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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR except for what I twisted to fit MY plot. Yay. And lyrics by Tim McGraw.

Chapter Two
Please, Remember Me

Remember me when you're out walkin
When the snow falls high outside your door
Late at night when youre not sleepin
And moonlight falls across your floor
When I cant hurt you anymore

Youll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun
Please remember me
Please remember me

--Tim McGraw "Please, Remember Me"


He looked older and more worn then I did. He had premature wrinkles and was pale and sickly looking. His brown hair already had streaks of grey in it due to his transformations. More scars then I remember were across his face and he looked honestly exhausted. His robes were tattered and torn. I remembered the tattered robes back in school. He never could afford to buy new ones every month. Some scars were familiar, but those brown eyes were the most comforting thing I’ve felt since I’ve been released from St. Mungo’s.

It was my old friend, Remus Lupin.

I could not think of a reason of why Remus would be standing at my door. I blinked a few times just to make sure my eyes were playing tricks on me or I was going into a relapse. But no, Remus was there. Standing casually as if he knocked on my door everyday.

“Hello, Libby,” Remus finally said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, then feeling rude, I stepped back, “Come on in. I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Twelve years to be exact,” Remus agreed.

“Much too long,” I said and led the way into the living room, “Pinky, if you can get us some tea, that would be great,” I said to the house elf as I passed by.

“No, no, Libby, I don’t want to intrude. I just wanted to see how you were,” Remus said quickly, shaking his head. I smiled.

“And we can talk about my well-being over tea,” I said stubbornly, “Have a seat,” I pointed to the couch in the room. I sat in an arm chair. Remus sat awkwardly. He seemed to be a bit nervous about seeing me again. We sat in silence for about a minute before Remus looked at me.

“How are you?” he asked curiously. I looked down at my hands and bit my lower lip. I knew he wouldn’t make me talk about Sirius if I didn’t want to. But he would listen if I did. The thought relaxed me more then I thought possible.

“Stressed, confused, lonely,” I shrugged, “The list goes on.”

“I’m sorry. I was hoping you would have moved on,” Remus said quietly. I laughed darkly.

“I don’t remember much, Remus. When you don’t remember things, you tend to hold on tighter then you would have before,” I explained. Remus looked at me more intensely. Not fully understanding.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Pinky returned with the tea and I poured the cups out.

“I remember tiny bits and pieces of the seven years before James and Lily died. I cling to those pieces, trying to remember more and feel just more painful memories. I don’t know exactly why I can’t let go. I just feel like there is a gapping hole in the whole thing.” I said slowly, choosing my words carefully. Remus nodded.

“I have a feeling there’s a bit piece of information I’ve forgotten, too,” Remus said. Then changed the subject. I was grateful for that, “And how’s Tristan been getting along?”

“Better then I would have thought,” I shrugged, “I thought working all the time, going to St. Mungo’s for madness, and him pretty much being on his own would make him careless and messed up. But he’s a great kid. I can call him down if you would like?”

“Yes, please do. I’d love to meet him,” Remus said, somewhat eagerly. I smiled and called to Pinky to get Tristan. Remus and I waited in silence before I heard heavy footsteps of my eleven-year-old drag himself across the hallway and down the stairs.

He entered the living room cautiously. Tristan looked at Remus and then back at me. He had a curious glint in his eye, but smiled at he walked deeper into the room. Remus’s eyes grew wide as he stared at the kid in front of him. The black hair, grey eyes, handsome face, even for one so young, and dimple in his left cheek reminded Remus of Sirius. It probably felt like looking into the past again.

“Um,” Tristan said.

“Oh, Remus, this is Tristan.” I said, smiling, “And Tristan, this an old friend of mine; Remus Lupin.”

“Nice to meet you, sir,” Tristan said, as he shook hands with Remus.

“Please, call me Remus,” Remus said, wincing at the term ‘sir.’

“Remus,” Tristan repeated, looking uncomfortable. It was rare for Tristan to call even my closet friends that are over frequently by their first names and when he did, it was always when we were all very laid back.

