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Disclaimer; Nothings mine of course excpet my characters, it all belongs to J.K.R.

A/N: A bit longer then normal, but hopefully you'll like it all the same!! enjoy!


The next three weeks of school Andy was excruciatingly busy. She had not only a week’s worth of homework to catch up on (which happened to be 4 essays amongst other assignments), but she had 3 detentions for covering Samantha and Vicky in food.

And on top of all of that, she had Quidditch practice three times a week (although she was technically not supposed to be playing according to Madame Pomfrey’s rules).

Most of her time after classes was spent in the library with the very helpful Remus.

Things still weren’t patched up between Andy, Alex, and Jimmy.

It was now reaching mid-October, meaning their first Hogsmeade trip. She, as usual, didn’t have a date, nor did she really want one. She was planning on sitting in one of the comfy chairs in front of the fire blazing in the Three Broomsticks while sipping on a nice warm butterbeer.

So as Saturday rolled around, the Great Hall was filled with excitement. 3rd years were going on their first ever trip to the village and were eager with anticipation. Girls in the Hall were all discussing dates, boys and whether or not Madame Pudifoot’s reputation would keep while they were there.

Andy was sitting alone, which she was becoming rather accustomed to.

She looked sideways slightly to see her two best friends conversing rather animatedly with two girls a year younger.

The Marauders were further down, accompanied by the usual swarm of girls. She wasn’t very good friends with the entire group, although they had gotten closer recently. But who was she kidding; they’d rather be near those pretty, popular girls then her. And, after all, they were rivaling each other in pranks.

She stared back down at her plate half filled with food. Even though she normally had such a strong appetite, the eggs and sausage just weren’t as appealing as they usually were.

She felt a presence in front of her and took her eyes from her miserable looking plate to see a boy from 7th year Hufflepuff. The continued on with their meal, but Andy sensed some whispering and stare.

“Hi,” he said, a pleasant smile forming on his face. He had short, light brown hair and very blue eyes. Overall, a rather nice face to look at. ;-)

“ ‘Lo,” she said simply.

“You were sitting alone and looked rather miserable.”

“Wow, thanks. I enjoy being told I look terrible.”

“Oh! No, I didn’t-” he stammered, the smile instantly falling off his face.

Andy laughed. “I’m just kidding. I’m Andy.” She said, extending a hand to the boy.

“Tim,” he said, taking her hand.

“Well Tim, I have an incredibly boring day in Hogsmeade ahead of myself. So if you’d excuse me, I must get ready!” she said sarcastically. She stood from the table, as did Tim.

“Well, that’s what I came over for. Since you already seem to be doing something though…” he trailed, as they continued down the table on either side.

“I guess that depends on what you had in mind.”

“Maybe a trip to the pub. I can’t get enough of that Butterbeer,” he rubbed his stomach.

Andy grinned as they reached the doors and continued out of the Hall.

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll meet you there ’bout 11?”


They said their good-byes as he went his ay on the second floor and Andy continued to the Gryffindor Common Room on the 7th. It was only about 9 and they weren’t allowed to leave until 10, so Andy decided to sit herself in front of the fire.

She got bored after a while of staring into the fire and picked up a book that was sitting on the side table. Werewolves was printed in bold on the plain black cover.

Andy shrugged, and opened the cover. She began reading, her mind swarming with more and more about the creatures that howled at the moon once a month.

Someone cleared their throat in front of her, disturbing her from her reading. She looked up to see Remus. “Hello, what’s up?”

“You like that book?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s yours?” he nodded. “Well, it was just sitting there and I was bored,” she said handing it back to him.

“If you want, you can keep reading it.” Not yet taking it from her.

“Really? Thanks.” She said appreciatively. She glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s almost 10 o’clock, you want to head down?”

“After you.” Remus said, allowing her to leave the Portrait Hole in front of him.

The two started walking alongside each other when Andy looked down at her feet. “Wow, I’m incredibly duck-footed.” She said with a light chuckle.

Remus looked at her feet as well and noticed that her feet tended to turn in a little with every step she took. He laughed at this as well. “That’s attractive…” he said sarcastically.

She punched his arm. “Hey!”

“I’m only joking. Besides, your feet are the last thing to worry about. I mean, have you looked in a mirror recently?”

She stood there, her mouth hanging down in mock offense. “Excuse me?” she said in disbelief.

He gave a slight laugh before tearing down the corridor. Andy followed close behind. They were laughing all the way down until Remus stopped short.

Andy didn’t see why and tackled him from behind. She realized why after she felt not only Remus underneath her, but Professor McGonagall.

She rolled sideways off the pile laughing. Remus stood, lending a hand to the Professor he had just pinned to the ground.

