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Disclaimer: I own NOTHING except for the stuff you don't recognize. I don't own Hershey's candy, not M&Ms, not Al Yank not nothin and Harry Potter of course belongs to J.K.R

A/N: I Jaymee Ann am EXHAUSTED because I have just spent the last 2 hours that's right 120 minutes people!!! creating what I think is the most fun chapter in this story so far. YES both my wrists hurt YES my fingers are so mad at me they refuse to find the proper keys on the keyboard and force me to hit backspace numerous times YET I have done it!!! YESH!!! GO ME!!! LOL anyways...on with the story.~Jaymee

"We are going to stay up all night loong!" Millicent squealed clapping happily.

Hermione smiled, "Sure thing." She was sitting at the very edge of the black leather Slytherin Couch on a Friday night. She and Millicent were going to have their first sleep over ever and they were both really looking forward to it. Hermione looked around, not feeling utterly uncomfortable but definitely feeling out of place. But of course, they couldn't have the sleepover in the Gryffindor quarters. 'Stay away from the Slytherin boy dormitories Granger,' Hermione cringed as Lavender's words resounded in her head. She shook the feeling and smiled at Millicent who was talking rapidly and motioning with her hands.

"--and yea omgah! So I think the first thing we need to do is change into our P.J.s eh? I get to change J.D.!" She leaned over and picked J.D. up off Hermione's lap and lead the way up to the Slytherin girl dorms.

The dorm was empty except for this one girl who shot Hermione a nasty look before burrying her nose back in her book.

"Where is everyone?" She asked as she sat on Millicent's bed and reached into her backpack, pulling out J.D.s football P.J.s.

"Oh well...most of the girls are out Friday nights till the wee hours of the morning, a lot of them with their boyfriends that are in different houses," She explained as she pulled the thick warm jammy bottoms up J.D.s tiny legs.

"Oh," Hermione said, dreading they're return.

Millicent saw the look on her face and placed her hand on Hermione's shoulder, "It's okay though, we'll be sleeping in the common room so they won't bother us."

Hermione smiled gratefully.

"Aaah J.D. you're so cute!" Millicent picked up the tiny tot and brought him up close, pretending to eat his cheek, which sent J.D. into a fit of excited shreiking and laughter. "Here I'll let you see the gorgeous hunk of man that you are, " She took him over to the mirror that was set up in the bathroom, switching the light on and held him up on the sink. J.D. smiled at his reflection and beat lightly on the mirror. He shrieked again and smiled. He smacked the mirror with his open hands excitedly and then stuck his little fists into his mouth. Millicent laughed and swung him around so that she was holding him by his belly.

Hermione chuckled, "He does love the mirror that one."

"With a face like his who wouldn't?!" Millicent turned him around in her arms and kissed his cheek, making loud smacking noises. J.D. smiled and put his open mouth to Millicent's cheek, almost as if kissing her back.

Hermione turned with her arms folded across her chest and leaned in the doorway smiling at her sweet baby boy and her best friend. With a pang of sadness she remembered Leah, the feisty little red head from the Leaky Cauldron. She bit her lip guiltly and made a mental note to write to her soon. Maybe they could meet in Hogsmead the next time they had an outing or something.

"So go on Mione pull on your P.J.s girly." Millicent shooed her friend out of the W.C. and into the dorms again.

Hermione pulled out a pair of satin pink pyjama bottoms and a stretchy lavender cami. On top she pulled on a deep sea foam green sweatshirt with Aeropostle written across it in white girly lettering, and a pair of blue fuzzy slippers with puppy dogs on them. She held out her arms to take J.D. as Millicent pulled on her own sleep clothes. She pulled on a pair of silver bottoms and a dark green shirt that said Slytherin across it. The letters where made up of a rhine stoned serpent that twisted itself to form the word. She wore no shoes.

"You see," She said fluffing her hair and conjuring up a mirror and leaned it against her bed, "Even in sleep clothes we look *muwah* gorgeous." She struck a pose and made pouty lips.

Hermione laughed.

"C'mon," Millicent gathered up her comforter and her pillows before heading out to the warm common room. She threw them onto the wooden floor and conjured up some more blankets and tons more pillows.

"Allow me," Hermione said and she took out her wand and with a *!POP!* appeared tons of junk food. Next she majiked in some make up, hair accersories, and a magically powered hair curler, straightener, a stereo, and stacks of muggle CDs.

"What's all this?" Millicent asked and poked at the curler.

