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Hermione Granger, now 20 years old, stood staring at the casket that held the love of her life and her fiancé. Tears were streaming non-stop down her withdrawn, tired, fragile face. She brought her hand up to his ice cold, emotionless face and rubbed his cheek trying to bring back the warmth she knew would never return. Draco Malfoy would never return.

Hermione heard the music begin to play and she opened her mouth to let out all the emotions that she had bottled up inside her since it happened. The song she had chosen to sing to him as her final goodbye seemed so fitting so she forgot about everyone else sitting in the chairs at the small gathering paying their last respects and sang to him and him only. A private goodbye between lovers.

Woke up today thinking of you
Another night and I made my way through
So many dreams still left in my mind
But it could never come true

As Hermione sang, she was lost in the memories she shared with him. One of the strongest being the time when he first told her how he felt...

“Hermione! Stop! Please listen to me!” Draco shouted after her retreating figure as he tried to reach her.

She paid no attention to him and continued running until she reached the Black Lake. Her knees buckled beneath her and she collapsed to the ground shaking as sobs racked her slim body.

Draco caught up to her, seeing her lying on the soft ground the warm summer breeze blowing around her, and he slowly sat himself down next to her. He reached out his slender hands to lift her up but she pulled away. He quickly withdrew them to give her some space, no matter how much he longed to hold her he would respect her choices.

“No Draco! We...we can’t!” she looked up at him, tears still sliding down her pretty face. “You can’t love me and I-I can’t l-l-l-love you! I don’t want to be the cause of your pain if your father were to find out and come looking for you. I couldn’t live with myself if Harry and Ron were to hurt you because I’m like their sister and you’re their enemy! I’m scared Draco! Scared of what the future would bring if we were to be in a relationship!”

I press rewind
I remember when
I close my eyes and I’m with you again
But in the end I can still feel the pain
Every time I hear your name

She turned away from him and continued to cry softly. Hermione felt Draco hesitantly put his strong arms around her and this time she didn’t pull away, instead she leaned back into his warm, soothing embrace as he whispered words of calm and comfort in her ear.

“Shhhh...You’ll be okay. Don’t be scared. I’ll never hurt you or leave you and Potter, Weasley and my father will never get to me. I promise.” He held her head against his chest and he felt her slowly begin to clam down.

“I changed sides in this war for you Hermione, because I love you. Even though it might have taken me 7 years to figure that out, I finally let myself see it, see you for who you really are and I prey to God that you can see me for who I really am inside and not what my father or your friends want you to see.”

“When I look at you and look into your eyes I see a person who once knew not how to love and who always masked his emotions and feelings from the outside world, scared to let anyone get too close. But know I see a handsome young man who is not afraid anymore to let everyone know what he’s feeling and now he knows how to love and he is smart, funny, kind and so many other things that would take too much time to say.”

She broke off and looked at him shyly and quietly asked, “What do you see when you look at me?”

Draco smiled down at her and replied, “When I look at you I see a beautiful young 17 year old woman who has seen so many bad things which has caused her much pain and also to grow up too fast. But yet she can still see the good in everyone. I also see a smart witch who stands up for herself and I admire her for that because it took me so long to be able to do that for myself. And finally, I see the girl that I love.”

The sun won’t shine since you went away
Seems like the rain’s falling every day
There’s just one heart, where there once was two
That’s the way it’s gotta be,
until I get over you…

Draco finished and placed a kiss on Hermione’s lips. A soft, gentle, tender, loving kiss that Hermione melted into. After a moment she pulled back just long enough to murmer against his lips,

“I love you too Draco.”
**END F/B**

Hermione was still singing her heart and soul out after that painful memory flashed before her eyes and didn’t notice Harry and Ron come to steady her as her voice faulted and she started to sway. She quickly pushed them away and found her voice again, never taking her eyes of his unmoving face, her eyes burning the imprint of his striking features in her mind.

She thought about the wedding plans that she and Draco had been discussing. She thought about the way her fiancé would smile at her as she walked up the isle towards him. Her fiancé.....

Hermione slipped on her strapless forest green floor length silk dress. It was her and Draco's 3 year anniversary and he was planning something to celebrate. Draco never told Hermione where he was taking her, he said it was a surprise but she should dress nice. (not that she didn’t already dress nice...) It was 15 minutes to 7pm. Hermione did a spell for her hair and make up and walked into the living room of her and Draco's flat. Draco had been gone since 3pm doing whatever he was doing. Before she knew it, Draco had apparated with a ‘CRACK’ into the room and immediately gave Hermione a hug and a kiss. He was wearing his black fancy dress robes and had his hair falling around his face, just like Hermione liked it.