“Miss Pierson! This is the hallway. Not the Quidditch pitch. You should not be running around, as I have so often told you.” McGonagall practically yelled as she tried fixing the tight bun underneath her now slightly bent hat.

“Oi, Minny, calm down. Sorry, I didn’t see you. Otherwise I would have stopped running until you were gone.” Andy said, acting as sweetly as possible.

McGonagall gave an exasperated sigh, “What am I going to do with you Miss Pierson? You manage to get everyone around you into trouble as well.”

“Well, I can’t help that they just happen to be around me while I am getting in trouble. Most of the time, their involvement is voluntary.” She said, once again sweetly.

“Most of the time?” Remus said in her ear. She elbowed him in the ribs, shutting him up.

“You are off the hook this time. But only because I need to help look after the third years. But next time…”She trailed, shaking her head. She turned and began walking back down towards the Entrance Hall.

Andy gave Remus a cheeky smile before running off down the corridor.


“Hey, fancy seeing you here.” A voice came from behind Andy’s seat at a small table. She closed Remus’ book and turned around to face Tim.

“Likewise.” She countered, offering him the seat across from her. Andy took a sip out of her Butterbeer and realized that he didn’t have one. “Want me to go get you one?” she asked, pointing to her bottle.

“Well, I’ll come with you because I need some food too.”

“Ah, just what I was thinking.” She said as the two got up to the counter and placed an order.

They got back to the table and Tim saw the book Andy had been reading.

“Werewolves? You interested in them?”

“Kind of. I mean this book is really interesting.”

“Are you scared of them?”

“Well, I think if I came face-to-face with one, I probably wouldn’t stick around to pet it. But they seem to be pretty misunderstood, in their human form at least. I’m sure they’re probably just regular people.

“Well that’s refreshing to her. My dad is one, and it’s been difficult for him to get work because of it.”

“See, I don’t like that. Andy I’m no like huge rights’-activist, but that’s just ignorance.” She took another sip from her drink. “But let’s change the subject. You play Quidditch right?”

“Of course. Been the best Chaser for five years.” He said, acting macho.

“Yeah ok…” she said mockingly.

“Here’s your food kids. That’ll be 4 galleons and three knuts.”

“Split it?” Andy asked, pulling out a couple bits of money.

“Fine with me.” He said throwing his share on the table.

They handed the money to the witch and started on their food.

“So Chaser, who’s your team?” Andy asked swallowing down some food.

“The Chuddly Cannons of course.”

“Oh please. Arrington Arsenal could beat them in their sleep.”

“You like a Scots’ team?”

“Well they may be Scots, but they are a lot better then the Chuddly Cannons.” Andy said, putting the last in a high voice.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said, rolling his eyes and taking a large bite of his sandwich. “So, you play too, right?” he said, his mouth full of food.

“Beater since second year.” She said with as much food in her mouth as him.

Her eyes went wide. “You’re the one I knocked out last year!”

“You’re the one who sent me to the Hospital Wing for two weeks?”

She burst out laughing at the disbelieving expression on his face. “Yup, that would be me. Sorry ‘bout that mate.” She said still laughing.

“Wow, I didn’t know that a girl could swing with that much force. Thanks a bunch though.”

“I said I was sorry!” she said still laughing.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said, laughing slightly and taking the last bite of his lunch. She did the same.

“Of course girls can.” She said, smirking.

“O please…” he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Hey, you better watch it, or I might send you there for a month. You are our first game at the beginning of November. Well, I don’t know if it would be much a game. Maybe just like a practice, or warm-up.” She said, looking thoughtful and tapping her chin.

He threw a piece of chicken that had fallen off his sandwich at her. “Oh, so you think you can start a food fight here? No, that’s my job. But nice try.”

“I think you’re just scared. Don’t wanna get in any twouble now would we?” he said in a baby voice, taunting her.

“Oh no. Don’t even go there.” She made a grab to her bottle half-filled with butterbeer, but his hand was just as quick and landed on top of hers.

They both looked up at each other, slightly embarrassed. That is until something hit the back of Andy’s head.

She quickly pulled her hand away and turned to see the source of the flying food that had hit her. She was scanning the room only to find Alex and Jimmy sitting at a table with the same two girls from the morning. Alex was giving her a fake sweet smile, acting innocent, though it was clear that he had thrown it.

Andy shook her head and decided it was best not to get into anything there. “You know, I haven’t hit Zonko’s or Honeydukes yet. Wanna go?”

“Sounds good. Give me a second though; just have to run to the loo.”

“Knock yourself out.” He looked at her, confused by the expression. “Nothing, go right ahead.” She laughed lightly.

She began picking at the corner of the table waiting for Tim to get out of the bathroom. When he finally did, she saw him looking slightly nervous. Alex was leaving just behind him.

