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    Early Christmas morning, Ginny woke first and turned to face Harry who was still asleep. She snuggled close to him and kissed him on the forehead, then the cheek, then his lips. He kissed her back and opened his eyes. Ginny broke away from their loving embrace and whispered, “Merry Christmas” then kissed him again. They made love until they heard someone knocking quietly on their door.

    “Harry, Ginny wake up its Christmas” it was Molly.

    “Ok, we’ll be down in a minute” Harry said as he smiled mischievously at Ginny.

    “What?” Ginny whispered then they continued making love.
    A few minutes later Molly came back and again said, “Harry, Ginny it’s really time to get up. Everyone’s already started to open their presents.” Harry sighed as he rolled out of bed, and Ginny rolled onto her back smiling.

    “Come on Ginny before your mom breaks down the door.” Harry said as he pulled on his pants.

    “Ok, I’m getting up” Ginny sat up and grabbed her bra sitting on the chair next to the bed. Then she finished getting dressed. After they were both dressed they went down stairs.

    “Well it’s about time you sleepy heads got up” Ron said as Harry and Ginny stepped into the living room.

    “Ginny, this is your pile” said Molly pointing to a pile next to Ron. “And Harry yours is over there” she said now moving her finger to his pile in between Ginny and Charlie.

    “Oh… Mom do you have to make sweaters every year? I mean honestly Mom I’m 23 years old, I not a child anymore.”

    “Ron, you know it’s my thing. And you think you’re too old, for sweaters then look at Charlie or Bill. I still make them sweaters.” Ron just sighed at this comment. All of a sudden Harry saw Gabrielle sitting in a chair at the kitchen table looking at her watch. Harry was surprised to see her because he hadn’t seen her since Friday, he had also forgotten all about why she was there because he was having the time of his life.

    “The clocks ticking…” She said now standing beside him.

    “No! You won’t take her!” Harry screamed. Everyone looked puzzled at this.

    “Harry, Honey, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” Ginny said grabbing his hand.

    “No! She’s going to take you away from me!” Harry said not realizing what he just said.

    “Honey who’s going to take me away?” said Ginny with a scared look in her eye.

    “Gabrielle, Gabrielle the angel; she going to take you away. I won’t ever get to see you again!” Harry said frantically.

    “Harry I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right he with you, no one is going to take me away.” She said embracing him.

    “I told you can’t change her destiny.” Gabrielle appeared behind Ginny.

    “But we’re not in the same place, the same things aren’t happening, so her destiny has changed.”

    “Harry, what are you taking about? I’m totally confused.” Said Ginny holding Harry at arm’s length, but he wasn’t looking at her instead at the empty space behind her.

    “In a way yes, but she still has to come with me.” Gabrielle said as she slowly moved her hand towards Ginny’s shoulder.

    “No! Wait, what if you took someone else, what if you took me instead, could she stay then?”

    “Harry take you where and what are you waiting for?” said Ginny, she was really scared and confused now. Harry was completely ignoring her now, so concerned with what Gabrielle was saying it seemed that Harry wasn’t even there, just his body.

    “Yes you can take her place, but you have to realize that you are never coming back.”


    “Yes, I understand”

    “Well then…” Gabrielle appeared beside Harry again and added, “You might want to explain what you’re doing.”

    “Ok,” Harry then seemed to come back to his body and turned and scanned the room. Everyone looked concerned.

    “Harry, answer me.” Harry’s gaze finally came to a stop in front of Ginny’s eyes and with a very sad expression, said:

    “Ginny, I love you” Then Gabrielle grabbed his shoulder and everything went black.

    Harry fell backward and his head hit the floor. Everyone gasped; Ginny leaned over him and shook him frantically. “Harry, Harry!” she cried out to him. Everyone was in shock and didn’t know what to do. “Someone call an ambulance!” she screamed as tears ran down her face. Molly jumped up and did as her daughter said.