“Happy 3 year anniversary love.”

“Happy 3 year anniversary baby.”

Draco carefully put a blindfold over her honey colored eyes and held onto her tight as he apparated to the surprise. He took the blindfold off just as carefully and she gasped as she took in her surroundings.

Walked through the park, in the evening air
I heard a voice and I thought you were there
I run away but I just can’t escape
Memories of you everywhere

>They were on a balcony that overlooked the Black Lake at Hogwarts. Draco had spoken to Dumbledore and he had allowed him to have the Heads Common Room and the view of the lake to themselves for the night for tonight was a very special night indeed.

The balcony was covered with candles and roses of all shades and there was soft music playing in the background. In the center of the balcony was a candle lit table for two. Draco pulled out Hermione’s chair for her and helped her ease into it before seating himself opposite her.

“Draco...this is beautiful! I can’t believe you did all this.”

“I’d do anything for the one I love.” And Draco leaned across the table and kissed her.

They ordered their food and ate in comfortable silence, only breaking it to bring up a memory from past dates.

When it came time for dessert, Draco took Hermione’s hands in his across the table and moved around so he was on bended knee in front of her. Hermione was shocked at what she was sure he was about to do and could feel her eyes already begin to get teary. Draco looked deep into her eyes and she could see all the love in them and knew that her eyes mirrored the same feeling towards him.

“Hermione, we have been together for 3 years now and nothing could make me happier. We had our hard times at the beginning like when Harry and Ron discovered our love foe each other but they overcame their anger and learned to accept us for which I'm eternally grateful for because I would never have been able to forgive myself if I cost you your two greatest friends.”
He took a breath and continued.
“We have been going steady, falling even more in love with each other if that’s possible and I would want nothing more if you were to become my wife. Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me?”

Hermione, tears already rolling down her face, threw her arms around Draco’s neck and answered him,

“Yes, Draco Patrick Malfoy, I will marry you!”

They say the time will dry the tears
But true love burns for a thousand years
Give my tomorrows for one yesterday
Just to know that I could have you here

He stood up and swung her around, kissing her before placing her back on the ground and pulling a ring out of his pocket. Hermione gasped. It was gorgeous. The ring was white gold with a ruby and an emerald merged together (think ying-yang) in a heart of diamonds. He slipped it on her finger and kissed her once again.

Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger were now engaged and neither could be any happier.
**END F/B**

Hermione’s voice lowered to a whisper as she looked at the ring on her finger. That night, the happiest moment in her life was only 5 short months ago. They were going to get married at a ceremony held at the Black Lake, where their love first blossomed but they would never get the chance. Not know that his father had come along and taken him from her only 3 months before the big day. Her voice faulted and stopped completely at the memory of that fateful night only 4 days ago but her heart and soul continued to sing her farewell and she knew that he could hear her. She vaguely remembered Harry and Ron once again try to pry her away from his body but it was no use. She was still saying goodbye and no one could stop her from doing so. Inside her anger flared up at the thought of Lucius Malfoy. The day that her life was to change forever was the day that he stepped into their lives...

It was late and Hermione and Draco where lying on the couch in their flat, doing nothing but hold each other. There was a comfortable silence that always settled between them. Hermione was just starting to fall asleep, her head on Draco’s chest when she heard the distinct ‘CRACK’ that accompanied appararation. She sat bolt up-right and looked at Draco who had also pulled himself into a sitting position.

“Don’t worry I’m sure it nothing. Probably just Harry or Ro...”

Draco got cut off as their front door was blown off its hinges. Hermione screamed and Draco snatched up his wand as a tall shadowed figure stepped into their home.

“Expelliarmus!” the shadow shouted and Draco's wand flew into their outreached hand.

“Hello Draco, my son.”

“Father.” Draco spat as the figure made itself known.

“I’m so disappointed in you for associating yourselves with a Mudblood. Also, rumor has it that your
engaged to this filth. Did you think that I would not come after you? I thought you were smart! I WILL NOT have my son ruined by someone who does not deserve to live.”

Draco pushed Hermione behind him and he stood protectively in front of her.