"That," Hermione pointed, "Is a hair curler. It curls your hair. That's a straightner and it...well it's self explanitory. And that is a stereo, it plays CDs, which are those shiny disks over there."

"This curls you're hair?" She held it up.



" gets hot and then you wrap your hair around the hot part and wait a litte before you let it go and it's curly."

"But...wouldn't that take forever?"

"Not really, like a half hour to an hour, depending on how your hair is."

"I can just do this," Millicent majiked her hair curly, "See? It's curly."

"But it's more fun this way. Trust me, me and my friends used to have sleepovers all the time. I'm an expert."

"Okay Miss Expert, where do we start?"

Hermione looked from Millicent's hair to the springy hair clips sitting on one of the pillows an idea cooking up in her head, "We start with your hair."

45mins later
"And done," She said, fastening the last clip into Millicent's hair. She had cliped each clip at the very root of each strand so that the curl sprang up in a silly updo. Her head looked like a wild shrub. "What do you think?" She handed Millicent a mirror.

"Omgah! Mione!" Millicent shrieked and touched her head. She looked horrified.

Hermione bit her lip to keep from laughing, "I-i-itsssss all the ruh-hayge!" She burst out laughing.

"Ugh I'mma get you!" She stood up and threw a pillow at Hermione.

Hermione ducked and laughed as it hit a bowl of licorice and the candy scattered across the floor. She picked up a long piece of it and ran to Millicent, preteding to stab her with it.

"Hiiiiiya!" She said and thrust it at her.

"Haha!" Millicent laughed as she took a bite out of the licorice.

Hermione erupted into a violent fit of giggles. J.D. watched from his little blanket near the couch and laughed just like his mother did at the two girls' silliness. Millicent ran around Hermione and grabbed a hand full of marshmellows and shoved them into her mouth. Hermione did her best to chew, swallow, and laugh at the same time but found it very difficult.

"Ha! Millicent wins!" Millicent did a victory lap around the common room.

"Yeah well...haha who still looks completely and utterly ridiculous?"

Millicent struck another pose, "You know you love it! Your turn!"

"My turn what?"

"My turn to do your hair, however I just thought up this totally cute look for you so I won't be evil like you were to my hair cuz I'm cool like that."

"Haha okay, I'll fix your hair after you're done." Hermione picked J.D. up off the floor, and walked over to Millicent, grabbing a bowl of wrapped up mini fastbreaks with her. (Mmmm...reminds me of the old Texas days lol all of us would have truck loads of those little suckers...*ehem* back to the story) She sat down in front of Millicent, and set the bowl in her lap, "You want one?"

"What is it?" She asked taking the orange wrapped candy from Hermione.

"It's chocolate. Muggle Candy it's filled with peanut butter."

Millicent unwrapped the chocolate and popped it into her mouth and made a face, "Ick I think I'll stick to wizard candy."

"Eh, more for me," Hermione shrugged and unwrapped her third candy bar. She made herself comfortable and Millicent started on her hair. With a wave of her wand she majiked in a bushel of little pink flowers and pink ribbons.

"What are you gonna do?" Hermione asked.

"French braid it and braid in the flowers and ribbons," She answered and began, "Your hair is liked super pretty Mione."

"Pffs yeah right. I hate it when it frizzes out it's like HUGE."

"It's really healthy though and thick, those are good."

"Hmmm," Hermione couldn't be bothered with an answer I mean...she was eating chocolate man!

"So you heard about the Quidditch game tomorow?"

"Yeah, are you going?"

"Of course I am. Are you?"

Hermione looked away, "I really don't think so."

"But why?"

" case you haven't whole House hates me. Except for maybe Colin Creevey but I don't think I'd like sitting with him too much."

"Sit with us. Blaise and me."

"No...I can't."

"Yes you can. It's a Slytherin/Hufflepuff game. It'll be fine."



"Okay then...sure I'll go to the game with you lot."

"Of course you will! Jared would be devasted if you weren't there to cheer him on!"


"Face it Hermione, the boys head over heels for you."

"He is not!"

"Just look at the way he looks at you! The way he smiles at you, and how he held your hand last weekend he likes you."

"Do you really think so?"

"I Know so. Trust me Mione, I know boys and he is crazy about you. I mean who wouldn't be? You're sweet,kind,smart,you have a heart of gold and you're beautiful."

"Really?" Hermione could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

Millicent nodded as she continued to braid, "Plus you've got only the frickin cooliest best friend in the world!"

