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Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. I know I have taken forever to finish this story, but you'll be glad to know its close to being finished. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Chapter 22 A neighborly visit

“You should have told him.” Hermione said for the hundredth time.

“I agree with her completely.” Ginny said as she opened the door to yet another room of the Malfoy Manor. She had seen us sneaking out of our bedroom earlier that night and had insisted on coming, ‘where one goes, we all go that’s what roomies are for’, she had said.

I shook my head at their remark. “No. If I had told him he would had wanted to come with me and if he got caught then what? DE’s with him? No.” I said and made my way to what seemed to be picture albums, finally. “Besides, I think we finally found it.”

The girls walked over and we each took a different book. I sat on the floor and pulled mine open. It had baby pictures of Draco. There was one with just him and his mother, she was sitting on one of the benches near the bridge on their side of the garden she had him wrapped inside a blanket and was singing to him. They looked so peaceful and so happy. I wonder if Draco has ever seen it.

“I have always loved that picture.” A voice was heard from the door and the lights were turned on. Narcissa Black Malfoy stood in the doorway looking at each and everyone of us. Her stare then stopped at me, “I was wondering how long it would take for you to come back in here.”

I stared at her, “Back?”

She chuckled, “You and Draco, both thought that I had not seen your sneaker on the hallway that day. You two have always been like that, one covering for the other since you were little kids. Your mother and I would always laugh at your antics.”

“You and my mother?” I was shocked at her comment. My mother had always been shunned by purebloods and here was the queen of the purebloods telling me they had spoke, that they had laughed … together.

“Yes, your mother and I.” She looked at an antic clock that stood on the desk. “It’s late girls and you shouldn’t be out of Hogwarts. Why don’t you come back at a decent hour and we can speak then and solve whatever has brought you here.”

We were all so stunned that we started to leave, but then I remembered what had brought me here. I turned back to Narcissa and asked, “Who’s Anastacia Grey?”

Narcissa turned deathly pale at the mention of Anastacia’s name. “How do you know about her?”

I looked at Hermione and Ginny, they both nodded. So I told her my fear, “I think she’s after me.”

At that Narcissa sat on a couch and motioned for us to do the same. We all sat and I saw her take a deep breath. “Anastacia was a friend of ours at one time. Your father, Henry, Bellatrix, Adam, Anastacia and I were great friends growing up. She was always after your father, so much that at one point we feared it had become an obsession. She would even visit Bellatrix and I at Hogwarts during the weekends just to see him. Why do you think she’s after you?”

I shook my head. “Just some things I’ve remembered of the past and some dreams I’ve had.”

Narcissa shook her head. “Bella, that is not reason enough. Anastacia has been gone so many years that it makes no sense her coming back and being after you in order to cause you harm. Still, if it helps I do have a picture of her that I could give you, but it wouldn’t help much. You see Anastacia was or still is capable of transforming herself and taking the form of another person simply by using charms.” She stood up and took out an album, flipping thru its pages she found the photo she was looking for. “Here this was the last picture ever taken of us. That there is your dad with Anastacia and I, it was taken at our graduation from Hogwarts.”

I looked at her face and shook my head. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her.”

Narcissa shook her head. “You wouldn’t see her dear. If she ever got close to you it would never be looking like that. Still, there is a way for you to figure out if it is her or not, her reflection. Her reflection never changes, no matter whose form she takes, she is always herself.”

I smiled at her, still shocked at the fact that we were actually talking. “Did she hate my mother that much?” My question seemed to come out of nowhere, but Narcissa knew my fear.

She simply nodded. “Bella, your mother had everything she wanted and was everything she never would be. Anastacia hated her with every ounce of her being. Still, your mother never feared her, never cowered away from her. She always said that your father’s love made her stronger. I used to laugh at that, but it seemed true.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry we broke in like we did.” I said trying to make up for our mistakes about her.

She shook her head and smiled at the three of us. “I don’t blame you for doing things like you did. I would have done the same thing. You three better flo back to Hogwarts before they notice that you’re all gone.”

We nodded and she led us to another room with a fireplace. Ginny and Hermoine flooed out first. I was about to follow when she stopped me, shaking her head so that I would not speak she gave me two letter that she had just penned quickly and hugged me. “You are your mother’s daughter, be safe” she whispered and motioned me to flo.

Back at Hogwarts Ginny and Hermione had fallen asleep I took out the two letters that Narcissa had given me and walked back to the common room. I sat on one of the couches and crossed my legs. One of the envelopes was addressed to Draco and the other to me. I took it out and opened it.


I write this quickly since time is precious. You are right to fear Anastacia I always feared that she had had something to do with your mother’s death. She loved your father dearly, which is why I believe she would not harm you. After all you are his daughter. Still, keep your eyes open and watch people’s reflections if she is following you, she might already be close. Specially if you have started to dream and remember things from the past.


“I went to my aunts earlier.” I heard Draco say from behind. “She doesn’t remember anything. Not even my mother.” He walked around the couch and sat beside me. “Someone placed a memory curse on her.”

I looked up, completely stunned. “What?”

He sat back and closed his eyes. “My cousin was there. She nearly blasted me to oblivion when she saw me. But, luckily heard me out. My Aunt has been like that for a couple of days. Tonk says that a friend came to visit, she was a bit at edge about it, but still received her. After that Tonk says that she has been out of it, barely remembers anything. A specialist on memory curses came to see her and still nothing.”

I looked at the letter I was holding and the parchment beside it. “Your mother sends you this.” I handed him the envelope, but his eyes remained close.

“You went where?” He said slowly opening his eyes and looking very very angyr.

Well, I hope you liked it!!!! I'm starting the next chapeter today, so updates are soon to come. Please, if you have the time, tell me what you think so far. :D

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