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Author’sNotes Do be aware that the first part of the story is in James’ point of view and the rest are narrative. The plot seems much more interesting this way. :) This chapter is just to explore further into the character’s personalities and what the game is all about. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Besides the teachers of Hogwarts, who could dislike the Marauders, really? The seventh year girls of Gryffindor, that’s who. Race, Kimberly and Lily have never got along with the superlative jokers... yet as december approaches, a new game will be played. Meet My Secret Snowflake; the little gamble to find their Christmas companions for the oh-so merry month.


; - ; - ; - My Secret Snowflake -; - ; - ; -

o1. Lily should stop pretending

- ; - ; - ; -


Her crimson hair tickled my neck as she breathed into my ear. I let my lips wander over her cheek, planting feather-light kisses on her cheekbone. Slowly, I felt her hands slide around my neck, drawing me closer as her hot breath sent a tingling sensation down my vertebrae. I nibbled on her earlobe and felt her shudder on my lap. Electricity crackled within me as her tongue teased the pulse point on my neck, a moan escaping me as her lips trailed along my neckline to meet my pining lips.

Her soft lips hesitantly linked with mine, tender and warm. I let the second deep groan emit from my throat as I licked her lips. Slowly, almost uncertainly, she opened a mouth a tiny fraction and I dived my tongue in, savoring the taste of her warm mouth. My hands were desperately tugging on her shirt, pulling the fair cotton up as she-



I ripped the crumpled copy of the Daily Prophet off my face and hurled it at his head. The idiot dog was cackling like a madman.

"I was getting to the good part!" I whined.

"Oh shut up, Prongsie!" He roared good-naturedly. "You were snogging thin air! Even Moony over here can do better then that!" He nudged Remus and he grunted in reply; too absorbed in his book.

I felt myself heat up as an image of myself popped up in my head.

"Well," I stood up; pushing aside my embarrassment and dream, "Let's go see the girls. I heard they're at the compartment a little down the train. They should be missing us by now. I bet they're wishing for us to drop by."

Sirius grinned and stood up as Remus heaved a sigh and Peter's eyes darted between Remus and us, obviously deciding if he should go.

"You two never give up. You know very well that if you go within a ten metre radius of them, one of you will end up limping back, jinxed and hexed by twenty different spells."

I tried pouting as the practical Moony shut his book silently.

"And since I can't talk either of you out of it, I guess I'll have to follow to two and make sure you return in a normal, healthy and un-deformed state."

Sirius feigned hurt and gasped dramatically as I put a hand to my heart, lowering my brows and pouting again. He can't resist this. He has to see it my way.

"Oh come on, Moony. Sure we're reckless at times but this is girls we're talking about. Do you really think they could harm us to that much harm to us, the masters of trickery, wit and dashingly prince-type looks?"

He gave me a mild look of disbelief and cocked an eyebrow.

"Why, yes. I believe I do."

- ; - ; - ; -

I took a breath and ran a hand through my hair. Fixing my spectacles, I drew open the compartment door and leaned on the doorframe in -what I hoped- a sexy manner. Sirius was a little behind me, arms crossed with a nonchalant look on his face. Peter's eyes were darting around the compartment, probably afraid that what Remus had said would happen to him and finally, our serious (no witty line intended) master himself, standing next to Sirius, looking away with bored eyes, obviously starting to regret not agreeing with me.

"Evans! How lovely to see you again! You still look as wonderful and delicious as- No. Wait. Stop! I'm sorry! No! OW!"

Remus rolled his eyes as Lily started prodding me on the arm and chest with her wand, sparks flying out every once so often, yelling and shouting. Her two best friends were with her but only one was standing. Race Shapiro, a tall, leggy and rather pretty (though not as much as Lily. Nothing can compare to Lily!) brunette, with light olive doe eyes, was up and ready, armed with a wand and was glaring at the back of Sirius' head. The boy had always had a soft spot for the sporty girl and would pick on her a lot. Which is pretty obvious that Sirius likes her. However, the girls just don't get it. Really. What's so hard to comprehend?

Boy likes girl equals boy teases girl.

Merlin. That's not hard, now is it?

The last girl in the compartment had the carbon copy of Remus' personality, except a little more fun. Her nose was buried in a book and she had turned when the door opened to mutter a single, "Hey," before turning back to her book, tucking a stray strand of dirty blonde hair behind her ear. Kimberly, or Kim, was the connecting bridge between the Marauders and the other two 'anti-Marauders' girls. Though we get on her nerves quite a lot (hey, who's counting?) she always manages to forget about it.

The other two however…


"OUT!! NOW!"

And just as Remus predicted, jinxes and hexes were sent our way, complete with a bored voice oozing out from the corner, "Told you so."

"Shut up and help us, Moony!" I yelped frantically, ducking a Jelly Legs Hex. Sirius was still with his bark-like laugh as he started a mini duel with Race. I, however, will never.

