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The five collapsed in the compartment, THEIR compartment, as Dorcas bluntly put it to some terrified “ickle firsties” (again, Dorcas) and Lily kindly showed them to another compartment. When she got back, they resumed their typical positions. Emmeline and Alice opposite each other by the window, Hestia next to Emmeline and Lily next to Alice. Dorcas made a big show of collapsing onto Lily and Alice before, giggling, they pushed her to the floor, where she promptly conjured up a pillow and fell back onto the floor (in previous years, she had been forced to gather jackets from someone). The five giggled a little bit longer, before settling down to business.

“We’re seventh years!! Can you believe it?? I can’t! I think I’m going to cry! How on EARTH can we leave? I can’t wait!! Lils, you made Head Girl, correctisimo? Figured, dah-ling! Can you believe this? My Remmy- REMMY!!” Dorcas screeched, making everyone in the compartment, which now included four boys who had just come in, cower and cover their ears.

She jumped up and gave him a smack on the lips, while everyone exchanged greetings, besides Lily and James. The two sat back down on the ground, while the other boys began to get settled.

Sirius collapsed next to Hestia, his dark hair falling into his eyes. James made to sit by Lily, but she pulled Peter down next to her, and said quickly, “Pettigrew, how was your summer? Really, no, stay and chat with me!”

James eventually sat down next to Remus on the floor.

“’Lo girls, or the Five, I suppose.” Said Sirius, grinning.

“God, Black, how many times, DON’T CALL US THAT.” Sighed Hestia.

“My darling Tia, it is your title, just as the Marauders is ours.”

“And we hate it.”

“And are stuck with it.”

“But we still hate it.”


“Shut up!” chorused seven other voices.

Small talk commenced for a while, before Lily said to Alice, “Allie-Belle, how is Frank?”

Alice beamed, “He is wonderful. He is in training to be an auror now, so by the time I get out of school, he’ll be just finishing up, and that way it’ll be good.”

Dorcas looked up, “What’ll be good?”

Alice smiled, “Oh, just everything.”

The girls looked at her suspiciously, while she tried to play it off.

“So, you are trying to have a long distance relationship Dennis? Those don’t work, trust me.”

Alice looked up annoyed. “Oh, puh-leeze, Black, you can’t even have a relationship!”

“No, I’ve had a couple. Let’s see, there was Chandelle, Desideria, no, Devana, Desi was her friend, or ex friend after me, Fanette, no Fantina, no, oh yeah, Fabienne were from Beauxbatons. None of those worked. Too bad. I really liked Chandelle.”

The girls all looked at him disgusted. “And too think, none of them worked!” said Hestia, sarcastically.

Sirius sighed. “I know,” he looked sad for a moment before brightening. “What about you, Vance?”

“Oh, Danny is working for the ministry. We decided that since it was going to be hard, we’d take a break and after graduation see if we still wanted to go out.” Said Emmeline brightly.

“Hm. And you Evans? Oh yeah, you haven’t had a proper beau!” cried Sirius gleefully.

“I have too, Black, if you don’t recall, until some unwanted somebody stuck his abnormally large head where it wasn’t wanted or needed and that PIG ruined everything!”

“No offense Evans, I don’t think that ‘going out’ for two weeks, without actually going anywhere counts.”

“Well, it lasted longer than any of yours Black, so I wouldn’t be talking.” Snapped Hestia.

“What’s got your wand in a knot?” demanded Black, confused.

She rolled her eyes at him before turning away. The other girls glared at him.

Lily jumped up. “I’m late!” she cried before leaping over the three on the floor, and yanking open the door. “Move!” she squawked to some third years and commenced to sprint down the train, calling over her shoulder, “Hurry up Remus!”

James stretched before standing up. “Guess I’d better go.”

Remus nodded. “And you had better hurry. She’s already stressing! You are in for it when she realizes it is not me. Sorry about that.”

Dorcas nodded, agreeing, while the other girls looked at the two like they were crazy. “What on earth are you two on about?” asked Hestia.

“Well, Tia, I am Head Boy, and Evans isn’t going to be happy.”

“You are bloody right about that! You’d best hurry to try and ease it a bit.”

“Ease what?”

“The eruption,” said Alice, knowingly. “You ought to know that by now, Potter.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he sighed, and sauntered out of the room.

Remus looked around, “So who’s the new prefect?”

“Me!” said Hestia happily.


Lily entered the compartment, breathing heavily. There was no head boy, yet, thank god. A letter lay on the table, detailing everything in store for the two.

“Yada, yada,” mumbled Lily, “same old, same old.” Lily scanned the letter, glad to see that it was the same sort of stuff she’d heard for the past two years from the other head boys and head girls. However…

“I am pleased to inform the two of you, that, after much debate, we have decided to, once again after several years of not, have the head boy and girl share a common dorm. This years is behind the picture of Sir Magnold De Umbermold and his Lady Edith of Hippington, on the fifth floor. The password is Finnea de Bimbea.”

The door opened.

“Hello, Evans!” said a cheerful voice.

Lily felt like crying.

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