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Chapter 2

“OW” Sirius James Lily and Remus all landed with a bang
“Hey we’re still in Hogwarts.” Lily exclaimed after looking around “Were
outside the Gryffindor common room.”
“Well lets go in the fat lady is awake.” Remus said
“Password?” asked the fat lady
“Grindylows” said Sirius confidently
“Incorrect” replied The Fat Lady
“Huh?” Said Sirius surprised the pass word didn’t work
“We’re in the future you prat!” Remus said angrily he was getting worried about what was happening

“Hey did you guys get locked out or something?” said a voice behind them they turned to see three students. One of them was a girl with brown bushy hair the other two were boys one with flaming red hair and lots of freckles the other with jet black untidy hair and glasses he was the spitting image of James they all froze. . .
“Err. . . Harry?” Hermione said” Is that . . . ?”
“What the hell?” Ron said clearly confused
Lily was the first to recover from this shockingly freaky resemblance
“Um hi we’re . . . kinda lost we were wondering if you could help us.” Lilly stuttered
“You have no idea do you?” Hermione asked
“About what?” answered James
“Well the fact that you’re my dad.” Said Harry
“Whoa what?” Said Remus stunned
“You’re James’s son?” said Sirius equally stunned
“Yeah “
“Well who’s the lucky lady?” James said grinning

All three students looked at lily
“What?” Lily said then the penny dropped” No way no no no. There isn’t any way on earth or in hell that I had a kid with James”
“Ha I won 10 galleons Moony!” Sirius exclaimed James was too busy staring at Lily to hear this.
“I knew it” James said” I knew you’d fall for my charms one day” James was grinning like mad by now
“What did he use? Love potion? Imperious Curse? “Lily was looking seriously disgusted by now.
“Harry no offence mate but you're parents are crazy.” Ron exclaimed

“Too right” Hermione agreed “Look you guys are in 2006 now you're gonna have to act normal Look come to the Heads common room we can talk there”
“Wait what about Malfoy?” said Ron quickly
“What about him?” said Harry
“Well he could be in there and if he sees these guys something bad will happen for sure.” Explained Ron
“He’s right.” Agreed Hermione
“I am?” Said Ron” I mean yeah I am.”
“Hey Harry do you have your invisibility cloak with you?” asked Hermione

“Yeah it’s in my bag why?” answered Harry
“ To cover Santa!” said Sirius sarcastically “Why do you think? To cover us so we don’t get seen by this Malfoy dude.”
“OK some thing is seriously wrong first we come to the future were we don’t belong then I’m told I have a child with James and now Sirius is being smart!” exclaimed Lily she seemed very upset.
“Yeah I know. . . Hey!” said Sirius indignantly
“I see you're back to normal!” said Remus
“Oh just shut up and put the cloak on.” Said James tiredly
They all covered themselves with cloak. When they got to the heads dorm lily thought of something
“Hey shouldn’t we go see Dumbledore?” said Lily voicing her concern
Harry Ron and Hermione were silent they all looked at there feet.
“What?” asked Sirius
“Well you see . . . Dumbledore is dead “ Said Hermione sadly
“Yeah Snape killed him” finished Harry

AN sorry this chapter took so long but we hope you enjoy it please leave feedback!!!! Oh yeah I assure you that the chapters keep getting better and better I promise so watch this space lol

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