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Disclaimer: as always, own nothing, all thanks to the wonderful imagination of J.K. Rowling, damn am i jealous of her....


The rest of the week went by as ordinary as it could. Well, aside from the fact that every move Andy made was filled with pain. Alex and Jimmy knew this but were denied the opportunity to help every time it was brought up.

Their prank was the talk of the school for some time. Left and Right they were hearing new stories of what happened and some pretty good imitations of the girly Marauders were shown in the halls between classes. Even though the charm had worn off during the night after their “Transformation” people still seemed to enjoy it.

Andy wasn’t holding back either. Almost every dung bomb she had was gone; she had used her fake vomit on numerous occasions as well, and scared the living daylights out of Peter with a rubber snake in his bed one night. (When he went screaming out of the dorm, it sounded as if he had been turned back into a girl.)

The three certainly had the Marauders looking over their shoulders every where they went.


Saturday arrived, along with Quidditch tryouts that were scheduled for that afternoon. She’d been on the team since second year, and was looking forward to winning a 4th straight Quidditch Cup.

She loved it, and she was good, really good. The rush she got when she was flying was indescribable. She couldn’t put it into words. Then, there was hitting one of those nasty little bludgers at people; let’s just say it was a good anger outlet. She was quite consistent and very precise with her hits. She could hit anyone on the field she wanted to and most of the time they didn’t even have a chance to react.

About a dozen kids from all years were standing in front of them for a chance at the two open spots.

“Alright, since it is only two spots for Chaser, we will do some basic catching and throwing for a warm-up. If at all I tap you on the back, your tryout will be over and thank you for coming out.” James said in an authoritative voice that rivaled Lily Evans’.

‘Then again, he is always watching her…’ Andy thought. It was true James bugged the hell out of Lily since their first year. He claimed he loved her and all he wanted was for her to go out with him on just one date….so far, he had turned up with zero positive responses.

The dozen candidates paired up and started tossing the Quaffle back and forth about fifty feet off the ground. After they had warmed-up, two first years who had once been looking hopeful, sulked off the Pitch.

James set up a weave passing drill down the length of the field and once it was over, four people were leaving as well.

The remaining six stood in front of the returning team, slightly intimidated by how good they were. “Alright, now you will be shooting on Sirius. You’ll each get ten shots and we will make our final decision from there as to who will be the two new Chasers for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!” James said in excitement, rubbing his hands together. He paused, waiting for them to get into the air, which they were doing very slowly. “Come on! Hop to People!” he shouted making the youngest girl there jump.

They all flew off towards the hoops, Sirius included. James threw up the Quaffle and they shot down the line. They were lucky if they even managed to score twice on Sirius. He really was the best.

The younger girl (who turned out to be a third year) was the best of the lot, no matter how timid looking she was. She managed to score three times on Sirius, though one of them looked as though Sirius hadn’t been trying very hard. But aside from that, she was clearly the best.

Then there was a toss-up between two boys, both who did the next best, scoring twice. One was a fifth year that Andy knew to be nice. The second was a seventh year. He’d tried out every year and seemed to throw a temper-tantrum every year when he didn’t make it. He also wasn’t doing very well in classes, even this early in the year. There was also a rumor going around that he had abused his old girlfriend.

The team put their heads together (literally). “Ok, so that Jamie girl is definitely in.” James said. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“So now it is between Adam, the 7th year or Ben the 5th year. I think Ben would be better. What do you guys think?”

“From what I’ve heard, Adam is a jerk, and I think Ben has more room for improvement. Not to mention, we won’t lose him after only one year.” Andy said. Everyone nodded with her.

“Ben Cullen it is then!” James said. He clapped his hands in the middle of the huddle, everyone breaking away to look at the hopeful candidates.

“First of all, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for trying out. It was pretty difficult, but we believe we have chosen the best two. Those two are Jamie Bellen and Ben Cullen. Congratulations to the both of you, and once again, thank you to all who tried out.” James announced.