The sun won’t shine since you went away
Seems like the rain’s falling every day
There’s just one heart, where there once was two
That’s the way it’s gotta be,
until I get over you…
till i get over....... you...

“Don’t talk about my fiancé like that! I love her and she loves me and you can do nothing to stop that so don’t even try anything because there will be Aurors here within a matter of minutes!”

Lucius Malfoy just sneered at him and pointed his wand at him.

“It seems like you are already ruined and it looks like I will be the one to have to fix this problem. You are no son of mine and I plan on making your precious Mudblood’s life a living hell!”

“Oh? And how are you planning on doing that huh, Lucius for you were never a father to me.”

“I will kill you and then the Mudblood will live with your death for the rest of her miserable life.”

Draco felt Hermione tremble behind him and he knew that his father was not one to joke and he paled. He was desperate and scared, no terrified of his father. He didn’t want to leave Hermione alone in this world. She was too precious too him for her to suffer through the pain of losing a loved one.

“F-F-Father, do you really think that you can k-k-kill your own flesh and b-b-blood?” Draco stuttered.

“Yes I can. But not before I don’t torture you a little for disobeying me. CRUCIO!”

Draco dropped to the floor, rolling and screaming in pain. Hermione lunged forward to help him but Lucius quickly immobilized her with a flick of his wand. She was forced to stand their watching her love yell and scream in pain. She wanted to scream out in pain too as her heart was shattering to pieces at watching him suffer, she could not even close her eyes to stop the tears. Lucius lifted the curse and Draco shakily stood up as straight a he could and turned his back to his father as he faced Hermione.

“Hermione I will love you now and forever. Please remember me always in your heart! Goodbye my love.”

When will this river of tears stop fallin’
Where can I run so I won’t feel alone
Can’t walk away when the pain keeps callin’
I’ve just gotta take it from here on my own
But it’s so hard to let go

Draco had tears streaming down his eyes as Lucius raised his wand again and shouted the killing curse, sending the jet of green light towards his son which hit him squarely in the back. Draco's eyes blanked and clouded over as his life left him and he crumpled to the ground and lay unmoving. Hermione would’ve screamed and collapsed to the floor if the spell had not been holding her up and keeping her silent.

“Look what you have done Mudblood. You have just caused the death of your pathetic fiancé. Have a great life.”

With that Lucius Malfoy apparated and the spell wore off and Hermione did indeed collapse and scream at the motionless body that was her fiancé. Hermione dragged herself over to him and flung herself, sobbing onto his chest, yelling at him to wake up. She knew it was no use, that he was gone from her forever but she just didn’t want to believe it..

“YOU PROMISED ME DRACO! Remember...you promised me that night by the Lake that he would never get you and you would never leave me! YOU PROMISED ME!!!”

She stroked his face and took no notice of the Aurors appearing in their home. It was only when Harry arrived and gently pulled her away from him did she realize that nothing she could say or do would bring him back and she fainted in Harry’s arms.
**END F/B**

Hermione’s heart finished her goodbye but she didn’t leave him. She just stood there at his coffin and stared at him. She didn’t notice everyone stand and make their leave except for Harry, Ginny and Ron who stood waiting for her at the back. Only once it started to rain did she finally allow herself to give him one last kiss goodbye and lay a single red rose on his joined hands before she shut the casket lid and permitted him to be buried beneath the headstone that read:

June 5th 1980 – January 27th 2000
Loving fiancé and friend.
You will be missed and you will
Always be remembered in our hearts.

The sun won’t shine since you went away
Seems like the rain’s falling every day
There’s just one heart, where there once was two
That’s the way it’s gotta be,
until I get over you…
till i get over....... you...

Hermione turned to walk back to her 3 friends waiting for her when she felt a warm breeze blow around her and touch her very soul and she knew that Draco was watching over her and with that in mind she allowed herself to finally be supported by her friends as she fell, exhausted to the ground at last getting the rest she needed for when she awoke she would need all the help she could get to move on with her life.

Days turned into weeks which turned into months which turned into years and Hermione slowly moved on with her life. She changed her name to Hermione Jane Malfoy and knew that Draco would’ve been happy and she not once took off her engagement ring. Her friends told her to try and love again but she would always tell them that her heart only belonged to one man and that’s how it would stay until they could be together once more.

thats the way its gotta be until i get over you


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