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The days leading up to winter break did nothing but prove the easy teachers from the hard ones. Five hours of homework under your belt, you finished as quick as your quill would let you and packed for the return home. Donning the usual wear and a matching scarf and glove ensemble, you jumped onto the train with your bag and princess in tow. Somehow, you managed to squeeze Gigi, Marina, Trina, Jessica, Blaise, Draco and you all onto one compartment just as the train shuddered and sped up. you saw Marina and Jessica take Draco and Blaise's laps and knew full well whose lap you'd like to be on. But Princess kept you cozy. Vapor lined the cold window where your head rested as you drifted closer and closer to sleep. Convinently, though, the 6 of them managed to keep you from it, with shrieks of "No you didnt!" mostly from Trina. your dilemma of the hatred between your friends of different houses also held you conscious.

Eventually you did arrive at the train station and all such thought fled from your mind as you saw your brother and parents waiting for you across the room. Princess jumped from your arms to greet John, her true soulmate. She was the only friend of yours John hadn't hexed/made out with, and only because she's a dog. Let him have her.

Your mother had enchanted the house into a Christmassy glamour, with garland and candles and lights about the house. The warm sparkle of it all sent you into a kind of euphoria, which only intensified with the first fall of snow that night. Tired from the trip, you flew upstairs and flopped into your bed, not bothering to change besides taking your robes and shoes off. The next morning, you awoke refreshed and eager to help your mother bake cookies- the old-fashioned way. Well, sort of. It's just so much more efficient to cut and decorate with your wand. Your mother popped the dough into the oven and you both sat enjoying the aroma of the first batch, while working hard to prepare the second one. The scent must have spilled all over the house, since John came tumbling down the stairs and attempted a steal not unlike his from the past Quidditch days. True to form, you slapped him.

"No way. Wait until they're decorated."

"Mom?" he whined.

"Listen to your sister, Johnathan." He left dissapointed, but after your mother left the room to get the post, you swore you saw some flying cookies going up the stairs. tis the season.

After all of the sun's rays had faded, you went up to bed, wearing your best pjays. You brushed your hair, straight and smooth as baby's skin, and prepared for the best sleep of your life.

Not that it was long. Around midnight, small snowballs tapped quietly at your window, but loud enough for you to hear. Two feet beyond your balcony a figure hovered, but you could not tell who.  A small flash of light occured, and the words open up its me appeared on the window. Bewildered and slightly afraid, you grabbed your wand and opened the glass.

you were astonished to see Harry on a broom at your window. He smiled and said, grinning, "Hop on."

And you flew faster and smoother than ever in your lifetime. You latched onto his waist and secured your head on his back, closing your eyes tightly. When you had enough nerve to peek, you saw the Black Lake shimmering below you. After circling a few times, you went back and flew around your neighborhood. Landing on your flat roof near your bedroom window, you were under the higher paneling that kept the roof snowfree. There you both were, staring at the stars glistening in the heavens. you rubbed your arms, the cold finally hitting you.
"So why'd you come?"

"You asked us to visit- i snuck out for a bit of a nighttime fly." he grinned again. "What time is it?"

"Well, you got here around there.." you said, pointing straight up, where the moon had been at midnight, "and now the moon's over there, so maybe one thirty?"

"Right." Yawning, you let your head fall onto his shoulder, staring up into his alarmingly green eyes. He stared back, his expression unreadable.


"There are stars in your eyes tonight." There were stars in his eyes too, but not any reflection.

You lifted your head and brought your lips to his as his hand went to the back of your head, his fingers running through your hair. your hands brushed his skin where neck and shoulder met. His hands came to set at your waist while you held the back of his neck. As you finally eased out of the kiss, which had seemed to go on for a year, a shooting star ran across the twinkling sky. you both watched it and your gazes returned to each other, your eyes shining not with stars, but fireworks.

"C'mon," you said, pulling him up by the hand, "they wont hear you if we're quiet." you brought him into your room (which you were VERY thankful you kept orderly) and sat on the floor, fiddling with your travel bag. The photo fell out of it. "Oh, Harry, i've been meaning to ask you, you said you lived around here?" He nodded and furrowed his eyebrows as you handed it to him. "Because there's this house, down the street, completely wrecked- is something wrong?" The hand that held the photo shook violently with fervor and he was blinking quite a rather lot.

"Yeah." he sat there, just staring at it, his eyes full and empty at the same time. "I knew them. Can't god damn remember them. Was only two.." A single tear fell from his eye into the photo's glass, magnifying the baby's face. He then let it fall out of his hands onto the floor and threw open the window, managing a strained "Happy Christmas" before flying off into the night. You looked at it one last time before throwing it out the window, and saw the baby's laughing face, his primary figure being his brilliant green eyes, and you shed some tears of your own. You closed the window then and sat staring at the moon until you let yourself fall asleep.

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