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" Where are we going again?" came Hermione's voice through the bathroom door, while Ginny was taking a shower.

" It's a secret!" Ginny yelled over the noise of running water." I can't tell you until we get there, because it has no name, other than the Secret Spot!"

" Oh. Hurry up, okay? Your brothers are annoying me!"

Fred and George were in line to use the bathroom next, because there was only one bathroom in the large Weasley home to use. They were teasing Hermione about Ron.

" Ron and Hermione, sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-"

" SHUT UP, YOU GITS!" yelled Hermione, pulling out her wand. The twins were really scared now.

" We take it back!" Fred said, rather cowardly.

" We'll never do it again, we promise!"

" Just don't hurt us!" pleaded Fred and George. Hermione knew they were scared. After all, the should be. Hermione was the smartest witch of her age, and was better at spells than both Fred and George put together.

" Thank you. Now leave mine and Ron's business alone!"

" So you two are going out together! We knew you two liked each other, but didn't think either of you would ever acknowledge it."

" George! You used a big word! I don't even know what it means!" proclaimed Fred, excitedly. Hermione was thinking that they drank a little too much butterbeer last night after the Quidditch game.

" Neither do I. I heard someone say it before, but I can't remember who."

Just then Ginny walked out the door, leaving the twins to argue over who got the bathroom next. Hermione followed Ginny up the set of stairs to her bedroom. Ginny was wearing a dark pair of denim shorts that showed off her tan model-like legs and a crimson low cut top. Her hair fell around her shoulder's shaping her face. Hermione was wearing a pair of blue-jeans with a lavender V-neck shirt. The jeans complemented her figure as well. Her hair was like ginny's, but Hermione had used a spell to make it curly.
" Trying to impress someone, Gin?"

" Huh?" Apparently Ginny had been lost in her own thoughts, again.

" You're dressed like you're showing off for a certain someone. Maybe Harry?"

" No, I...uh.. just pulled something out of my closet, that's all."

" Oh come on, Gin! Everyone in this house knows good and well you and Harry like each other!"

" Is it that obvious?"

"Yes! You kept on staring at him last night over the table, and when you weren't looking, he was staring at you!"

" You think he likes me back?"

" Of course I do, Gin. I don't know who wouldn't like you."
While the girls were quarriling, Ron and Harry had slipped into the room, ready to go, when they heard Ginny's words. Hermione and Ginny hadn't even noticed them. Ginny and Harry had turned a darker crimson than her shirt. An ackward silence swept the room.
" Well, then, let's go to this 'secret spot', Ron. I don't think I can wait any longer." said Hermione, to break the silence that had fallen over the room.
And the two couples walked out of the house into the garden, Harry holding Ginny's hand, Ron holding Hermione's.
A/N: it's kind of a cliff-hanger, isn't it? i won't beg this time, but please remember to leave a review. :) the next chapter will be the last chapter*sighs* thanx to my wonderful awesome peoples who review! luv ya!

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