“Whoa, when Victoria said my name is sounded like she really almost hated me.” Malfoy said to himself as he watched Victoria walk to the bathroom connected to the compartment. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think that she was… oh my god!” Draco thought as everything suddenly clicked with him. “HERMONIE!” Draco yelled now realizing just who Victoria Hastings really was. “Oh, I’ll get back at you Gra…AHHHH Zabini, you just wait.” Then Malfoy swept out of the compartment looking for his so called “best friend Blaise,” Draco was looking for revenge and he would get it with or without help.

End Flashback:

“Wow, I really can’t believe that Malfoy doesn’t recognize me, yeah sure my hair isn’t frizzy anymore, I now have natural highlights and so maybe I have a figure. But you’d still think that he’d recognize me, ahhh he is so shallow!” Hermione thought to herself as she changed into her school robes.

“Well, did you ever think that he doesn’t recognize you because you’re also more outgoing and you now have more confidence, did you ever think of that?” a voice in Hermione’s head stated in reply.

“I guess I have changed a lot over the summer, but still I don’t even like Malfoy, so why should it matter?” Hermione replied out loud to herself.

“Are you sure about that?” The voice answered?

“Um…well… Oh, of course I’m sure… I um… I should go and talk to Blaise.” Hermione stated to herself.

With that Hermione quickly grabbed her other clothes put them back in her trunk and went off in search for her brother.

Draco’s POV
“Ahhh…. Where is he?!” Draco asked angrily. “He has to be around here somewhere!” Draco stated again to himself. “Oh well, I’m really tired, and plus I need to put a plan of action into work, I think I’ll take a nap.” So with that Draco went back to his compartment to take a nap.

Hermione’s POV
Meanwhile, Hermione was busy looking for her brother and the entire time she was searching for him she had the hardest time trying not to think of Draco.

“Draco err Malfoy is such an idiot, but he has changed a lot over the summer too. I mean he grew taller and his hair is a little longer but also a little blonder than last year.” Hermione thought to herself.

“I bet you he has a six pack and a great tan to go with it.” The voice in Hermione’s head responded. Hermione couldn’t help but smile at this.

“Still, I don’t get why every girl in school likes him, it’s just so…mental!” Hermione stated not realizing she said that out loud.

“Who does every girl in school like? Gosh, sis, I know I’m good looking but every girl, that’s a bit of a stretch don’t you think?” Blaise stated with a smirk like Malfoy’s on his lips while he was leaning on the compartment door.

“Blaise, you’re such an idiot, and why the heck do you always have to scare me like that?” Hermione stated angrily.

“Look, we have to talk in private.” Blaise stated while pushing his sister into his compartment.

“What the...” But Hermione couldn’t finish her statement.

“What the hell do you think you were doing in your compartment?” Blaise asked angrily.
“Hermione you know that Draco will find out and when he does, he’s going to be ticked, or wait should I start calling you Victoria now?” Blaise stated growing red in the face.

“Look Blaise, I don’t know what came over me; I saw an opportunity, so I took advantage of it.” Hermione stated as innocently as she possibly could. “Beside, I don’t get why you’re so mad, you didn’t have to help me you know.” Hermione stated with a smile playing across her lips, she picked the smirk up from Blaise.

“Hermione what you’re playing is dangerous, Malfoy will find out, and trust me he will and when he does he won’t stop till he gets back at you.” Blaise said concerned.

“Blaise I don’t know what to do , I know that he’ll figure everything out, but the last think that I want is someone also to watch out for.” Hermione stated obviously worried.

“Hermione what the hell are you talking about?” Blaise asked concerned.

“Once I tell Harry and Ron they’ll hate me, not to mention the rest of the Gryffindor when they find out.” Hermione stated worriedly, “Blaise what am I going to do?” Hermione asked while sobbing into her brother’s shoulders.