Hermione burst out laughing. "Ouch!" She yelped and rubbed her head, where she could feel the braids,ribbons and flowers beneath her fingertips.

"Ah suck it up ya big baby!"

"Would you like to have a hand full of hair ripped out of your skull? Yeah mmhmm I didn't think so."

"No," Millicent said thoughtfully, "I don't have enough hair for you to rip a handful out and if you did I'd be like..bald."

"You are NOT going bald Millicent! You have TONS of hair."

"Tons of hair yeah yeah yeah you sound just like Blaise." She giggled.

"Speaking of Blaise, how're things with you guys?"



"I'm kind of tired of him. I need to find me a new man. One who's exciting. One who's wicka hott. One who doesn't use more hair products than me..."

"Are you serious?!"

"No! I love my Blaisy-kins! I would never let him go.."

"Neither would I", Hermione said thoughtfully.

"Ugh," Millicent knocked into Hermione's shoulder lightly.

Hermione chuckled, "What I mean is, if I had someone like Blaise I wouldn't wanna ever let him go either."

"You kind of do....."

"Yeah? Who? And DON'T say Jared."

"I wasn't going to," Millicent said, "I was going to say Draco. You have Draco."

"Correction, had we're through." Hermione bowed her head slightly.

"That's what you think."

"'s what I know."

Millicent shook her head. No, it wasn't over yet. Hermione didn't know it but one day soon, she and Draco would be together again, She would make sure of that. Millicent said, "Done," And patted Hermione braided head. Hermione reached for the mirror and looked at her hair. It was really pretty. Millicent had braided in the flowers so that they could be seen and slivers of pink ribbon appeared in odd places througout her hair.

"Kay my turn to fix yours." Hermione got up.

"No no, leave it, it's starting to grow on me," She patted her updo.

"You look silly," Hermione said, put J.D. in Millicent's lap and began to take out the little clips. She removed each one and spoinged Millicent's curls which were still full of life and spring. "It looks pretty like that, I'll just leave it." She fixed it so that every curl was in place and the end result was a lovely curly haired Millicent. She handed Millicent the mirror and laughed as she winked at it. "You're just like him," She nodded at J.D. who was too busy sucking on his toes to really notice he was being looked at. Hermione picked up the stereo control and hit play. The room was soon filled with Al Yank's "A Complicated Song." Millicent was rolling on the floor laughing as Al started the chorus.

"Are you seee-here-ee-us?!?!" She managed in between gasped. Hermione was right next to her cracking up and rolling about on the floor.

"What's going on here?" A guy's voice called out. Millicent and Hermione sat up and saw it was Blaise, Jared, a couple other Slytherin's Hermione didn't know and...Draco. Perfect..

"Hey Blaise!" Millicent smiled.

"GRUB!!!" Blaise said and ran to the assortment of junk food the girls had spread out.

"No! Blaise that's ours!" Millicent tried to pry Blaise away from the food but he put a restraining hand on her forehead as he enjoyed a big chunk of a half pound Hershey bar. "What is this?"

"It's muggle chocolate." Hermione explained.

"Oh," He said and took another huge bite.

"Hey Mione," Jared said and hugged Hermione. He smiled and fingered one of the flowers in her hair, "Wow who did this?"

"Millicent." She bent down and clicked off the stereo. She smiled as she watched Jared pick up a drowsy J.D.. She turned and saw Draco standing behind her. She smiled lightly before turning around to go to Jared. She wasn't going to make a huge crying scene this time. Tonight was her night.

"Damn! You girls have been holding out on me." Blaise said and he stuffed a marshmellow covered in chocolate syrup and gummy bears into his mouth.

"Hey! That's ours!" Hermione said and reached forward to yank the chocolate syrup bottle out of his hands.

Blaise smiled maliciously, "You want it?"

She nodded.

"You got it!" He said and squeezed the bottle so that chocolate syrup streamed out of it in a neat straight line. In seconds she was drenched in the gooey stuff.

"You're so dead!" She said as she picked up the whipped cream can and blasted the cream his way, making sure to get his face and torso. Blaise yelped and turned the can in her hands so that her whole torso was not only sticky with chocolate but with whipped cream as well. Millicent came up behind Blaise and stuffed a handful of marshmellows down his shirt and poured the whole bowl of M&Ms down his pants. Meanwhile all the Slytherins plus J.D. where laughing so hard a couple of em where snorting.

