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(A/N)- This is a totally fluffy, gushy/cheesy fic that I just felt like writing at a VERY early hour of the morning. Please read and review because I do so love feedback. Anyhow, the poems in here are all original compositions written at previous times, except for first one which is lyrics to an Irish folk song slightly changed to fit my purposes. Bwahahahahaha.

Who Is She?

He stared at the parchment before him, his gaze skimming the whirls of script in a silent, yet strangely familiar hand. The words seemed to swim and dance, curling strands of ink so delicately wrought as to be nearly Elvin in their appearance.
He traced the words with his mind, letting the images bubble forth in unimpeded lines.

"Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone
No flow'r of her kindred
No rosebud is nigh
To reflect back her blushes
Or give sigh for sigh
I'll not leave thee, Oh lonely
To pine all alone
Since the lovely are sleeping
Go sleep you with them
So soon may I follow
When friendships die
And from Love's shining circle
The gems drop away!
When true hearts lie broken
And fond ones are flown
Oh! Who would dwell
In this bleak world alone?"

As he read, the early morning rays of sunlight crept sleepily over the window ledge, illuminating the signature at the bottom of the page.

A Rose So Lonely

"A Rose So Lonely." He whispered the name to the silent pale blue sky above. He felt in his bones the pain of the one whose name it was. He wished he could find her, this broken Rose, wished he could relieve some of the weight off her shoulders.

Suddenly he shook himself. What was happening to him? Sirius Black, one of the Infamous Marauders, plotter of perils, doer of mischievous and clever deeds, was caught wrong footed by a mysterious yet intriguing letter from a creature of the female persuasion? The nerve of said creature, to have so successfully entangled his mind with her skill with words! Why, he'd never forgive her for this, for putting him so off balance!

He humphed loudly, disturbing the quiet with unintended vigor. Groaning, his best mate, comrade in arms, and closest ally in the war against the administration rolled over and cracked a sleep-heavy eye to the early sunshine. Quickly, he scrunched it shut again, blinded by the light.

"Whattimeisit?" James Potter slurred to his bemused friend.

"Nearly 6:15 am." Sirius replied absentmindedly, still pondering the mysterious correspondence. He glanced over to the other bed and grinned. He pulled out his wand and jabbed it at James's tousled head.

Ice cubes shaped like Snitches rained down on the drowsy 17-year-old, melting immediately upon contact and dousing him in a drought of freezing water.

He screeched like a banshee and thrashed in the bedclothes. Leaping up, he tripped and fell in a muddled heap to the stone floor.

Sirius laughed at his mate’s misfortune and leaned over the edge of the bed. “Making friends with the dust bunnies down there Prongs?” he chuckled.

“Sod off Sirius,” James grumbled back.

Sirius shrugged and turned to the open window, watching the light slide over the canopy of the Forbidden Forest and singe the grassy expanses around the castle. In his mind, he imagined that sunlight tangling its long fingers in bright sparkling eyes, glistening on strands of long smooth hair…

“Alright, I can’t just sit here any longer. This is driving me mad! Who is she?!” He threw down the piece of parchment in frustration.

“Your mysterious girl, eh?” James said knowingly. He was still wrapped in his blankets on the floor of the dormitory.

“Why didn’t she tell me her name? Do I know her? Do I have classes with her? Is she a Slytherin?!” He stopped abruptly, a look of dawning horror apparent on his visage.

“Mmm…No I don’t think she is,” James mused. “Trolls don’t write poetry.” He disentangled himself from the floor and ran his fingers through his black hair. Squinting around blindly, he located his glasses on his nightstand. He fixed them on the bridge of his nose and turned his back to Sirius. “What are you going to do?” he asked nonchalantly.

“Dunno,” Sirius replied glumly. He sighed. “Suppose fretting doesn’t help much, does it?”

James arched an eyebrow meaningfully.

