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Morning finally came and you got up and took a shower. You magically locked the door, on account of scheming older brothers. One time, he snuck in and poured cold water onto you, over the shower curtain. You've been living in fear ever since. Makeup was applied and hair was done, and you were downstairs at 6:50.
"Erm, where's breakfast?"
"Well, i thought we'd stop out at some place before your train left."
"Alright. Can we get on, then? Like, in the now?" You threw your mother a pleading look.
"Sorry to keep you, dear! Are you ready?"
"Yes. Let's go."
You apparated side-long with your mother, having truly only packed your best clothes, books, and Princess for the term. It was your last year and you were not settling for anything less than perfect.
"So are you looking forward to it, honey?"
"To what?" you said, a bit distractedly.
"Hogwarts, dear. Your final year. Meeting new people.." She ordered you both some peach tea.
"I have friends...back in the U.S." you pouted.
"Well, keep and open mind."
"Mhm. what time is it?"
"Almost eight, let's get a move on."
"Mom, you're not going."
"But..I..." she stammered, a sure sign of defeat.
"Mother, really," You said in your best diplomatic tone, "how geeky would it be if I showed up with my mom? I'm seventeen this month, I can handle it alone." with that, you apparated out of her sight, grabbing your luggage. However, you simply went behind your mom and scared the daylights out of her by hugging her goodbye.
"Tell daddy i said goodbye...I'll write! Oh, and Mom?" you said, leaning out of her hug, "John stays OUT of my room."
"Okay. Have fun. Be careful! Learn lots!" she said, a single tear rolling out of your mother's eye. What a wimp. Just kidding.
As if you had just blinked, the platform appeared before your eyes. Looking around, students and parents were saying their goodbues, and lugging bags onto the train.
"Last call!" The stationmaster yelled from the scarlet locomotive. You got on as it shuddered and stared to move, and as you searched for an empty- or at least vacant- compartment, people stared. Taking up all pride and boldness you had in you, you glared back until you came to a compartment with only two people inside.
"Erm, is this spot free?"
"Uh..yeah..." they looked you over.
There was a brown-haired girl with golden eyes and a boy, a tall boy with dark, messy hair and green eyes.
"I'm Krystina McClure."
"Hermione Granger,"
"Harry Potter. Are you new?"
"Yes, how'd you know?"
"Well, for one, you're not in any robes..." You looked at their matching robes and the gold-and-red emblem on the shoulders.
"Harry, why don't you-"
"Yeah. Nice meeting you."
"Don't mind him. He gets shy." Hermione said. "Where are your robes, anyway?"
"In this bag.."
"Well go ahead and change." You slipped into a green striped, button-up shirt and a plaid skirt, and threw on a black robe identical to theirs, save the green-and-silver emblem with a snake across the chest.
"Slytherin.." she said with a sign of dissapointment. "So then you've been Sorted?"
"That weird singing hat?"
She nodded and you asked her what her patch meant.
"I'm in Gryffindor, like Harry."
"Yeah, actually, he's been through a's been a rough time for him lately."
"How? About what?"
"So you don't know? The whole Wizarding World knows over here. Very long story short, Harry's been cheating death since he was about three.'s not my story to tell.." she stared down at the floor, as if comtemplating what her place really was. "Oh, here he is now! You shouldn't have!" Harry walked in to the compartment with a huge armload of candy and chocolates. He gave some to Hermione, set a pile down for himself, and dumped the rest on your lap.
"Oh, shouldn't have...Here." You started to offer him a fiver, but Hermione laughed and said, "That's not good around need-"
"Sickles and Galleons, and Knuts-"
"You know?" they snorted. You laughed along and agreed; you didn't know. You took a bite of the candy and didn't only taste sugar and preservatives and carbs, but joy.
much later,
"So where are you guys from?"
"I'm from Windsor, England." Hermione said,
"And I'm from..Godric's Hollow" Harry muffled through a Chocolate Frog. "But I live with my uncle and aunt- the Dursleys." Harry puffed out his cheeks in imitation and we all burst out in laughter. Before you could ask where his parents were, Hermione squealed, and said, "We're here! C'mon, Krystina!" Harry and Hermione helped you with your things, and you all faced the cold, windy walk up to the castle doors. You went into the Great Hall and they led you as close to the Slytherin table as they could bear.
"But why can't i go over with you?"
"You just can't. Goodbye!" they yelled cheerfully and went to sit over with a redheaded boy. You wandere over to some approachable looking people, who suprisingly, coldly stared at you and pointed you over to a bunch of, bright-eyed, makeup covered, silky haired girls...

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