"Draco dude," Blaise said going up to his best friend, "Gimme a hug man." He held out his whipped creamed arms.

"No man I don't roll like that," Draco sniggered and backed away.

"C'mere, C'mere," He grabbed Draco and hugged him.

"Ah crap!" Draco shoved Blaise away. He sniffed the droopy cream before licking some of it of his fingers. "Hey stuff's good, throw that this way."

Hermione looked at the the half full can and smiled, "Sure," She said, running up to him and squirting him with the stuff too. She tackled him and sat on top of his belly, blasting him well with the whipped cream, getting him straight in the face. Draco jerked about this way and that before wrestleing the can away from Hermione. He took his hand and dragged it down his face, gathering whipped cream on it before rubbing his hand all over Hermione's face. Hermione shrieked and rolled off Draco. He gave an evil laugh and chased her around the room, sending the cream her way. Hermione laughed hysterically.

"Okay okay!" Millicent appeared in the middle of the room, "The fact that you boys are covered in a sticky mess and I, the girl, am mess free only proves that us girls are the dominating gender so we win!"

"Mess free eh?!" Blaise said before swooping down to pick Millicent up.

"No Blaise!"

He carried her over to the opened jar of Jam, dipped his hand in and smeared the stuff all over her hair and face. "Not so mess free anymore!" He said as he set a sticky Millicent back down.

"You suck!" She said and smacked him, wiping the goo of her face.. They all laughed. Hermione looked around the messy common room to find Jared smiling with a sleeping J.D. in his arms.

"Want some?" She asked, taking some whipped cream on her finger, and sticking her finger into Jared's mouth.

"Yum," He said, swallowing.

Hermione giggled. Maybe he did like her...

"Who wants ice cream?!" Millicent asked standing up on the coffee table.

"I doo!!!" Blaise said, raising his hand.

"Let's go to the kitchens then," She hopped off the table and started for the portrait hole.

"We can't," Hermione rushed over to her.

"Says who?"

"Uh...hello! School rules! They clearly state that no student should be---"

"Yeah yeah yeah you'll only get in trouble if you get caught, which we won't. You in or not?"

Hermione looked over at Jared who nodded his apporval and mouthed, 'I'll watch J.D.' She smiled gratefully at him before turning to Millicent, "In."

"Me too," Said Draco coming up behind Millicent. Blaise did some pretty stupid things when he was out at night and would surely get both girls caught. He wasn't going for Hermione...nope...he wasn't.

" we go..." Millicent said in a hush-hush tone. She crawled out, Blaise second, Hermione next, and last Draco.

The four students stepped out into a darkened castle, the only lights where their lighted wands. Hermione winced and wished she had kept her slippers on, the marble floor was ice to her bare feet. They all walked, hunched over as to not be seen...or maybe they were just caught in the moment...hey beats me. Hermione turned and looked around, expecting the Mission Impossible song to start playing in the giddy state she was in. They walked silently, wincing each time a step would creak beneathe them, avoiding the one step they all knew would give them away. There was a sudden stop up front and this sent each person knocking into eachother.

"What's up?" Hermione heard Draco say behind her, his breath sending chills down her spine.

"I dunno," Millicent whispered, "I've just always wanted to do that."

"Oh my gah," She heard Blaise groan from in front of her. She clapped a mouth over her hand to keep from laughing out loud.

"Okay anyways," Millicent said and kept going.

"I never thought you'd do this," Draco whispered.

Hermione turned her head, "Neither did I," She whispered back.

After about 10 minutes they arrived at the painting of the fruit bowl. Millicent looked around before leaning forward and tickling the pear, which granted them entrance. The four of them clambered in.

Hermione straightened and called out, "Dobby?"

"Yes Miss? How may Dobby be of help to Miss Harry Potter's friend Miss?"

Hermione winced when the elf named her used-to-be best friend."Can you get us a couple of boxes of ice cream?"

"Dobby can miss Dobby can!" The elf said excitedly, "Of which flavour would Miss Harry Potter's friend be of liking?"

"My names Hermione Dobby. And...chocolate?" She looked around at the other three who nodded their approval.

"Here you go Miss," He said and dropped four boxes of ice cream at Hermione's feet.

"Thanks Dobby," She said and put a levitating charm on them so that no one would have to carry them.

"You're welcome Miss, please greet Mr. Harry Potter for Dobby, Dobby would really appreciate it."