“Come on, lets go.” And she pulled him out of the pub.

“So are you and Alex dating?” he asked on their way to Zonko’s.

“No. What would give you that idea?”

“Well, he just kind of cornered me in the bathroom and told me to stay away from you.”

“No, he didn’t…” she said softly to herself mostly, but Tim had heard it.

“Yeah, he did. He was rather threateningly, and if I hadn’t had such a good time talking with you, I probably would have left you right there.”

“Awww…thanks.” She said, making a funny face at him. “Ah,” she said as they reached the front of her favorite store. “Why have I not been here for like ever?”


Andy lugged her three bags filled with candy and extra pranking supplies up to the boys’ dormitory later that evening, thoroughly pleased with the way the day had gone. After eating lunch in the Three Broomsticks, she and Tim had spent the rest of the afternoon buying the majority of Zonko’s and Honeydukes.

She hid the bags underneath her bed, making sure that the boys didn’t take them. She checked the time, and still had an hour left until dinner, so she figured she would start on some of the chocolate from the candy store and look at some of the new material that she got from the joke store.

She was in the middle of a chocolate frog, about her fourth of the night, when the door opened. She looked up and saw Sirius walking in, his hands filled with just as much candy that she had, if not more. He smiled at her and dumped it all on his bed.

“Looks like you had fun as well?” he said, pulling out a box of Bertie Botts, and digging into them.

“Oh yes.” She held up the piece of paper explaining the new product in front of her. It was a plain looking piece of parchment, but when you said a charm, it turned into a pie and stuffed itself into the person’s face it was sitting in front of.

Sirius came and sat on the edge of her bed, offering her some of the jelly beans. She took a few and popped them into her mouth, making a disgusted face in the process. “Ugh, grass and throw up is not good, especially together.” She swallowed them hard as he laughed at her.

“So this is new.” He said looking at the sheet she was.

“Yeah, I just have to figure out who my first victim will be….” She said maniacally, looking at Alex’s bed.

“You guys really should patch things up, ya know. It’s getting rather awkward, staying in the same dorm now and everything.”

“I know, I know. I just…can’t, you know? I never really get into these big fights, with anyone aside from Slytherins, and it’s kind of difficult for me to say sorry. I don’t know why.”

“Cause your so damn proud that’s why.” He said with a smirk. She nudged him lightly.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She looked down for a second and Sirius changed the subject.

“So, I saw you around with Tim. You and him getting it on. Cuz if you are, you can’t bring him in here.” This time Andy gave him a full punch in the arm.

“We are not. We are just friends. He’s really nice, gave me someone to spend the day with. Otherwise it would have just been boring. He’s cool, wasn’t even angry when he found out that it had been me to send him the Hospital during Quidditch last year.”

“Yeah, well, you send a lot of people to the Hospital Wing.”

She hit him again. “I can’t help it if I can hit the ball so hard that it knocks them off their broom.” She shrugged and looked as innocent as she could.

“Well, are you and him getting together though?” he asked a bit more seriously (no pun intended)

“No, we’re just friends. And he knows that too, he actually told me that he was interested in that girl Susie, from his own house.”

“Well she is pretty cute…”

“And why are you telling me this?”

Sirius shrugged and looked at her. She had started staring back down at the sheet of directions silently muttering the spell to get it right. After she realized they had been sitting in a silence for a fairly long time, she looked up.

“What? Is there something on my face? Boy I swear Black, if you put anything on me-” she said threateningly, while rubbing her fingers across her face and trying to find something.

Sirius laughed. “No, there’s nothing there.” He smiled at her as she looked at him curiously.

“You ok?”

“Yeah…brilliant actually. Yourself?”

“I’m fine.” She stared at each other for a moment before Sirius put his hand on hers.

She got the chills from his touch, and didn’t know why, but liked the feeling of them. He began leaning in, but the door was knocked open causing him to jump off the bed and her to immediately look back down at her paper.

After a few moments of acting as if nothing had happened she checked to see who was in the doorway. It was Alex. “Since when are you hanging out with Tim Sinnegan?” he asked her slightly roughly.

“Why do you care?” she got up and put the things on her bed away.

“You know he’s just talking to you to get in your pants.”

Andy’s head shot up from its spot leaning over her bed. “Excuse me?” She marched right in front of him, looking a little small to his fairly large build. “Do you even know the boy? Yeah, I doubt it. He is nice, and funny, and I like hanging out with him, and is more then I can say about you right now. So piss off.” She began walking towards the door.

“I’ll give it a week before he tries something.” At this Andy turned around and tackled him to the floor with as much strength in her body that she had.

