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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters; everything is J.K Rowling’s. I’m just messing with them. Its fun. Hehehe.
Dedicated to ShadowOfARaven for putting me in my place and making me do my home work

(A/n) the regular praise to the rest of my fans will continue in the next chapter which will be longer and be hear faster then this chapter My friends are taking out the wipes lol have fun oh and this is a turning point in Draco and Hermiones relationship

It’s the end of September, finally. I thought it would never come. Classes are over for today, Saturday, and Sunday and then back to work. Not that I plan on taking a break. The more the ahead I am, the better. I got up off my bed and stopped daydreaming to go brush my teeth and finally go to bed. As I opened the door I heard something odd, or at least something that should have been odd. I heard groaning. Then, opening the door the full way, I saw what I thought I would have seen: Malfoy using his razor to cut himself again. God, this boy has got a get a better hobby, other than trying to get me to feel sorry for him.

“Malfoy stop it. Do you have any idea how stupid you’re being?”

“Granger, out,” he said, pulling his hand to his stomach in someway trying to smear the blood of his arm.

“No Malfoy, I will not get out,” I said stepping over and grabbing the razor from him, or at least trying to.

“Granger stop this now,” he said holding on to the razor with all his might.

“No I will not! At least not until you stop being so selfish,” I said and that’s when it happened. Malfoy stopped pulling, but I didn’t. I pulled so hard that I fell back with the razor in hand then it dropped from my grip. As I tried to grab for it again I fell down, my back against the wall of the bathroom, and holding the razor the wrong way. I hadn’t realized how hard I was holding onto the razor until a second later when I screamed out in pain as the razor cut into my skin. I quickly let go, and looked up at Malfoy. It looked like for a second that he was going to come over to comfort me, but then shook it off immediately.

“It serves you right, Granger. And for your information, I am not selfish, not in the least.”

“Oh really Malfoy? How the bloody hell did you come to that conclusion?” I said trying to stop the bleeding the best I could with my PJ shirt.

“I am dealing with pain the only way I know how. I have tried the other methods. They don’t work. No, not that they don’t work, they just don’t work for me, I should say. It’s the only time I ever feel like I am worth anything. So tell me Granger, can you understand that?”

“But don’t you see? That doesn’t make you special. It makes you a cutter and being a cutter is not all that special of a thing to be,” I sad trying in some way to defend myself but knowing I had no idea what I was talking about.

“I don’t like to think as my self as a cutter or any of those other people as cutters for that matter. They do what they do in order to release pain, but you want to know what I do think? I think that cutters are self-injured. Other people inflicted pain onto the self-injured, and in some way to feel special, we then inflict pain onto ourselves. As for the friend or family member that cut themselves? They had their reasons, but you never did. You know what? You don’t have to cut yourself and that’s great. Great for you, but I somehow like the feeling of feeling special. God knows you know how that feels! Whenever you get a great grade or a teacher singles you out, or even when you’re helping Potter you still feel special. Granger, I am never going to feel special. At least not in the way you do, so this is just my way. Deal with it.” And then he was gone…

(A/n) Sorry it wasn’t much but this chapter was dedicated to a reader of mine I know she said it wasn’t meant as flame or anything and I appreciate that I do. But the thing is she was right I had my information all wring so I have malfoy defending himself the way she did to me. Thanks ShadowOfARaven

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