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They strolled casually across the manicured grass to the cottage opposite theirs, a charming little thing trimmed with green and the traditional white washed stone walls. James paused at the gate to admire it, the garden, he noted, was filled despite the cold weather, with an array of bright colours, of all types of flowers that fenced the cottage.

 James stopped at the door and turned to Sirius, asking pleasantly, “Padfoot, please don’t do anything stupid.”

  “Like last time, he means doofus,” Remus added, Finishing James’ sentence. Sirius made to object but was silenced by James’ raised eyebrow; instead, he just scowled and pushed his way to the door, and knocked.

 James and Remus exchanged grins, when Sirius was sulky it was hilarious, and this was him at his sulkiest. An opportunity, James thought evilly, not to be missed.

 “Now Padfoot, whatever you do, don’t ask her what her favourite Quidditch team is.” Coolly, Sirius turned and was about to turn around and thump him when the door opened.


   “Can you get it Anya? I’m just making dinner!”

  “Sure thing Lily, I’ve got it.” She bounded over to the door and opened it to three people. The first thing she saw were a pair of eyes, a pair of deep charcoal eyes, gently framed with long black eyelashes. The dark haired boy smiled and his handsome face lit up. She smiled automatically, “Hi.” She managed. ‘Tell me you’re looking for me!’ She thought dreamily, blinking at the notion.

 And almost slapped herself.

 She felt ridiculously silly and looked at the other two behind him fighting the blush rising to her cheeks. Since when do I start mooning over boys I’ve just met? She steeled herself, and looked the boy talking to her in the face. He stuck out his hand, introducing himself.

 ““Sirius,” he paused “We’re here to check in?”

 She shook his hand confidently; this was more like it, more like herself anyway. None of this silly attractive nonsense. She thought gratefully

 “Have you made a booking?” She enquired.

 Sirius didn’t answer, a boy to his left replied, “Yes we have, it’s under the name Potter?” He too held out his hand to her, “I’m James, and this-” He motioned to Remus, “is Remus.”

 She greeted them, shaking her hand Remus asked, “And you are...” he trailed.

 She blushed, “Sorry, I’m Anya, Jack Peterson’s niece; I’m looking after the place while he tours Africa.”


 Lily frowned, she could hear Anya talking but the voices, male and there were… three of them? She felt puzzled she could almost swear she recognised their voices. But …no it WAS unlikely, what in merlins name was the likes of THEM doing here??

 She tiptoed to the hall door and peeped at the mirror facing the front door, and gaped.

Bloody hell!

She frowned deciding what she ought to do. Do I go out and say hi? Or maybe I should just stay here... The latter was much more appealing. 

 Bugger! It was them...and unfortunately for her … it was him. Crud!

 She felt her heart beat harder than it normally was. What was she going to do? She heard Anya walking back to the kitchen and she silently scuttled back to chopping the carrots.

  “Lily?” A voice said gently, she jumped and gave her friend a bright smile that looked at her, and she looked up to see Anya watching her curiously.

 Lily mouthed to her, “I’m not here!”

 Bewilderedly she returned to her guests, “I’m afraid she’s a bit busy at the minute…” she trailed off.

 Remus smiled nodded, “Its ok,” he reassured her, “No doubt we’ll bump into each other some time during our stay.”

 She suggested they go over to the main house and fill in the forms; the boys began to head over. “I’ll just grab the keys,” she called after them.

 It was somewhat unnerving having the three of them watching on her, that boy with the dark eyes. He was handsome, she gave him that, but still... she pondered it for a moment, subconsciously making her way to the kitchen.

 She saw lily sitting at the table looking worried, vegetables abandoned, she gave Anya a strange look.

 “It’s them isn’t it?” she asked her.

 Anya was flummoxed, “Who?” she asked.

 “Remus, Black and Potter.” 

Anya asked, "Black and Potter?" It dawned on her, and she stared at her in surprise, “You know them?”

 Lily wrinkled her nose, deciding what to say, “Sort of?” she offered.

 Anya raised her eyebrow for lily to continue.

 “We went to school together for a while anyway, but I had to miss school for a bit to take care of Grandma.” She shrugged. “I figured I wouldn’t see them for a long time…”But then she died, she thought bitterly.

 Anya nodded; she knew how hard her Lily’s grandma’s death had hit Lily, especially as she had missed nearly half of the year looking after her while her parents worked. She remembered all the times she had stayed over to help her and watch her slip away from Lily. It nearly tore her up inside. Mr and Mrs Evans couldn’t afford to not work. 
Particularly if they wanted Petunia to go to her Private school, after she had kicked up such a fuss about Lily’s new school, despite her evident distain for it, they had felt guilty that she didnt have quite the same opportunities. Despite the families financial situation Petunia had refused to help out in anyway of part time jobs.

 It wasn’t fair really, Anya sighed.

“Just going to get some forms sorted, are you coming?”

 Lily shook her head, and her expression changed, she grinned at Anya with a mischievous glint in her eye.

 She got up and headed back to the carrots, “You do realize they have no idea you’re a witch, don’t you?” She asked casually.

 Anya grinned evilly, “Nice point, your right,” She winked at Lily, “They don’t.”  

And left. 

A/n: What do you think? Not all that exciting is it? Lol dont worry the sparks are coming their way! Love it if you could review! Thanks :)

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