“You look just like your father,” Remus said, looking so amazed.

“I know,” Tristan muttered. He was always a bit shy when first meeting someone. I smiled softly. Maybe having Remus around would be good for Tristan.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Remus asked.

“No,” Tristan shook his head, his hair falling into his eyes, “Should I?”

“Last time I saw you, you were no older then three. I guess you were still too young to remember much. You are going into your second year at Hogwarts, correct?” Remus asked. Tristan’s eyes lit up in a way that always made him look his age.

“Yes, I am! I can’t wait!” he said, sounding giddy and excited. I had to smile myself. I missed Tristan while he was away.

“I can’t either,” Remus said, receiving curious glances from both me and Tristan. He laughed, “Dumbledore needed to fill the space for Defense Against the Dark Arts and because I’m having difficulty holding a job, he asked me and I, of course, said I would be glad to.”

“That’s great, Remus,” I smiled.

“Yeah. I’m eager to meet Harry,” Remus said. I looked at the ground.

“Dumbledore had warned me countless times to stay away from him,” I explained.

“He’s really nice! Decent for someone so famous,” Tristan spoke up, “I met him last year. My friend, Ginny, is like in love with him.”


Remus Lupin.

Mum mentioned the name more then once when remembering something from her past. I was surprised to be introduced to him, but more surprised to see that he looked older, worn, and ill. The scars across his face, shabby robes, and on he said that he had a hard time holding a job made me suspicious, so I decided to do a bit of research. I didn’t want to be nosy or anything, my curiosity just got the best of me!

He was staying with us, Remus was. He said he was going to go find a flat to rent out for a few weeks before school started. Mum told him that wasn’t necessary and she insisted that he stay at our house.

At first, I was awkward around Remus. I mean, not only was he going to be my professor when I return to school, but he was also one of my mother’s friends from school and he remembered a lot more then my mom could. Except, something told me that he didn’t remember a huge part of what happened the night the Potters’ died. But as days passed, I got used to the whole thing and actually became close to Remus.

We had a lot in common. We both were bookworms and were always very hard working when it came to school. Remus always liked Defense Against the Dark Arts, and so have I. It was one of my favorite classes. And though Remus was an adult, he had a playful, kid side to him. For the first time in twelve years, I could act like a kid. He was good company while Mum was at work and Remus would tease me and make me do fun, kid type things.

He took me to Diagon Alley more then once and we went from store to store joking around. I guess you could say that within two weeks of Remus staying with me and Mum, he was becoming sort of a father figure to me. And though he did disappear once in July, he was still pretty much always around.

One morning when I returned from my morning flight, I heard commotion in the kitchen. I tiptoed over to the door and peeked in. I didn’t like to eavesdrop, but curiosity was always getting the best of me and I couldn’t help but want to know what was going on half the time.

I was surprised to see Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, and Remus all sitting around my mum who looked shocked and startled. I listened quietly and picked up small clues of what they were talking about.

“—two Aurors just in case, Libby,” Kingsley said. He was a cool guy, fun at times but very serious at the same time.

“Why do you want me to go?” Mum asked in a monotone voice.

“I need two of the best Aurors,” Fudge said, twisting his green bowler hat his in hands, “I would ask someone else, but they are all busy on other jobs and you are the only one left.”

“We promise that you were our last choice to come.” Kingsley said in a comforting tone. Mum was biting her lip.

“We promise Black won’t even be sane enough to know who you are,” Fudge said. Black? What were they talking about?

“Okay, fine. I’ll go,” Mum caved.

That night when I was sitting on the floor of my room writing a letter to Ginny, who was currently in Egypt visiting her brother, Charlie. Mum knocked on my doorframe and I looked up and grinned.

“Hey, Mum!” I said happily.

“Hey,” Mum smiled and sat down on my bed. She was distracted and I know she came in here to discuss whatever it was the Minister and Kingsley wanted before. Probably another job or something that will take most of her time.

