out the door.

 “Well, I’m gonna go take a shower” Sirius said, skipping two steps at a time.

 “And I’m going to go look for that book I was looking for earlier,” Remus said and turned to go back to the office.

 “What got too distracted with Scouts lips?” Lily teased him. Remus smiled at her and continued down the hall.

 “What?” James asked.

 “I found him and Scout snogging earlier,” Lily said simply.

 “You did?” James asked, his eyebrows raising into his big black mop on top of his head.

 Lily nodded at him.

 “So,” James started out carefully, “are you going to meet me tonight?”

 Lily smiled at him.

 “Yes, James I’ll meet you at midnight,” she replied.

 He smiled broadly and before she knew it he kissed her and she prepared to lose herself in his kiss. But he pulled away, smiled at her, and dashed off towards the steps.


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