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Kate-Lynn was sitting happily on her veranda, she had her i-pod plugged into her ears and turned up very high so she could not hear anything except the loud music blasting in her ears. This was the reason that when a hawk landed on the railing to her veranda and squawked loudly she did not hear a thing. She did not in fact notice the bird at all until fluttered onto the table next to her chair and pecked her fairly lightly on her shoulder.

Kate-Lynn thought it was just her brother, attempting to annoy her, and so turned around with no great sense of urgency. When she saw that it was not her brother but a hawk looking straight at her, with its head tilted and wings folded Kate-Lynn screamed. The hawk did not look all that worried that the person it had quite obviously come to see was sitting in front of it screaming, it simply blinked twice and waited for the noise to stop.

When the noise did stop, it held its leg out, quite professionally. This was when Kate-Lynn realized that this bird had a piece of paper tied neatly to its leg, thinking the bird had just come to ask for help she reached over the arm of the chair and detached the piece of paper.

“There you go,” she said quietly to the bird, she expected it to just fly away now that it was free of its burden but it sat and watched Kate-Lynn. It seamed to be looking at the piece of paper in her hand.

As Kate-Lynn glanced down to the page she was surprised to see her address written in thin neat letters on the front of a thick envelope

Kate-Lynn Elms
The Front Veranda
7 Elbury St.

“Huh?” was all Kate-Lynn managed to say before the hawk started to pull the top of the envelope open with its beak, after a moment of watching she caught on and gently pulled the envelope away from the bird so she could open it her self.

Bruja’s Grammar for the Magically Gifted

Headmistress: Zelda Prechelt

Dear Miss Kate-Lynn Elms

We are pleased to inform you that you have been excepted as one of the first young people to attend Bruja’s Grammar for the Magically Gifted.

Term begins January 29, we await you reply via the hawk that delivered this to you, no later than January 27.

Enclosed you will find an equipment list, everything listed is to be acquired before the start of term.

We understand you have lived in muggle accommodation for the majority of you life, if you need any information call our help line on 1300 180 491

Yours in Magic

Zelda Prechelt


Katie smiled at the thought of her friends finding a bird that was capable of delivering a letter, and then flicking through the phone book to find a made up name, she had been complaining to them all holidays that she was bored and this was their answer, most friends would take her to the movies and shopping, but her friends were more creative then that, much more creative.

She read through the letter one more time and then said to the hawk who had delivered the letter, “Well done, they really are quite clever aren’t they?” Katie then realized that the bird, who should have left once the letter was delivered was still there, “You can go home now you smart little thing.” But the bird, instead of flying away, walked in an awkward bird way over to the envelope that had been discarded on the table and tried to pick it up with its little beak. “Oh, I see there is more, gosh they do love me so much!”

Katie picked the envelope up and tipped it upside down, emptying it into her lap. There was another letter written on the same paper as the first one in the same writing. She realized that none of friends wrote like that, but this couldn’t be a real letter! That’s just mad… Bruja’s Grammar for the Magically Gifted?

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