Smiles of joy and relief appeared on the two new team members faces, others were filled with disappointment, and one was filled with anger.

“What’s your problem Potter?” Adam yelled. “I’m older. I’m better. What the Hell do you think you are doing giving my spot to a stupid 5th year?”

The newly appointed Chaser Ben, hid as much as he could behind the people around him.

“Well, there are two things wrong with that statement. First, you are certainly not better then Ben. He is good and with a little work, will be a whole lot better then you ever could be. Second, if you think you deserve it because your older, then you might want to start acting older because people might get the wrong idea.” James retorted, getting angrier by the second.

Sirius stood faithfully behind his best friend and captain. The rest of the team looked proud of James as well. Andy could see Adam’s hand squeeze his wand, but hers was out quicker, painfully, for she had to twist one of her injured wrists.

“You wanna try it?” Andy said, her voice threatening, while her wand pointed at Adam’s head.

Adam released his wand and with a roll of his eyes, was stalking off the Pitch and back towards the school.

“Hmmm…Now do I want to try it?” Sirius said, his usual smirk appearing.

“Well that depends. Would you still like to have kids?” And Andy moved her leg to kick, but was satisfied with the horrified expression and Sirius’ move to protect himself.

“Alright, that’s enough you two.” James said, shaking his head at the fighting that would be occurring often like this between the two. “So since that didn’t take that long and we still have the Pitch reserved for another hour and a half, we’ll have our first practice. Carding, Pierson, go get the equipment and your bats. The rest of your let’s fly a couple of laps around the posts.”

Andy and Stephen brought out the set of balls from their locker room, making sure to be as slow as possible in order to avoid the countless amount of laps James’ would make them do.

“So, what do you think of the new ones. Think they’ll be good?” Andy asked on their way.

“Yeah I guess so. The third year seems pretty decent. The other one will need a bit of work, but nothing ol’ cap’n James can’t whip him into. Plus he also has Chris to help him out. And, after all, Chris has been the highest scoring Chaser for the whole school for the past two years.” They set the chest of balls on the ground with a thud.

“Gosh, took you long enough.” Sirius said, going over to it and extracting the Quaffle.

“Alright, how about Sirius, Chris, Jamie, Ben and I will work on a few passing plays. Pierson, Carding, make those target things you did last year and do your exercises. Don’t slack just because I’m with them. I’m still keeping an eye on you.” James said, sounding very dictator-like.

“Yes ma’am,” Andy said, saluting him.

“Knock it off and get to work. You of all people could use the most work here. And if you’re not up to snuff this year, I won’t be afraid to get someone else.” James said. He turned his back to Andy, smirking at Sirius.

The both of them knew that Andy would put twice as much effort into the practice now. It wasnt that she thought she was endangered of actually being kicked off the team, but more like she had to prove James wrong. ‘That stupid pride of hers is always blinding her…’ Sirius thought.

The team went to their directed exercises, Andy, indeed working twice as hard.

About halfway through the practice, Andy was lining up her shot, the bludger coming right at her in the perfect position for her to hit.

“Andy! Heads up!” she heard called down the field, from the rest of the team with the Quaffle.

She turned just in time to duck the Quaffle thrown at her head, but when she turned back to the bludger, she wasn’t able to find it. That was only for a split second however, the rocketing ball connecting with her stomach. If Andy had not lost her breathe, she would have screamed so loud they would have heard her on the South Pole. Not only did that hurt, but combined with her previous fall still lingering pain, it was horrible.

Instead, all she could do was flail her arms in desperation as the force drove her off her broom, sending her plummeting towards the Earth.

Andy had never been more spooked in her life (or in so much pain). She wasn’t frightened, oh no, she never got frightened, just spooked a bit. She closed her eyes, awaiting the impact that would surely kill her. But it never came. Instead her fall was ceased by a pair of arms catching her, painfully, but she wasn’t dead from hitting the ground.

