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Chapter 1: Our First Day at Hogwarts

It’s finally September 1st, I can’t believe that after all the stories I’ve heard from mum and daddy that I’m finally going to see it! Mum said that we have to be at Kings Cross Station in London by 10:30 because it takes a while to board the train and besides, Rachael and James are going to Hogwarts this year too so that means that Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Blaise, and Aunt Padma are coming with along with James’ four brothers and sisters.

I hope the muggles don’t notice with all the people that we have to get through the barrier today; I would hate to be expelled from school before I even got there. D.J doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets to hang out with James. I wonder what house I’m going to get in, mum said that she was almost put in Ravenclaw but that in the end she was put in Gryffindor and that the Sorting Hat had barely touched daddy’s head before it said Slytherin.

I don’t know which one I want to get into as long as it’s not Hufflepuff, I heard some people in the village talking and they said that Hufflepuff is the worst house for a Fairy to be in because its an insult to our magical abilities. Oh, mum is calling; it’s time to go now.

Later On the Hogwarts Express:

D.J., James, Rachael, and I have gotten a compartment all to ourselves; everyone seems to know about our parents and how they defeated Voldemort. It’s really quite annoying but I guess on the bright side it tells everyone not to mess with us. Rachael and I can’t wait to get there and see what houses we’re going to be put in because both of us are from parents that are from conflicting houses. I know that James is going to be put in Gryffindor because everyone from Aunt Ginny’s family and Uncle Harry’s family were in Gryffindor and I bet that D.J. will be in Gryffindor too because he’s always with James; it’s scary, sometimes it’s like they could be brothers.

I suppose I’ll be in Gryffindor too because everyone’s always telling me about how I’m just like mum but I guess I could be in Ravenclaw too. Anyway James and D.J. are playing Exploding Snap but they won’t let us play too; they won’t say so but I know it’s because we’re girls. Boys are so dumb sometimes! I was reading a book but that was before James ruined it by setting it on fire with his wand. I know how to fix it but I know that he’ll just do it again so I’ve decided to walk around the train a little bit; maybe I’ll find someone interesting to talk to.

We’ve just gotten into Hogsmeade Station; blimey the rest of my ride was interesting. So after James had set my book on fire I left to find some more interesting people to talk to, maybe someone that wasn’t so immature. Near the other end of the train I found a group of people that invited me to sit with them. When they wanted to know my surname (I’m assuming they’re from the Purebloods Only crowd) I didn’t tell them, I only said that my name was Tori and that I was indeed a pureblood (even though I’m not).

They accepted me and we talked about the houses and which ones were better and though most of them were going to be in Slytherin for sure, I’ve decided that I would be happy with either Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I don’t want to have to compete with my brother in the same house! Everyone already thinks he’s perfect and that he can do no wrong but they’ll see; I’ll show them that he’s really nothing special. Right now we’re crossing the lake with Professor Hagrid, he’s the Care of Magical Creatures teacher although we won’t get to take that class until our third year…OH MERLIN…Hogwarts is absolutely beautiful!

We’ve just pulled ashore and are following a teacher called Professor McGonagall lead us to this room just to the right of some really big doors where I could hear the rest of the school. I just can’t wait to be sorted!

There were loads of other first years before me, it seemed to take forever and then they got to DJ; of course the sorting hat barely touched his head before yelling out Gryffindor. I couldn’t help it, I rolled my eyes as DJ took his place at the Gryffindor table and then it was my turn.

I walked up to the stool with a confidence that I didn’t feel and sat gingerly, praying that I wasn’t put into Gryffindor; Professor McGonagall placed the hat on my head and all I could think was NOT GRYFFINDOR.

Not Gryffindor eh? Now that’s a strange request. Never have I had a student specifically ask not to be in the same house as their sibling; in fact…it’s usually quite the reverse. But if you’re sure…better be…SLYTHERIN!

I jumped down off the stool and grinned as I walked towards the Slytherin table; me a Slytherin! I squealed a little as I sat down, wouldn’t daddy be proud of me! Malfoys’ have been in Slytherin for generations and Slytherin will help me achieve a greatness that DJ could never dream of. I went to bed that night in my new green and silver dorm, dreaming of finally getting the attention and admiration that I deserve.

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