Hermione smiled bitterly and turned toward the portrait hole. Draco heard her mutter, 'I would...if only Ron would let him talk to me. He was confused. What Weasel-bee wasn't letting Potter talk to her? Why?

So with the icecream trailing closely behind them, they all began their descent down towards the dungeons. Hermione thought of all her friends and how much she missed them. Sure she loved Millicent, but she would give anything to just be with her other friends again. To be able to call herself, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley's best friend. Oh her sweet little Harry... She missed him the most. She knew he didn't hate her, it was Ron and Ginny's doing that they were no longer friends. She felt her lower lip begin to tremble but she held the tears in. Maybe one day, all of this would be fixed. Maybe one day, she'd be happy again.

"Who goes there?" A nasty voice called out from behind the students and they all froze. Hermione's blood ran all the way to her heels and she gulped.

"Some ones there, I know it, show yourself."

"Ah the effin ass," Hermione heard Draco mutter behind her. Millicent and Blaise started moving again, ever so slowly.

"Show yourself!" Filch yelled and that sent the four running. The boy's sneakers screeched as they were being dragged across the floor while the girls' bare feet made soft padding noises on the marble floor.

"Stop! Come back! You're not getting yourself out of this one! Out of bed during after hours are you?! I'll get you!"

"Split up!" Blaise said in an urgent whisper to Draco, "We'll all meet back at the Common Room, we'll take the ice cream."

Draco nodded, took Hermione's hand and pulled her into an empty corridor as Millicent and Blaise continued running down the steps and into the foyer, still a long way ahead of them.

"What-are-we-going-to-do?" Hermione panted.

"We're going to run faster," Draco said and pulled Hermione up alongside him as he sprinted down the empty corridor.

"I know you're down here! I know it!" Hermione whimpered as she heard the thump of Filch's shoes on the carpeted hallway, hot on their tail.

"Just a tiny bit farther." Draco panted.

"A tiny bit farther?! Are you joking me?! The Slytherin common room is way down--" She stopped talking as Draco threw her into a broom closet and cast a locking charm with his wand.

Draco panted and leaned back against the door, "He won't find us in here, especially in the dark, this closet is always supposed to be locked.

"Then who unlocked it?" Hermione asked, sitting down on an overturned bucket.

He grinned, "Yours truly."

Hermione giggled. They spent the next several minutes in complete and utter silence. Hermione counting the seconds till she could get back to her baby, Draco trying to find something to say.

"How much longer?" She asked.

"I think we can go now," He opened the door and stuck his head out looking in all directions. He turned back to Hermione and nodded. They stepped out of the closet and began walking down the corridor, making it out into the foyer a couple of minutes later without being caught.

"Aren't your feet cold?" Draco asked pointing down at Hermione's bare feet.

Hermione laughed, "What do you think? I can't even feel them anymore."

"You wanna?" He patted his shoulders.

"No I'll be fine," She said, blushing.

"No you won't c'mon," He squatted.

Hermione bit her lip and looked around, her feet really did feel like ice. She quickly climbed onto his back piggy back style and wrapped her arms around his neck. Draco stood up and began to walk. Neither of them said anything as they walked on. Draco's brow furrowed as he hoisted Hermione up higher on his back and her foot brushed his hand. Her feet felt frozen. He smiled as memories of them walking the same way they were now flirted with his mind. He closed his eyes for a second and pretended they were still dating, the sun was shining, they were walking through a green filled speckled with beautiful flowers and the wind was blowing their hair this way and that. He breathed in deeply and could almost smell it. They reached the Slytherin quarters, Draco put Hermione down, said the password and they both climbed in through the hole.

"Hey about time!" Millicent greeted, waving a spoon in the air. She and Blaise where sitting on the floor, Blaise in his Pyjamas as well.

"Hey," Hermione smiled, "Where's my baby?"

"Oh, Jared took him, the little guy fell asleep and Jared took him into his room. I'll reckon he's asleep too. Why don't you go check?"

Hermione nodded and went up the boy dorm stairs. She looked around the darkened room, looking for her two sleeping boys.

"That's his bed," Draco said, pointing at a bed over her shoulder.

"Thanks," Hermione said and walked towards the bed with the curtains drawn. She pulled back one of the curtains and smiled. Jared was wearing a plain white t-shirt, his arm wrapped around J.D.s tiny body. J.D. was lying on his tummy, hand on the pillow infront of his face, slumbering. She gently tried to lift Jared's arm from around J.D. but she couldn't.

"Jared?" She whispered and patted his arm lightly.