“No I suppose not.” Sirius stretched and gave an enormous yawn. “So what’s on the docket for today?” he asked.

James grinned angelically. “I thought we might go send a couple love notes and sign them The Rascals Who Pants You Before High Tea. Then we could recline by the lake and mourn our failings in the endeavors of love- “

Sirius chucked a pillow at his friend’s head, knocking him off balance and sending him crashing to the floor yet again. “Serves you right,” he remarked, scowling.


“Lena! Lena, wake up! Happy Birthday, you lucky sod!”
Lena groaned and rolled over as her friend Bianca bounced on her bed.

“Go away,” she huffed into the pillow.

“Not a chance,” Bianca replied dismissively. She continued her frenzied bouncing until Lena flung off her blankets and swung her bare feet onto the cold stone. With a squeak, she hurriedly withdrew them again.

“Come on!” Bianca laughed, “Get up! Lots to do you know. Homework and Slytherins and homework and chores and more homework-“

“Alright, alright! I’m up! Stop being so depressing, it’s my birthday.” Lena rubbed her eyes blearily and peered at the clock beside her bed. 7:24 a.m. Lena sighed. Time to face the music. Birthdays for her were never really terribly exciting or wonderful events. One more year of her life gone, and she had done nothing of great importance. Again. Time was ticking away, the best years of her life were slipping past with nothing to mark their passage. She was merely a shadow on the glassy face of reality. She would come and go and no one would even remember. Life moves on, it doesn’t wait for wandering souls.

Bianca’s next remark, however, shook her out of her reverie.

“Hey, let’s go down to breakfast. It’s Waffle Day. And maybe, since it is your birthday, I might let you write poems while you eat again. Maybe. Perhaps.”

Lena felt the familiar fluttering in her stomach. “Yeah, as soon as I’m dressed-“

“Who said anything about getting dressed? We’re going in style. We’re going in our Pjs!”

“Ha ha, very funny Bianca, but I don’t think-“

“Come on, I’m starving!” Bianca grabbed Lena by the arm and forcibly dragged her down to the common room.

The common room was fairly empty; most people were either down at breakfast or just rolling out of bed. Lena wished she were one of the latter, but Bianca was an early bird and forced anyone in her company to succumb to her habits.

The chill November air frosted the windows with silvery, crystalline breath, forming whirls of gilded ice on the thick glass. The room was dark at such an early hour; only a few lamps cast golden shadows over the ceiling. Bianca, dragging a resistant Lena by the arm, crossed the room quickly, burst through the portrait hole, and raced down to the Great Hall.

The warm scent of syrup and fruit met their noses upon entering the hall. Bianca sat down beside Sylva McNamara, a sixth year, and Lena slid in next to her.

“Hey guys,” Sylva smiled brightly, “Take a peek at dear Melissa Foster. Looks like the infamous Marauders have struck again.”

Lena glanced across the hall to the Slytherin table. About two thirds of the way down there was a small group gathered around a seventh year whom Lena supposed was Melissa Foster. She would have been a decent looking girl, were it not for the gigantic, fluorescent pink snakes sprouting from her nostrils and spitting purple slime all over her robes.

Lena held back the urge to laugh. She knew what it was like to be the butt of the Marauders’ jokes. But honestly, pink snakes? That was just ingenious.

She looked down the Gryffindor table to where the famous four were sitting, laughing their heads off. Peter was giggling into his juice while Remus attempted to smother his laughter with a waffle. James and Sirius, however, were full out guffawing, hanging on to each other trying not to fall off the bench. With a crash, their attempts failed as James greeted the floor. He lay there, still giggling while Sirius doubled over in mirth.

Still chuckling, Sirius straightened up, wiping his eyes. His gaze caught Lena’s and he paused.

Something was different, something had changed, but neither could quite put their finger on it, it was drifting just out of reach, like a vacant butterfly…

Sirius shook himself, thinking the moment was just a trick of the light.

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