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A/N: Okay…so the secret is almost out! Hehehe…I love cliffhangers

Disclaimer: I own nada, nothing, zero!

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Chapter Ten: Some Things Just Don’t Work Out


"How are we animagus?"

"Yah…that'd be a good start." Sydney said with a faltering voice but there was some strength in her as she stood a couple feet from Sirius who had scratches on his arms.

"Look…we can't exactly tell you why but we're not in the records for animagus in the wizarding world."

"We know why. Well we have a guess."

James cringed a bit as Lily sat up.

"Oh forget it…you guys are off the hook until after we clean you up and fix your wounds."

Lily was cleaning James' deep cut when Sydney realized that Sirius was more scratched up than she thought.

"Here….let me help you."

Sirius stood there as she examined the scratches on his arms. He stared down at her caring face in wonder. Gently, pulling back his sleeves she realized they weren’t claw scratches but there were bits of wood in them.

"You don’t need to explain in full detail but what exactly happened?"

"…we got tossed around a couple times, James' cut is from landing on a rather sharp piece of wood by the staircase."

"Where were you?"

Sirius paused and looked over at James who nodded an approval to tell them.

"The Shrieking Shack."

Sydney gazed at Lily who was frowning deeply and still bandaging up James' cut. Sydney led Sirius to James' bathroom and she directed him to sit on the counter as she cleaned him up.

Sirius couldn’t help but gawk at Sydney as she tenderly patted them cuts down with a hot washcloth after she pulled the splinters out. Her hair fell into her eyes as she looked down at his arms. When she realized that he had more scratches up on his arms she started to flush in embarrassment.

"What's wrong?"

"Umm…you're going to have to take your shirt off."

Sirius grinned a little and pulled off his shirt slowly as he flinched in pain from the cuts. Sydney tried not to marvel at his tanned and toned upper body. She turned away for a moment pretending to be looking for something, when she had turned Sirius gazed at the back of her head wondering what she was thinking. She was really trying to help him out, were there any underlying intentions?

Turning back with her wand to pull the splinters out, she felt her face turn a bright pink after looking at his athletic abs and smooth chest. Averting her eyes to the ground she patted his arms some more after kindly taking all the splinters out. She kept patting but staring down at only his forearms not once at him.

Suddenly, she saw his hand move up and put it on hers as she patted. His other hand came under her chin and he lifted up, so she was staring into his piercing gray eyes. His shaggy black hair was hanging a bit into his eyes but she saw right through it. His breaths were constant with hers and he started pulling her closer to him.

Just like in Slughorn's classroom, she felt her knees give out and his warm breathe was grazing her lips. Just a little closer….


"I don’t…I…"

Their lips were almost touching…

"HEY YOU GUYS, come look over here!"

Sydney pulled away and knew if Lily hadn’t called them over that she might have kissed him yet again. Oh how she longed to…but it was Sirius. She couldn’t, what was wrong with her? No one kisses their enemy. It didn’t work like that. Suddenly Slughorn's words were entering her head once again.

"Love never ran the smooth course."

Looking back at Sirius as she walked away from the bathroom, she noticed regret and a bit of disappointment. Shaking it off, she entered the common room and saw that James was looking a lot better and Lily was hugging him close, as if he was on life-support.

"I think it's time we told them Sirius."

Sydney turned and realized that Sirius was behind her and he had put his shirt back on. Before she sat down on the warm plush couch, Lily gave her a look that clearly meant, "what happened with you two?"

She shrugged it off and faced James for the explanation, Sirius sat on the arm of the chair next to her. James cleared his throat and scowled at his bandage before he started.

"Lily tells me that you both know about Remus being a werewolf?"

Sydney nodded and Sirius looked a little impressed.

"He was bitten when he was a little boy by Fenrir Greyback…"

Lily gasped but Sydney just nodded, not really knowing who he was but knowing that it must have been serious.

"We've become animagus to help him through the full moon nights. Dumbledore gave us the permission to use the Shrieking Shack."

James let it sink in and Sirius just sat there looking at the girl's faces with uncertainty.

"We wouldn’t have told you if we didn’t know we could trust you…now that you know…you have to promise and swear that you'll never tell a soul."

Lily nodded and so did Sydney. It was a gloom hour, thinking about what Remus could possibly go through, but Sydney stared over at Sirius. She gained a lot of respect for him; he risked his life for a friend…that amazed her.

"James…I think you should go to bed."

James grimaced and then laughed.

"Okay mother…"

Lily smiled and helped him get up. She lovingly led him to his bedroom so she could tuck him in. Sydney slid a little in her seat as she sighed at the fact that she probably had to get going to her dormitories. Sirius plopped a seat next to her.

"They're good together…"

Sydney looked over at Sirius in question. He gave a quick nod of the head.

"Lily and James."

"Yah I know…it's surprising though. She seemed to hate him so much."

"Well…I guess it sort of helps that he's been obsessed with her since first year."

Sydney giggled as she thought of his crazy antics during their years at Hogwarts. Sirius smiled a bit and thought about the many times that Lily turned him down.

"It's crazy how some things work out."

"…and how some things don’t."

Sirius stopped looking into the fireplace and stared over at his left side where Sydney was sitting, she was gazing up at him with her sad green eyes. He let out a heartbreaking sigh and bit his lip, thinking about what to say.

"But then again…life changes around every second of everyday."

Sirius smiled wondering if it was a hint. They both stopped talking and Sydney realized that it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence but a really friendly one. As the fireplace died down, she fell asleep on the couch with Sirius right next to her. He affectionately stared at her sleeping form and put his arm around her shoulder so she could lie comfortably on his chest. He played with her hair and then slowly fell asleep.

A/N: Okay this one wasn’t long at all…but I just had to get some things out because my mind is just sputtering ideas right now. So review and I'll continue updating ultra-fast.

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