It's Lily here! I can't hurt her!

Thus, ducking angry spell after angry spell, I disarmed her and as she ran to retrieve her wand, I grabbed it from the air, making her screech to a halt and glare at me through narrowed eyes.

"My wand, Potter,"

This is it. This is my cue.

"Well, I'm sure you-"

"No kisses, no dares, no holding hands and no, I will not date you!"

Wow. That seemed quite… rehearsed.

"But Ev-"


Remus is sighing again. I know it.

"Look, Evans," I adopted a laid-back attitude, "I would gladly return the wand to its rightful, beautiful owner but," I started spinning it, "I'm afraid the stunning proprietor could kill me with it," I ended with a flirtatious smile, and she rolled her eyes.

"I promise I won't kill you now if you give it back."

"Promise you won't kill me later?"

This got her silent.

But, wait.

She seems to be-


She had charged straight for me.

My head made hard contact with the floor and as I looked up, I saw Remus' eyes going a little wider, Race and Kimberly's expressions turning into utmost disbelief and Sirius' jaw hitting the floor as they saw Lily Evans, the woman of elegant beauty, lying on top of James Potter, the man of dashingly good looks.

Now that I put it that way…

What's so surprising? Of courseLily would throw herself at me. I'm to die for! Girls chase me.

I always knew Lily was infatuated with my charm. Who could resist the-

Oh Merlin.

My dream is coming true!

My fair flower is breathing into my ear and I can feel her hands snaking around my neck. A jittery feeling engulfs me and my lips start to crave for hers. I slid my arms around her waist easily and tilted my head, enjoying her wandering hands. Her mouth skims the surface of my skin, leaving hot breaths. Desire erupts within my body, lust and craving all jumbled up and as our lips were millimeters away from meeting, she withdraws, and reality came crashing down like ice-cold water.

Lily stood triumphantly at the other side of the room, her wand gripped firmly in her hand as I struggled to get up.

What just happened?

What did she…

She led me on!
The woman of exquisite magnificence had just led me on… with her lips?

I'm more desperate then I thought.

Through gritted teeth and humiliation, I managed to mumble, "Oh, you'll pay Evans," before disappearing down the corridor and into the safely of my own compartment, away from the piercing laughter from the girls and my fellow Marauders.

Out of sight, I began to blush furiously. I hoped this incident wouldn't be replayed. Hi, I'm James Potter and I got led on by a girl.

I cringed.

Ah. Sweet life.

Just the way I had always imagined it.

- ; - ; - ; -

I managed to avoid Lily all the way till we got to school. By then, my dignity was back and I was starting to wonder why I ran.

It isn't that embarrassing! Why the hell did I bolt? I could have wooed her with my charms! Dazzle her with my kiss when I had the chance!

Really. What had gotten into me?

James Potter never ran!

Obviously, when Lily was leading me on, she left some sort of hint that she wanted me. After much consideration, I knew what it was.

Lily had positioned herself on top of me!

It had to count for something.

Perhaps she just didn't know how to express her clandestine love for me!

And thus, with newfound pride and suavity, I marched into the Great Hall, handsomeness and all, and proceeded towards the glowing Lily.

"Evans! I see you have saved a space for me! Shall I?"

Lily turned and immediately her eyes hardened. But I didn't care. I knew it was only an act.

"No, Potter. This space is saved for sensible people. Not arrogant pig-heads like you and Black," if possible, her eyes hardened even more and I was starting to worry that my charm was dying off.

"People like Remus for example." Saying so, she smiled -smiled- at my buddy and invited him to sit. I almost lunged myself upon the empty space but I had to remain dignified.

James Potter is never desperate!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Remus suppress a smirk as he issued an amused apology and said, "I'm sorry Lily, but I don't think I'll be sitting there. James might just castrate me."

Annoyed, I shot him death glare as he shrugged and headed of towards another vacant spot.

I turned back to Lily and mustered up my best charming voice.

"I'll see you around Evans."

Glaring daggers at me (why does she try so hard?), she spat, "I'd rather see you dead,"

Winking at her, I ran a hand through my hair and basked in the sounds of sighs from the girls nearby as made my exit.

Lily, I thought, smirking as I made my way to the others, should really just stop trying to pretend.

- ; - ; - ; -

Author'sNote And you have just witnessed how shockingly stupid, ignorant and big-headed James here can be! The poor boy just doesn't get it, now does he? But all will be good. How would Harry come if things aren't alright? :D

By the way, the review box is getting hungry. *hint hint*

Once again, the other chapters are in the narrator's point of view, unless there're changes. :) Muchas gracias and much love! Chapter two currently in writing!

ps; A huge shout-out to Ducks aka Ash, my fantastic beta`reader for both Pandora's Box and My Secret Snowflake! Love you lots, girl! :D


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