"Huh?" Jared looked around and then at Hermione before smiling groggily, "Oh, hey."

"Hey, can I take him from you?" She smoothed J.D.'s hair down.

"Mmm," Jared smiled at the baby's sleeping form, "No it's okay, don't wake him. He's fine here."

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked skeptically.

"Yeeaaahhh," Jared yawned, "Go have fun Mione."

Hermione smiled before kissing Jared on the forehead, "Okay. If he starts crying bring him down to me okay?"

"Yeah," Jared nodded and lay back down, arm securely around J.D.

Out on the side, Draco had seen the whole thing take place and tried to shake off the feeling of pure jealousy and rage he felt towards Jared. He had her son, he had her heart and he probably had her too.

Hermione turned and saw Draco looking at her. She smiled gently at him and walked over to him.

"Ice cream?" She breathed. He smelt of spicy cinnamon cologne. Gah she loved him...

"Yeah," He said and followed her back out into the common room.

"Who's gonna win tomorow?!" Millicent said waving her ice cream covered spoon in the air. They had cleaned up the mess they had all made earlier and now they sat in a clean warm pile of blankets and pillows.

"SLYTHERIN SLYTHERIN SLYTHERIN!!!" Both boys shouted. They're were both on the team, Draco the seeker, and Blaise the Chaser.

All Hermione could do was smile. Normally she would be all for Hufflepuff wining but this time, she was partial to Slytherin all the way. So she wasn't in the House, it was the only one who had accepted her. She owed them something.

"All right I'm pooped I'm goin to bed," Blaise got up, bringing Millicent up with him, "See you in the morning," He said and kissed her lightly.

"Night," She said and slapped his butt as he went.

"G'night," Draco said to Hermione and leaned in awkwardly, as did she, before they both jerked back away from eachother fast.

"G'night Draco," Millicent said as she hugged him goodnight.

"G'night Mill," He said and started up the steps behind Blaise.

"Well that was fun," Millicent said as she laid down and covered herself in the many blankets strewn across the floor.

"Yeah it was," Hermione mimicked Millicent and got comfy.

"Night Mione."

"Night Mill," Hermione half yawned half said before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Hermione woke and looked around, 'where am I?' she thought. She sat up when she heard the sound of a baby sobbing dryly. The sound of her baby sobbing dryly. She turned around frantically and found a figure bouncing the baby lightly in his arms, gently making shhhing noises. It was Draco.

"Draco?" Hermione asked faintly and got up to stand by him near the window where moonlight streamed in.

"Simms couldn't hear him crying."

"Couldn't hear him crying? Jared?"

Draco nodded, "He was fast asleep, didn't hear him, so I took him and brought him down here. I'm sorry did I wake you?" He looked at her.

Hermione looked at him then quickly averted her gaze back down to her their son. "No, he did," She nodded at J.D.

Draco stood quietly for a moment before whispering, "He's beautiful," And smoothing down J.D.'s hair.

Hermione nodded, smiling, "Yeah he is." And so they both just stood there. J.D.'s sobs slowly becoming fainter and fainter before they stopped wholly. Hermione placed her hand on Draco's shoulder and looked out at the moon along with him. And for that one second they were a family. Sure, Draco didn't believe J.D. was his still but in Hermione's mind, this moment would last forever. Years would pass and this moment, this one short moment that would easily be forgotten to anyone else, would live forever. Because for that one second, that split tiny second Hermione felt her spirits rise as she felt the moon smile out upon her and her family.

A/N:So much to read huh?!? Yeah how you like them bananas?!? LOL I hope you guys had as much fun reading it as I had writing it!!! So wut did you think??? Review for me!!! And NO the story is NOT almost over even though it does have the air of finality to it but it's not almost over kay???~Jaymee

A/N2: Okay you guys here's the dealio...I'm leaving AGAIN for Christmas break. I plan to take my laptop with me HOWEVER I WON'T BE ABLE TO MEET THE DEADLINE. I mean I won't be able to update before submissions close. I'm SO sorry I really am!!! Please don't hate me and I'll see you guys in 3 weeks!!! I'll make it up to you guys I promise!!! I really do feel bad!!! I'm SO sorry!!! I still love you guys though!!!~Jaymee--Oh and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Or for you Jewish peeps HAPPY HANUKKAH!!! M.U.W.A.H.s!!!~Jaymee--Oh wait and for the Kwanza people!!! HAPPY KWANZA!!!~Jaymee

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