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    When Harry and Ginny awoke the next morning Harry was doing everything he could so that Ginny wouldn’t have too. “So Ginny what do you want to do today? You can pick anything I don’t care what you pick…We could go to Hawaii if you want to or Paris or any place you want, today is your day, you can choose everything we do and everywhere we go. How about that?”

    “Well that sounds nice, Hawaii and Paris, but really I want to go back home and see all the places we grew up at and everything. Is that ok with you?”

    “If that’s where you want to go then I want to too. Remember, this is your day!” So they got on the train heading to their hometown, London, England. As they arrived memories of their child hood together and apart came flooding in. They stepped out of the train station and with a crunch of snow they had walked right into the heart of their childhood. They walked to curb and yelled for a taxi. The taxi came to a lurching stop in front of them. The driver came out and unlocked the trunk for their bags. Harry and Ginny climbed into the backseat and told the driver to go to The Burrow. After a few points out the windows and a few whispers of, “oh Harry do you remember…,” they arrived. Harry paid the driver and climbed out to retrieve their bags.
    Ginny turned the handle and opened the door to The Burrow. Inside everyone was here. Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Ron, Hermione, George, Fred, Bill, his wife and new eight month old baby Charlene and Charlie. At first nobody noticed Harry and Ginny walk through the door, but when they did Molly was the first to say, hello.

    “Oh my goodness, you’re here! Everybody look It’s Harry and Ginny they’ve come for the holidays!” Molly said as she squeezed Harry and Ginny close. “Oh I’ve missed you both so much!” By then everyone was over at the door hugging Harry and Ginny.

    “Ginny!” said a familiar voice from the somewhere near the back of the crowd.

    “Hermione! Is that you?” said Ginny standing on her tippy-toes to see over the crowd. At that the sea of people parted and a very pregnant Hermione came through the gap in the crowd. “Oh my gosh, Hermione, look at you!”

    “Look at me!” Hermione echoed as she hugged her belly. Then Ginny and Hermione hugged. Now out from behind Hermione, Ron appeared to hug Harry.

    “So you’re going to be a dad, huh?” Harry said as he stepped away from Ron.

    “Yeah, in about a month or so. How about you? You and Ginny talked about kids yet?”

    “Yeah a little, we still think we should wait a while yet.”

    “Yeah that’s what Hermione and I wanted to do, but I guess the baby thought otherwise.” Around them Molly, Hermione, Ginny, Bill’s wife, and baby Charlene were talking away like they’d never been apart. “Oh, here let me show you where you can put those bags.” Ron said as he noticed the heaving bags at Harry’s feet. Ron and Harry carried the bags upstairs to what used to Ron’s room which was now two guest rooms with a queen bed in each. Ron led the way into the room that was decorated for the holidays. It had a Christmas tree in the corner by the window with lights and ornaments. Also it had a vanity and mirror with a little village on the top under the mirror. Harry and Ron put the clothes in the vanity and went back downstairs to join the others.
    Now that the crowd had spread out throughout the house Harry got a good look at all of Molly’s decorations. She had put the tree in the living room in front of the window and had garland all over the place and lights. Villages and nativities were placed everywhere there was a flat surface. Molly decorations were like her house: random and seemingly out of place. Harry finally caught up with Ginny as an “ooooooooh!” rolled up over the crowd. “What?” Harry said as he looked around. Then everyone smiled and pointed to the ceiling above them. They looked up and saw what everyone was ‘oohing’ for. The mistle toe was hanging right between their foreheads. Then Harry and Ginny looked at each other in the eye and leaned into one another. When their lips touched they felt a spark like their love rekindling after what only Harry knew about, his affair.
    Hermione and Ginny went upstairs to Hermione and Ron’s room to catch up without everyone surrounding them. Their room was decorated almost the same way except for in Ginny’s room there was a village, but in Hermione’s room there was a nativity. “So how are you and Harry doing?” Hermione asked as she sat down on the bed with Ginny.

    “We weren’t doing so hot like say a week ago…”


    “Because, I don’t know, but I think Harry was having an affair.”

    “But he’s not now or why do you say you’re doing fine now?”

    “I don’t know, he just woke up on Friday wanting to do everything in his power to make me happy, but then he was talking to himself a lot. It was really weird because he would say things like ‘the angel was right’ and then it seemed like he was having a whole other conversation with no one.” Ginny said this as she gave Hermione a look that a daughter might give to her mother in her time of need.

    “That is weird, but I don’t why he could be doing that.”

    “And when I ask him about it he just blows it off like you would blow off someone thanking you for a simple task.”

    “Maybe he’s just struggling with the fact that he’s lying to you. That’s if he’s having an affair, that is.” Hermione said as Molly opened the door.

    “Girls- Oh I almost forgot you’re women no not girls. It’s so hard to say that though because I keep thinking of you as little girls when you’re not. Well enough about that I didn’t even come up here for that. I came up here to tell you dinner is ready.” Molly said now sitting next to the girls on the bed. Then they got up and went downstairs to eat.
    After dinner everyone tucked in for the night. Ginny and Harry changed and crawled under the covers. They kissed each other goodnight and whispered, “I love you” to each other and rolled over. Ginny fell asleep quickly, but Harry couldn’t sleep because all he could think about was that tomorrow is the third day and that was all the time Gabrielle allotted. He couldn’t stop thinking the same thing over and over again: what if I could stop her from dying? What if she’s so happy now that Gabrielle wouldn’t have to take her back with her? What if…? What if…? What if…?

    >>>I'm so sorry it took so long to update! I hope you enjoy it. I know I enjoyed writing it. Please review!!!! Oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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