“You alright?” I asked my mum in concern. Mum looked up and nodded.

“No,” she said, still nodding, “The Minister came to see me today. He offered me a job to do. It will include me traveling away for a few days, and I’ll probably come back a complete mess.”

“What is it?” I asked, still not understanding the conversation I over heard before.

“The Minister needs two Aurors to travel with him to Azkaban prison for a yearly inspection. The Auror that usually accompanies him and Kingsley cannot make it and all the others are busy with other jobs and such. I was the last choice and I told them that I would go.” Mum explained. I stood up, shocked.

“Mum! What if you see Dad? It’s to risky, with the Dementors all over the place! You’ll end up back in St. Mungo’s!” I yelled.

“Tristan, settle down,” Mum scolded, “I thought of that too, but what if I can finally remember something, too?”


The Dementors aren’t as bad today. My foggy mind is a bit more aware of things. I wondered if it’s time for the yearly Azkaban inspection? The Dementors always have less of an effect, since most of them are sent away for a temporary period time so it isn’t as bad for the Minister and his Aurors that usually come along.

I usually ignore the Minister when he shows up. They will just put more Dementors around my cell if they think I’m sane enough to escape. Don’t know how I’d do that. I’m extremely weak and though I may be able to slip through the bars, the Dementors would be all over me in a second. I was extremely bored now. I was pacing my cell, thinking as I usually did.

Then I heard the voices.

I took my usual seat in the darkest corner of the cell. It was where I wasn’t exactly seen. Just my silhouette which usually rose questions as to who was in there, still and quiet, not muttering or rocking nervously, crazed glint in my eyes. The group seemed to be taking forever to pass by so I could go back to my pacing and thinking. Then, I caught a name, which I knew was most likely my imagination.

The group came into view and I felt my breath catch in my throat.

I would know that woman anywhere. The hair that I found so attractive, the eyes that I could stare into all day and still not be enough, the face I loved and kissed . . . My memories had forgotten how beautiful she honestly was and now, seeing her for the first time in twelve years, memories I had long forgotten due to the Dementors came back so suddenly I felt dizzy.

“Libby?” I spoke for the first time since I’ve been thrown in this place. The group froze, looking over into my cell where I was hidden in the shadow. I stumbled from my spot and almost knocked myself out with the iron bars that kept me in the damp square. The look on Libby’s face was pure dread, horror even. My heart sank as I remembered the prophecy.

No memory will be there as the lover takes the blame of the murder the Dark Lord commits. . .

Somehow, some way, Libby did not remember my innocence. That is why Libby had never fought to get me out of Azkaban. To track down Peter Pettigrew herself. My heart felt more damaged then it already was, but I needed to hear Libby’s voice. She was just staring at me, memories she had probably forgotten returning to her in flashes. I looked away for a minute.

“Libby, please, remember me,” I croaked.

“I remember you,” Libby said, tears glistening her eyes, but I knew they weren’t tears of happiness. Not at all.

“Do you want to remember me?” I asked. Libby shook her head.


“Black,” the Minister spat as a man I remembered to be Kingsley Shacklebolt, pulled Libby behind him as if trying to protect him.

“Minister,” I nodded towards him politely, “How’s the inspection going?”

I could see the shock in his face. Who would think that you would come across a sane person in Azkaban when they’ve been there for twelve years? I would have to say I would be shocked myself. And worried.

“Very well,” the Minister said carefully, then as if to warn me, “The Dementors are very good guards and nothing can get past them.”

“I’m very friendly with the Dementors, Minister, I know how they act,” I said easily. The Minister glanced at Libby and Kingsley.

“How are you Kingsley?” I asked. He looked startled that I was addressing him. Probably even more so that I actually knew who he was!

“I’m very well,” he said, and looked around as if waiting for someone to jump out and say just kidding.

“What’s going on in the outside world?” I asked, looking down the dark, gloomy corridor, “I only hear a few things from those that scream at night and mumble in their sleep.”