She punched him once before she was yanked off of him by the room’s other occupant, Sirius. He had her around the waist as she kicked and yelled to get down to hit Alex more.

“Don’t you dare say that about someone who came to me, was nice to me when I was alone, when YOU left me! Don’t you dare!” she yelled before Sirius managed to sling her over his shoulder, still struggling and taking her out of the room.

Alex sat on the floor, and fell back down to his back with a heavy sigh as soon as the door was shut. His eye was throbbing where she had hit him and he was angry. Not only with her, but himself.

Andy had been his best friend since they first got to school, and now they were fighting. As much as it might seem as if the two were dating or interested in each other, they weren’t in the least. They were like brother and sister, and that was how they wanted to keep it.

He still couldn’t stand them not talking now. It was painful. He missed having her around, and seeing her with other people, especially other guys who could hurt her the most, it angered him. He knew that he could and should not be this overprotective of her, but he couldn’t help it. It was like watching her leaving him for good. He sighed again and put his hands to cover his eyes.

He really did miss playing pranks with her. School just wasn’t the same without being with her.


Sirius was carrying Andy down to the Quidditch Pitch, though she had calmed down enough and insisted on walking. “No, because I don’t know if your going to run back up and kick the shit out of that boy again.” He said, and could almost feel the smirk on her lips without even seeing it.

“Why are we even out here?” she asked still irritated.

“Because, it’s a good way for you to take out your anger on something that is not your best friend.”

“But he isn’t my best friend.”

“Don’t even try to say that. He always has been and always will be and you know it.” He finally let her down gently as two brooms came soaring at them from the school.

“Well if he is my best friend then why won’t he just let me have some space? Its not like I’m like this if he talks to girls or anything.”

“Yeah, but it’s different from a guys point of view. He is just looking out for you. He just wants the best for you.”

“I know, I know.” She muttered, mounting her broom and taking off for a few laps around the pitch.

‘I can’t just apologize to him though. I just, cant. I would totally accept his apology, but I know I can’t be the first to say something.’ She thought as she circled the field. Then she remembered something else. ‘Wait, that was like the second time Sirius and I got really close. What was going to happen if Alex hadn’t come in? Would we have—No, no we wouldn’t have. No way. Never.

‘But what happened in the Hospital Wing. I’m pretty sure we were going to there. But we can’t. I mean, come on, Its Sirius. Sirius Black. There’s no way that we would have. We haven’t gotten along once since we’ve known each other. But I guess we have been lately. In the past couple of weeks. And it was really nice of him to be there at the Hospital Wing for me.

‘Wait, did he take me there too? Yeah! He did, so that was really sweet of him. Wait, did I just say sweet? Since when have I said sweet? Ok, so I guess it was really cool of him to take me there, and make sure I was ok. But why would he do that? I guess I would probably do the same if he is in the state I was in, but still. It’s me, and Sirius. He’s really not that bad though. He’s fun to be around also. Well, when he is not pulling stuff on me.

‘And he seems to know how to make me laugh when I need it the most. God what the hell is happening to me?! This is Sirius. I don’t like him. I have never liked him. I will NEVER like him. I think…

‘but him being so close to me…


Her thoughts were interrupted though. “Hey are you done with your warm up yet?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. How many laps did I do?”

“You’re joking right. You did like 15 or something. You’ve been at it for a half hour.”

“Oh, whoops.”

“You want to hit the bludger around, or do you want to shoot on me, or whatever. It’s up to you.”

She muttered a response “As long as you’re doing it with me.” Her eyes bulged as soon as she realized what she said. ‘WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM??!!!’

“Sorry, did you say something?” he asked.

‘Oh thank god he hadn’t heard it.’ “Oh, nothing. I’ll shoot on you for a bit, and then you can be a target for me.”

“Wow, thanks. That’s just how I want to spend my Saturday nights, in the Hospital Wing.”

“Oh, I wont hit that hard on you, for the first bit.” She smirked and grabbed the Quaffle from him. Streaking down the pitch and beating him to score a goal on the unguarded hoop. “She shoots, SHE SCORES!” she yelled, throwing her arms in the air victoriously.

“Yeah, nice one. You got it in with no contest. Reallll difficult there. He said sarcastically.

“You’re just jealous because you couldn’t save it.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Bring it!”

“You’re on Black!”

And the games began…


Thanks sooo much for reading. It’s pretty long, and I really hope you like it!! Please review!! Its soooo nice coming and seeing new reviews! And thanks to those of you who have been reviewing! And a special thanks to Radcliffe_Potterfan for her ammmmazzzing banners!! Once again, thanks, and if I don’t get one out before (highly unlikely) MERRY CHRISTMAS (or Happy Holidays if you prefer the “politically correct” one…) --Translationplease

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