Her eyes were still squeezed shut, more from forcing down the tears that were waiting to spill. Once she was sure that they were gone, and she was able to handle the pain, she opened them. Her eyes met Sirius’ as he was slowly descending to the ground, her body still wrapped rather limply in his muscular arms.

His feet touched the ground and the light shake seemed to take her out of the slight trance she was in, staring at his hair. ‘Why is it so perfect?’ she thought. She then realized what she said and was completely horrified, ‘NO! I did NOT just say that!’

“You alright Pierson?” Sirius asked, genuinely worried.

“Uh, yeah, just peachy.” The rest of the team joined around them.

“I’m so sorry Andy!” Ben said. He was looking extremely horrified about the fact that he just hurt a team mate on his first practice.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. No real harm done on your part anyway. It was the dang bludger. Now, if I had a word with that…” she said threatening the inanimate object, and making Ben feel better. She suddenly realized that she was sitting quite comfortably in Sirius’ arms. “Ok Black. Time to put me down.”

Sirius looked at her one last time, as if silently asking if she were ok. She nodded and he set her gently on her feet. Gravity was now killing her; it put the weight Sirius had been supporting on her stomach and she was, once again, resisting the urge to hold herself to release the some of the pain.

“Alright then. It’s about time to go anyways. We’ll be practicing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 5-7:30. So I guess I’ll see you all on Tuesday.” James said.

Andy graciously followed James and the rest of the team into the locker rooms and they headed up to the Gryffindor Common Room.

They had just passed through the great oak doors at the front of the school when a distressed McGonagall came up to them, cloak sweeping back and forth behind her.

“Miss Pierson. If I could have a moment please.” She said, her tone not even resembling the normal stern one she used when talking to Andy.

“Yeah, sure.” She led Andy a couple of feet away from the rest of the group, though only Sirius, James and Stephen waited.

“There is no easy way to say this, so I think I will just have to come right out and say it.” She paused, looking slightly awkward.

“What? Are we breaking up or something?” Andy asked, trying to get the teacher to loosen up, though she herself was slightly unnerved by the professor’s sudden change.

“Now Miss Pierson, it is really not the time for jokes. You grandmother-well, she passed away just a few moments ago. The nervous professor said ringing her hand together.

Andy stood there, shocked. The one remaining grandmother she had was always kind and gentle and resembled nothing close to Andy’s father. Andy looked at the cobblestone floor and burst out laughing, not quite knowing how to handle the situation. Again, one of her “abnormalities”. When things such as this happened, Andy’s escape was through laughter.

McGonagall’s expression was confused, but once Andy’s laughter died, she continued. “Well, I’m not quite sure if I understand what just happened, but your grandmother’s funeral will be held tomorrow and you are welcome to join. Professor Dumbledore has agreed to let you go tomorrow morning and you will be able to stay the night with family. You will be missing your Monday morning classes if you choose to go. Would you like to?”

“Yes, thank you. Should I just go to Dumbledore’s tomorrow morning then?” Andy said, serious about the situation, though still holding back and trying everything to get rid of the thought of her dead grandmother.

“Yes, that would be good.” With a slight nod, the professor left her student to joint the rest of the group she had left waiting.

“So did she give you your punishment for pulling those pranks on us?” Sirius asked with a smirk.

“No, actually. She just told me that my grandmother died.” She said, with as much confidence she could muster.

“Oh shit. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” Sirius said guiltily.

“Don’t worry about it. You didn’t know. But I will be going home for tomorrow and until Monday afternoon.”

They had now reached the Common Room, a rather awkward silence forming between them all. No one quite knew what to say. After entering the Portrait Hole, they silently went their separate ways.


Well, heres another, thanks soo much for reading! I hope you all like it, and as usual reviews are GREATLY appreciated, you have no idea, and a big thanks to those who have already! I appreciate anything, and especially criticism, so please, if you can! thanks a lot, hope you liked it

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