“And how do you even understand and comprehend what they are saying?” Libby asked in her beautiful voice, “You’re supposed to be mad!”

“I’ve always been a little bit mad, Libby. You know that,” I said smiling slightly. I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. Just seeing her has made my stay in Azkaban better! My eyes traveled to the newspaper that Fudge was holding. The people on it were waving in front of pyramids. I could see a rat on the shoulder of one boy. Curiosity got the best of me.

“Come along, Ms. Cullen, we have a lot more to inspect,” the Minister began to walk away.

“Wait, Minister,” I croaked, “Can I see your paper?”

“Why?” Fudge asked suspiciously.

“I, er, miss doing the crossword!” I lied. Never in my life have I had the patience to do the crossword and I really hoped Libby didn’t remember that.

“Um,” Fudge hesitated before handing me his paper. He began to walk off quickly and Kingsley and Libby followed him.

“Bye Libby,” I said as she walked by. She paused and stared at me for a moment, pain in those beautiful eyes. Green with flecks of brown. I had to smile at how she always thought they were a swampy color when they were anything but.

“Good bye Sirius,” Libby whispered and then she was gone.

I turned my attention to the paper. I read the articles quickly, it being hard in the dim light. Then I studied the picture. Weasley was the family. I remembered meeting them a long time ago. Arthur Weasley always said good morning to me on his way to work. Sometimes, I was even in the elevator with him. Once, I was in the elevator with his pregnant wife who was bringing Arthur lunch. Both were very nice people, but I knew them to be very poor.

The rat caught my eye each time I looked at the picture. There was something rather familiar about it. I pulled the paper closer to my eyes and studied it harder. Then I saw the tiny feet on the rat. Squinting, I tried to make it out more clearly, for it was very small. Then I gasped.

The rat was missing a toe! The Weasley’s pet rat was missing a toe! Peter Pettigrew could turn into a rat! He cut off his finger when he faked his death! That’s what became of Peter. He turned to his rat shape and moved in with the Weasleys to know what was going on in the Wizarding world!

Anger boiled up inside me and the wheels in my head began to work better then they had in a long time. The Dementors sensed my anger and how much more sane I was becoming and started sucking the air, but they couldn’t capture my feeling, for it was not a happy feeling. Not at all.

Revenge wasn’t a happy thing.

I was planning on getting Peter back. Planning on killing him and getting revenge for what he did to James and Lily. To Libby and Tristan and Remus. To Harry. To me even. I don’t care if I am kissed afterwards. As long as I know Peter is dead and James and Lily are free to rest in peace, I will willingly be kissed.

First, I would have to break out of Azkaban. Something no one had ever done before. But I believed I knew how to do it. All I needed was to gain enough strength to transform into a dog, my animagus shape. Then I could slip off. Dementors can’t sense animals as well as they do people.

I was going to get revenge. And while I got my revenge, I was going to remind Libby of everything that happened from the day I met her.

A/N:The plot thickens!! Gasp! This is where the plot seriously begins. hahaha. Yeah. I'm really happy now.

Wanna know why? Of course! I just got back from a Love Arcade concert. They're actually prtty awesome. I thought they sucked, but they have an AWESOME sound live. Amazing really. And this one lady, Sarah Vanell was opening for them and she was really good. Had a nice voice. She's still new and need as MUCH HELP AS SHE CAN GET to get her debut CD going. haha.

Anyways. . .yeah, because I'm don't have much of chp. 3 written *ducks and avoids the stuff animals readers throw at me* I will not give you a preview. But i WILL tell you what to expect! Yay! Just liet me get my notes:

What to expect in Chapter Three(which is still currently untitled, but I think i have an idea):

-Sirius' Escape(gasp!)
-Libby freaks out
-Tristan get the newpaper and makes plans. . .

OMG! Are you excited and pumped for the next chapter? Yeah, I bet only one thing in the list made since, right? Yeah. It's an interesting chapter. Yup!

Okay, this is getting long.

Love you!

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