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Thank you Emily!

"Come on Jace! Do it!" Ron said. 

"Yeah, hurry, before the train leaves!" Hermione added eagerly.

I threw up my hands in protest, "Come on guys, you know I never turn down a dare, but I am asking just this once that you change it a little bit. I'll do anyone, even Snape, how about Snape?"

I looked wide-eyed at Harry, Ron, and Hermione in hope. 

"No way." Harry said. "You've got your dare Jace, do it!" 

I sighed, disgruntled, and turned back to the window. "Fine I'll do it, but only because it's a dare!" 

I leaned my head out the window and looked down at the people standing on platform 9 3/4.

"Uh hem, excuse me everyone, my name is Jacey Davidson, and I'd just like to say that I am madly, deeply, and passionately in love with Draco Malfoy. Thank you and have a nice day."

I pulled my head back in the train, only to see Ron, Harry, and Hermione in stitches. 

"You should have seen their faces." Harry laughed, while holding his side.

"Yeah, that was priceless." Ron panted, sitting on the seat to catch his breath.
I laughed and sat down next to him. "Yeah, that was pretty funny, I just wish I could've seen the look on Malfoy's face when he heard that." 

"I would imagine it looked a bit like this." A new voice said from the doorway.
I immediately stopped laughing and turned to see Draco Malfoy standing between his two bookends.
Ron jumped from his seat and Harry stopped laughing, and straightened up.

"What do you want Malfoy?" Hermione demanded, pushing past Ron and Harry. 

He eyed her in disgust and curled his lip. "Nothing from you Granger."
He turned away from her and sauntered over to me, wearing a never before seen expression, a smile. "So, Jacey, I heard your declaration of undying love for me."

I shrugged my shoulders. "So, what's it to you Malfoy?"
He sat down beside me. "Obviously your desire for me has driven you to the point of insanity. But, that's okay, I like my women a little crazy." 

He lined my jaw with his thumb, I laughed and pushed him away. 

"Well, that's good, cause they'd have to be to be dating you in the first place."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione giggled, as did Crabbe and Goyle, until Draco gave them an evil look.

"You say that now, but you just wait." 

"Oh come on Malfoy don't flatter yourself. It was just a dare!" 

Draco walked to the door and then turned and pointed his finger in my face. "Mark my words Davidson, one day you will be mine!"

"Yeah you're shrink maybe."

Crabbe and Goyle started to laugh again, but Draco turned on them quickly, his face twisted with rage and yelled, "OUT!" I walked up behind them. 

"Yes, go on, recharge your brains for the next battle of wits! Lord knows you need it." I slammed the compartment door shut and sat on the seat next to the window. 

"That was bloody brilliant Jace!" Ron praised while taking a seat across from me.

Hermione nodded at his side, "You really put him in his place."

"I don't know guys," Harry started, sitting next to me. " Malfoy is used to getting what he wants, and it looks like he wants Jacey."
I put my hand on his arm. " Don't worry Harry, I know how to handle that prat. I am the best in our year at Transfiguration, so if "Ferret Boy" wants to remain beautiful, he'd better stay away from me."

Ron shrugged his shoulders. "Sounds good to me." 

Harry and Hermione both agreed, I smiled at them. "Good, now, whose turn is it? Oh yeah, it's my turn!"
Everyone groaned as I laughed manically, rubbing my hands together. "So, who shall be my next victim? I know! Hermione, truth or dare?" 

Hermione sighed deeply and squeezed her eyes shut. "Truth."

"Okay... hmm... I know! Have you and Ron ever snogged?" 

The room fell silent as Hermione's face grew beat red. She turned and looked at Ron, who eyed her. "No." 

"Wait!" Harry shouted suddenly, digging in his trunk. "She didn't take the Verituserum!" 

"Oh goody!" I clapped my hands together. "Verituserum makes truth or dare so much funner!"

Hermione eyed me, "Actually Jace, the correct grammar is 'so much more fun.'"

"Whatever!" I waved my hand and passed her the vial of Verituserum. "Bottoms up!" 

She put the vial to her lips and took a sip. 

"Now Hermione, have you and Ron ever snogged?" 

Ron shook his head violently; Hermione gave him a pleading look, then nodded. I gasped.
"Really? How many times?" She opened her mouth to answer, but Ron clamped his hand over it. "That doesn’t count. You can only ask one question."

"Fine, I'll just have to remember it for my next turn." I winked at him, he stuck out his tongue and I made kissy faces at him.
"OKAY!" Harry said loudly, we both turned to look at him, he smiled, "it's my turn. Hm, Ron, truth or dare?" 

Ron groaned and muttered truth under his breath. 

Harry waited patiently as he took a sip from the vial. "Okay, When are you going to ask Hermione to be your girlfriend?" 

"Oh! Good one Harry!" I whispered excitedly to him, "I know!" He whispered back. 

We turned our attention to Ron who was looking red faced at Hermione. 

"Iwasgoingtodoitthisweekend." He mumbled. 

Harry cupped his ear and leaned forward. "Sorry, could you speak up? I can't hear you."
Ron sighed deeply, giving Harry a dirty look. "I was going to do it this weekend!" 

"Ooooh!" I squealed and turned to Hermione, Did you hear that Hermione?" She nodded briefly, her eyes still glued on Ron.

So I turned to Harry, "Won't the children be gorgeous?" 

Ron laughed mockingly and smiled evilly. "Jacey, truth or dare?" I rolled my eyes. "You guys still have to ask me that? Dare, always dare."

"Okay then, I dare you to lick the inside of the boy's toilet."

"Ew! Unsanitary!" I squealed, seriously considering passing the dare. 

Ron held up his hands. "Fine oh Queen of Dares, give up your title to someone else and then the whole world will know-"

"Okay okay! If I do it will you shut up?" He smiled, "Maybe." 

"Well, it's worth a shot." I stood up and smiled at Ron "Lead the way to the toilet!"

We walked down the hallway, and passed the compartment where Draco and his posse were sitting. 

He looked up when I passed and licked his lips. I rolled my eyes and walked away, but behind me, Harry stuck up his middle finger. 

We reached the bathroom, and Ron knocked on the door. "Huh, guess no one's in there, so, let's go." He pushed the door open and we all crowded into the room.

Ron lifted the lid, "After you milady." 

"Why thank you kind sir." I pulled my hair back and knelt down next to the toilet.
Harry bent over and held my hair as I stuck my head in the toilet. "Here goes nothing."
I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across the smooth surface of the toilet. 

"Okay! Okay that's enough! You've proved your point, you're still the Queen of Dares."
I stood up and put my hands on Harry's shoulders. "Harry! Chill! Don't have an aneurysm."

Hermione smiled, "I do believe it's my turn." She turned to Harry, "Harry, truth or dare?"
"Um, I guess dare, after all, nothing could be as bad as licking a toilet, with the exception of snogging Malfoy." 

He turned to me. "Don't even think about it Jace!" 

I snapped my fingers, "Shucks." 

"Anyway." Hermione said loudly, "Harry, I dare you to snog Jacey."

" Gross!" Harry said. 

"Oh, thanks for boosting my self esteem there Harry!" 

"I mean gross because you just licked a toilet." 

Hermione shrugged, "You picked dare, so do your dare."
Harry sighed, "Okay..." He walked over to me and pushed me against the wall, snogging me hard.
About fifteen minutes later, Ron pulled him off of me. "Okay I think that will do, thank you Harry."

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