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A/N: Okay, this is a new story. I'm not sure if it's going to be any good, so please leave a review telling me what you think. If anybody would like to be my Beta reader, I would love it.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the plot and Alexander.

Hermione stood behind the curtain of the catwalk, nervously fidgeting. Ginny Weasley came up behind her and put her hand on her friends shoulder.

“You’ll do fine ‘Mione,” she whispered. “Make me proud.”

Hermione nodded and smiled, hugging her best friend in the world. “Thanks for the
opportunity Gin. Really, thanks.”

Ginny nodded and watched as Hermione stepped out and started walking up. Ginny
had finished Hogwarts a year ago, Hermione, two years ago. Ginny had quickly
risen to the top as a designer, and was now one of the top designers in the world.
Hermione, who had been working in a café, had been offered a modeling job by
Ginny for her new range. Hermione had, hesitantly, accepted.

Now, Hermione was walking down the Catwalk for the Ginny Weasley summer
range, in a low-cut, light blue top, and a swishy white skirt that went to just
above the knees. Her hair had finally become tame, and was now straight and was
in a high ponytail. She had a bit of make-up on, but not too much, as Ginny
believed in Hermione’s natural beauty, and didn’t want to cover her up in make-up.

When Hermione came back, she smiled at Ginny and hugged her friend. “Thanks
Ginny, that was so cool.”

“That’s fine ‘Mione,” Ginny replied, beaming. “But hurry up, you need to get

Hermione nodded and got changed into a strapless white top and a blue leather
top. Then she waited her turn.

All in all, Hermione modeled 5 outfits. When the show was over, Ginny and her
models walked into the foyer for people who wanted signatures. Ginny smiled as
she spoke to one particular man, who was slightly familiar. He had blonde hair, with
blue eyes, and pale skin.

While Hermione was trying to figure out who he was, Ginny turned to Hermione.

“’Mione, this man, Mr. Malfoy, was wondering if he could talk to you?”

“Malfoy? As in, Draco Malfoy?”

The man laughed. “No, he’s my younger brother. I’m Alexander Malfoy.”

Alexander stuck out his hand and Hermione grasped it firmly, then they moved to
the edge of the crowd to talk.

“I’m the manager of Magical Beauty, one of the most popular magazines in the
Wizarding world, and I think you would be perfect for an editorial our next issue.
What do you say?”

Hermione glanced at Ginny, who smiled and nodded, and then turned to
Alexander. “Um, I guess, I could, try it.”

“Great, well, here’s my card. Give me a visit tomorrow?”

“Okay. Goodbye.”


Hermione waved and watched as Alexander dissaparated away. She went back to
Ginny and hugged her again.

“That was one of the best experiences of my life,” she said. “But I’m going home.
Thanks again.”

“That’s fine ‘Mione. I’ll see you tomorrow at Ron’s party?”

“Definitely. Bye.”


Hermione smiled again and dissaparated back to her small flat. The put the clothes
that she had worn in the closet and sat on the couch, staring at the card.

Alexander Malfoy, Magical Beauty, Editor
Phone: 3275 4592
Address: Magical Beauty office, third floor, room 13.

Hermione sighed and picked up her phone. It was 11:15, but she thought he’d be
there. She quickly dialed the number and waited for 3 rings before someone picked

“Hello, Alexander Malfoy, Magical Beauty magazine.”

“Hi Alexander, it’s Hermione Granger.”

“Oh, Ms. Granger. I dare say you’re calling about my offer?”

“Yes, I am. I’d like to meet with you sometime, if that was possible?”

“Of course. Drop by my office tomorrow at 9?”

“That should be fine. See you then.”

“Goodbye. Oh, and Hermione?”


“I have someone who wants to meet you very much.”

Hermione smiled to herself and hung up. She loved modeling, and was glad Ginny
had given her the chance. There was one thing she wasn’t so pleased about. The
fact that the man who had just offered her the job of a lifetime, was the older
brother of her long-time enemy, Draco Malfoy.

The next morning, Hermione woke up at 7:30. She took a shower and used some
spells to dry her hair and straighten it. Then she walked to her closet and picked
out a new outfit; a denim mini-skirt and a tight black top. After having breakfast,
she put on some make-up, grabbed her bag, and apparated to Alexander Malfoy’s
office for the meeting.

“Ah, Hermione,” Alexander greeted her, shaking her hand. “Pleasure.”

“Thankyou for this meeting.”

“Of course. Please, sit.”

Hermione smiled and sat down. Alexander sat down as well and leaned back in the

“So, Hermione, do you want the spread or not?” Alexander asked the young woman.

Hermione hesitated, before nodding.

Alexander smiled. “Great choice. The shoot will be tomorrow at noon. Please be


“No, thankyou.”

Hermione smiled and turned to leave. But Alexander stopped her.

“Hermione, there’s someone who wants to see you.”

Hermione turned around and looked at Alexander. “Alright. Who?”

“I’ll just go and get them. Just wait here.”

Hermione nodded and sat down. Alexander left the room. Hermione was waiting for
about 10 minutes before Alexander came back. He brought with him, none other
than, his brother, Draco Malfoy...

A/N: Well, that was chapter one. Please tell me what you thought of it.

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