    Harry stood before Gabrielle both watching over the scene below. “You did a bold thing; you must really love her…” Gabrielle said suddenly. Harry tried to speak, but no sound escaped his lips. “You don’t need to speak, just listen.” Gabrielle said seeing the look of confusion on Harry’s face. “You see that down there?” She asked pointing to the scene of the paramedics pushing the gurney into the ambulance and Ginny sobbing on the sidelines. “She new all along you were having an affair, but when something like this happens she totally forgets your unloyalty to her.” Gabrielle had a serious look on her face as Ginny climbed into the ambulance. The siren was going, but no sound could be heard from where Harry and Gabrielle stood. “That’s true love right there.” The sound of the scene below became loud enough for Harry to hear as if someone had turned up the volume.

    “Get him into ER 4, now! Julie get the paddles!” Harry’s body was pushed into room 4 and hooked up to IV and all kinds of monitors. Ginny tried to follow them into the room. “Get her out of here.” The doctor ordered the nurse Julie after she had retrieved the paddles for him.

    “Maim, I going to have to ask you to wait in the waiting room” said Julie gently pushing Ginny out of the room.

    “But that’s my husband” Ginny said trying to get past Julie.

    “He’s flat lined, charge to 300…” the doctor yelled to the AED operator.


    “Ok, clear!” The doctor yelled to everyone in the room. Once he knew everyone had lifted their hands he pressed the two red buttons on the handles under his thumbs. Harry’s body jerked violently, but still nothing. “Charge to 350!”


    “Clear!” Everyone lifted their hands and again Harry’s body jerked violently, still nothing. Ginny was watching through the window and every time Harry’s body jerked she jumped.

    Then Gabrielle turned to Harry and said, “This is it.” Harry looked confused. Then all of a sudden Harry heard the word ‘clear’ and was lying on the gurney hearing the slow and steady beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor and a loud cheer from the group surrounding his bed.

    Then the doctor handed back the paddles and leaned over Harry’s head and asked, “Harry, Harry can you here me? Can you open your eyes for me?” Harry slowly opened his eyes to see the doctor standing over him. Then the doctor turned toward the window where Ginny was standing and gave the smile and nod she’d been waiting for. Ginny laughed and more tears raced down her cheeks. There was loud commotion at the ER entrance. Ginny turned to see her family led by her mom and dad walking toward her.

    “Oh, Ginny is he all right? Is he going to be ok?” Molly said when she reached Ginny.

    “He’s ok, but I don’t know anything else. He just came back. They had to shock him three times.” Ginny said sniffling.

    “Oh, Ginny” Molly hugged her tightly as Ginny started to sob again.

    Harry was asleep on the gurney as they pushed him into room 212. They got him all hooked up again and then turned to the family. “He’s going to be weak, so he may be sleeping a lot. The nurses or I will come in periodically to check on him; make sure his vital signs are good, and check his IV. And another thing visiting hours are over; so I going to have to ask everyone, but the mother or wife to leave.” He said scanning the group before him.

    “That’s me, I’m his wife” Said Ginny with a tear stained face. The doctor left the room and Ginny turned to her family.

    “Thank you for coming down here, I really appreciate it.” She said as Hermione stepped forward and hugged her.

    “I’ll be back at 10:00, ok. Just hang in there.” Hermione whispered into Ginny’s ear. Everyone took turns saying goodbye to Ginny and the sleeping Harry.

    All day long Harry slept. Ginny had pulled a chair over to his bed and sat next to him gently stroking his hand. Then she lay down next to him and slept with him. Then around 7:00 she woke up and remembered where she was then started to sob onto Harry’s chest. As she shook Harry opened his eyes and reached his hand over to Ginny’s head and stroked it softly.

    “Harry…” said Ginny lifting her head. She saw Harry looking into her eyes.

    “It’s ok” he said hoarsely because he hadn’t spoken since this morning. Ginny laid her head back down on his chest and whispered:

    “I thought I lost you…” They lay there like that for hours. Harry stroking her hair and Ginny snuggling close to him.

    “I’m sorry…” Harry said into her hair, “I’m sorry I was having an affair. I’m not going to make an excuse for what I did; I’m just going to ask: will you forgive me.”

    “Yes, I forgive you” Ginny answered lifting her head and kissing Harry.

    >>>You may be wondering; yes they are living in the muggle world. I didn't realize I was righting in the Muggle world so I'm sorry if this upsets you, but please try to look past that and into the heart of the story and the meaning of it.

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