“Hermione that best thing that I can tell you is that you should tell Draco the truth, and tell him why you lied to him I’ll be outside the entire time you’ll give me a signal and we’ll take it from there.” Blaise stated calmly.
“Trust me sis, once I talk to him he’ll start to cool down then everything will be okay. As far as telling Harry and Ron, I’d wait they’ll find out at the banquet.” Blaise told his sister.

“Okay thanks Blaise; you always know what to do.” Hermione stated while rubbing away her running mascara.
“So, how do I look?” Hermione asked suddenly cheering up.

“You look fine, now let’s go tell Draco and get this over with.” Blaise stated as they both walked out into the hall.
“Girls,” Blaise thought to himself as they both walked down the hall.

On their way Hermione’s heart was racing and she had butterflies in her stomach.

“Great just what I need.” Hermione stated as she walked into the compartment and quickly turned her back to close the door.

“What’s great?” A half dressed Draco asked.

Hermione quickly turned around. “Oh, I …” but she was never able to finish what she was saying because she was too busy looking over Draco’s perfectly tanned and toned body.

“Like what you see, you may want to take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Draco stated with his signature smirk that played on his lips while he watched Hermione slightly blush. All Hermione could do was roll hr eyes.

“Please, don’t flatter yourself Draco.” Hermione stated as she sat down while looking out the window. Once Draco finished getting ready he laid down across from her and closed his eyes. Hermione took a deep sigh as she tried to figure out how she’d tell him. After about 10 min. of silence she heard a knock on the door and Blaise stepped in. Seeing as how his best friend fell asleep he asked his sister.

“Did you tell him yet?” Blasie asked.

“No, I couldn’t figure out how to start the conversation, I froze. How and I suppose to tell him the truth?” Hermione whined.

“Okay, just calm down, you’ll figure something out, just do what you think is right, the rest will come later.” Blaise said while looking at his sister’s upset face. “So, you really like him don’t you?”

“What?!” Hermione asked shocked.

“You like Draco don’t you?” Blaise asked again. After saying this both realized that Draco started stirring in his sleep and he finally had his back to the both of them.

“No…no, why would you think that?” Hermione asked with a surprised look on her face. Blaise knowing that his sister was lying gave her a frown.

“Hermione…tell me the truth.” Blaise replied.

“Okay, okay, fine, maybe I like him a little bit, but it’s only a crush, not even that big Blaise.” Hermione protested, “He really hurt me and besides he still knows me as the mudblood, and that’s all I’ll ever be to him.” I mean, it’s not like he now I’m a pureblood or that I’m even you sister for the matter.” Hermione protested.

“Hey,” Blaise said while giving his sister a hug, “Hang in there, Draco’s not as shallow as you think he is.” With that Blaise got up after giving his sister a hug. “Stay strong, everything will work out, you’ll see.” Blaise said while leaving the compartment. After that Hermione looked out the window again and began to pray.

“Dear God, please help me to do the right thing, please guide and lead me to do what is right. Amen.” Afterward, Hermione laid down and fell asleep dreaming of her summer. Meanwhile, a certain blonde hair guy laid wide awake with a certain smirk on his lips for he heard everything.

“So, I was right,” Draco thought to himself, “So, you want to play that way let the games begin.” Draco said to himself. “You just wait Granger, I’ll get you back.”

Author’s Note:
First I’d like to apologize to everyone for the extremely long wait, I’ve been super busy with school, testes, exams, after school activities, and unfortunately family emergencies like funerals. I’ve gone to 3 of them in the past 2 months!!! Crazy right? Therefore, I’d like to thank all of you for being patient with me. I’d also like to update more often and once I finish both of my stories I’ll start a new one I promise. In the meantime. I’d like to give this chapter a special dedication to all of the readers and especially to the reviewers. Thanks for being here for me and being so patient, I would also like to thank those who have offered to help me with the writer’s block, if I need any help I’ll definitely let you know. If any of you have any comments, questions, or ideas please feel free to let me know. I’ve also made this chapter longer to make up for the extremely long wait. Thank you all again so much!

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