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Disclaimer: Nope! We still don’t own them. Although what we would pay to own Snape!;) Author’s Note: Although I (Melwasul) am credited for writing this fic, it was done with my co-writer Aredhel Tasartir and the credit belongs to her as much as it does to me. This fic wouldn’t be possible without the both of us. Author’s Note 2: We’re so sorry it took us so long to update! You know the old lame excuses: school, holidays, writers block... Well anyway we hope you’ll enjoy this chapter! “You look just like your father…” Chapter 4 In the staff room “…Now for the Halloween fest, we’ll have to decide…” Severus Snape heard Dumbledore say. It was the last teacher’s meeting before the start of the term, which would be in three weeks. The Potions master only came to these meetings because Dumbledore insisted so. Snape didn’t pay any attention to what the other teachers were saying, his thoughts were in the Hospital Wing. A week had passed since Harry had been brought there. Severus himself had been there for three days, but not willingly. Pomfrey had confiscated his wand when he had tried to leave the Hospital Wing for the fifth time. But this wasn’t what Severus Snape was thinking about. He was thinking about Harry… his son. He had found himself wandering to the Hospital Wing. He told himself it was only because Pomfrey might need something from him, but that was a lie. He couldn’t understand why he needed to see if Harry was alright. 'It’s not like I really care, is it?' “…You’ll need to tell the new prefects the passwords, and…” Dumbledore stopped abruptly when a house elf appeared in the staff room. “Yes?” the Headmaster asked the little creature. “Madam Pomfrey wished to inform you, sir that mister Potter is awake, sir.” The house elf squeaked. “Thank you, Dinky.” Dumbledore said to the house elf, who disappeared with a small *pop*. “Well I think you know this all by heart already, so if you’ll excuse me.” Albus said to the other staff members. Dumbledore left the office, McGonagall with him. Severus was surprised to find himself following them to the Hospital Wing. ********* In the Hospital Wing Harry had awoken to find himself looking at the white walls of the Hospital Wing. As a reflex he put his glasses on. At first he thought he needed new glasses, as everything was blurry. Then he realized he could see perfectly well without them. 'That’s strange. I wonder how this happened.' Harry thought to himself. He also had no idea how he had gotten at Hogwarts. All he remembered was the flash of green light. 'Voldemort… How can I still be alive?' Harry tried to get up to a sitting position, and moaned as his left side hurt. Apparently Madam Pomfrey had heard this, and came to Harry. “How did I…” Harry started to say, but Pomfrey interrupted him. “Not now, Mr. Potter. You can ask questions later. I’ve sent a house elf to inform the Headmaster that you’re awake. He should be here shortly. Now, lie still while I examine you.” Harry did what he was told, and soon enough the door to the Infirmary opened revealing Dumbledore, McGonagall and… Snape?! “Hello, Harry. Nice too see you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?” the Headmaster asked as soon as they entered the room. “Fine, I suppose. What happened?” Harry replied. “You don’t remember anything?” McGonagall asked frowning. “No, well all I remember is that Voldemort attacked our house, and then a green light... THE DURSLEYS! How are they? Are they...?” Harry asked not really wanting to hear the answer. “I’m sorry, Harry. They didn’t survive.” Dumbledore answered gently. Harry closed his eyes. He hadn’t really liked the Dursleys, but they were... had been his only family. 'First Sirius, now the Dursleys. Who’ll be next? I’m a danger to everyone around me.' Harry was brought back from his thoughts when Dumbledore put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “It’s not your fault, Harry. There was nothing you could do.” Dumbledore said sensing Harry’s feelings. “I... What exactly happened?” Harry demanded. “Voldemort somehow got the wards protecting your house down, and attacked. When I sensed this, it was already too late. He had killed the Dursleys and was about to kill you, when I arrived.” “I remember the green light. Voldemort used the killing curse, didn’t he? How did I survive it?” Dumbledore glanced at Snape who was still standig by the door. Severus shook his head. The movement was so small, Harry didn’t even notice it. McGonagall on the other hand did. She looked at Harry. 'He’s suffered so much. He’s so thin and pale.' “Nobody really knows. Maybe it was because of the twin wands, I really can’t say.” Dumbledore finally answered feeling bad about lying to Harry. Harry was tired, and didn’t want to think about Voldemort anymore, so instead he questioned about his things and Hedwig. “Don’t worry, your things are at your dormitory and Hedwig’s in the Owlery.” McGonagall told him. “Oh...Good. My eyes,what happened to them? I can see perfectly now.” Harry asked remembering his earlier confusion. “Ah, that would be Poppy’s doing.” Dumbledore said smiling. “I had to use an emergency healing on you, because of the injury on your head. The charm was strong enough to heal your eyesight as well.” Pomfrey explained. “My injuries?” Harry said, only now realising the bindings around his torso. “When The Dark Lord realized he couldn’t kill you with the curse, he tried the...muggle way.” Snape said sneering. Harry shuddered slightly, partly because of the thought of Voldemort and partly because he had totally forgotten that Snape was also in the room. “That’s enough for today.” Pomfrey said seeing how tired Harry looked. “You need to rest.” Harry frowned, wanting to hear more answers. McGonagall almost laughed at this. 'He looks like Severus when he does that.' “Yes, of course. I’ll see you tomorrow, Harry. Good night.” At this the Headmaster stood up from the chair he had been sitting on and left the Infirmary. McGonagall and Snape followed suit. Harry laid back in the bed. His brains were trying to understand everything Dumbledore had said to him failing miserably. Instead he was thinking about Snape. 'Why was he here?' Apparently he had thougt this out loud, when Madam Pomfrey replied. “Professor Snape? He’s been worried about you, you know. Been visiting almost every day.” 'Snape!?! Worried about me? Well that’s a new one.' “It’s probably thanks to him you’re still alive. You lost a lot of blood, and Professor Snape gave you his.” Pomfrey continued. Harry was dumbfounded. “Well, good night then!” She finished and left. 'Snape gave me his blood? Why would he do that? This would have been the perfect opportunity for him to get rid of the Gryffindor Golden Boy. Nah, even that git wouldn’t be so cruel. But I still wonder why he visited me here...That night! I remember! I asked where I was... It was Snape who answered me! Odd...' To be continued.

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