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Lily POV

The drive was long, about two hours. Two whole hours stuck next to James. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful that James has given me a chance to get away from my horrid sister, that he has made room for me to hang out with his friends. But James and I have such a nasty history.

When I’m with him I feel so confused, I hated him with such passion, but now I feel (most of the time) another passion, a passion I can’t quite place.

James bullied me relentlessly at Hogwarts, I often ended up going to the hospital wing to change my hair back to its normal colour or to have the boils removed form my face, he has only ever seriously hurt me twice, first when he got peeves to drop twelve books on my head, and second when he pushed me off of my skate board and I split my head open.

I know that from now on he won’t ever purposely hurt me, he can be a dick sometimes but he never sets out to hurt me, he won’t anymore that I can be certain. Its weird how I know that but I do. He’ll never hurt me.

3rd person

The limo pulled up to a large house, it was about four stories, defiantly not your average house size.

“Welcome to the Potter Cottage.” Bridget said opening the front door to Lily’s new home.

“Oh wow!” Lily gushed as she stepped into the house. She was standing in a gorgeous entrance, painted in warm yellow. All along the wall were pictures of James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, a few of just James, some of James and Sirius, some of Bridget and a man Lily assumed to be Harold, and a few of other people Lily didn’t know.

“It’s lovely.” Lily said to Bridget.

“Aw thank you honey, you know it’s your home too now.” Bridget said. “Let me show you to your room.” She said and led Lily up some stairs onto the first floor.

“This is the same floor that James and Sirius sleep on, but unfortunately for you, you’ll be sleeping on this floor too.” Bridget said with a chuckle as Lily grinned.

“Harold and I sleep on the second floor. There’s a library on this floor and your bathroom is to the left of your room, and well here we are.” The two stopped in front of a light green door, Lily turned the handle and opened the door revealing a cream room, the carpet was a darkish cream and the walls a light cream, there was a wardrobe and a dressing table, and there weren’t any pictures in this room however.

“Harold and I were going to get the camera out this summer, take a few pictures, for you mainly. I’m sorry we didn’t have any to put in here.” Bridget said sensing Lily realizing there weren’t any pictures.

“Thanks Bridget.” Lily said and smiled brightly at the woman.

“Why don’t you unpack and make this room a bit more homely?” Bridget suggested. “Dinner will be in an hour. But you can come down when you’re ready.” With that Bridget left.

An hour later Lily wandered down to the kitchen, Bridget, James, Sirius and another man were sitting at the table. The man Lily didn’t know had black messy hair, just like James’ however he had blue eyes rather then hazel eyes.

“Ah you must be Lily.” The man said.

“Yes Sir.” Lily said.

The man chuckled.

“Please call me Harold.” He said and then continued eating.

Lily sat down next to Bridget as that was the only space at the table left. She looked around, there was no food on the table and her plate was empty. Sensing Lily’s confusion Bridget spoke up.

“Just tell the plate what you want. We weren’t too sure what you would like so we went for the easy option.” Bridget said with a kind smile.

Lily looked down at her plate and ordered pasta. The meal was lovely, though it felt strange to be sitting and eating with the Potter’s and Sirius.

After dinner Lily found herself sitting in the living room with James and Sirius.

“Ok so the arrows didn’t play their best last game; however the Arrows are the best!” James declared.

“No way! Puddlemere united is the best. They win next all their matches, and have beaten the Arrows!” Sirius argued.

Lily laughed and the two boys turned to her.

“What's so funny Lilykins?” Sirius asked.

“Boys and quidditch you have been arguing for the last twenty minutes about who the best team is why don’t you just say that they are equal?” Lily said still chuckling lightly.

The boys grinned.

“Because that way, we would never figure out who the best team is.” Sirius answered.

“Ok how many games has the Arrows won this season?” Lily asked James.

“Three.” James muttered.

“And Puddlemere?” Lily asked Sirius.

“Four.” Sirius said proudly.

“Well it seems Puddlemere is the better team.” Lily announced as James groaned.

“That’s not fair!” He complained.

“How?” Lily asked smirking at James.

“Because… it just isn’t!” James exclaimed pouting.

Lily laughed at James; he could so childish at times.

“That’s it!” James bellowed as Lily laughed at him. He lunged at her and tickled her mercilessly. Sirius joined him as they had Lily pinned to the floor screaming for mercy. However the two boys would not give up. They continued to tickle Lily for ten minutes, the whole time Lily screaming and laughing.

That night Lily went up to bed, hugging both boys good night, and for once she fell asleep feeling no other emotion then happiness.

The next day when Lily awoke she wandered down stairs, fully prepared for the day when she was ambushed by James and Sirius. Sirius had of course thrown Lily over his shoulder. The three of them walked, or in Lily’s case carried, into the Kitchen where Bridget and Harold were sitting sipping on coffee.

“Morning kids.” Bridget said smiling. “Lily It’s my day off today and I was wondering if you were up to a bit of shopping?” Bridget asked as Lily sat beside her.

“That’s sounds cool, is there anything in particular you were after?” Lily asked.

“Yes, a ball gown for you.” Bridget said as Lily choked on the toast she was eating.

“Ball gown, what for?” Lily asked shocked, she was not the type to dress up.

“Our annual summer ball.” Harold answered for his wife.

“Oh.” Was all Lily could say.

James and Sirius smirked, this would be amusing.

Later that day Lily found herself standing in a circular room; the walls however were covered in rail after rail of dresses.

“Well Lily this is the best place to come for dresses. I have a few colours in mind that would look stunning with your hair and eyes.” Bridget said to Lily.

“Mrs. Potter, lovely to see your back, another ball I assume.” Said a lady from behind Lily, Lily whirled around to come face to face with an aging lady with brown hair streaked with grey and blue eyes.

“Oh and ‘oo, may I ask, is zis little beauty?” The lady asked eyeing Lily with a smile.

“Madame LeFay Lily Evans, she’s come to live with us.” Bridget answered looking at Lily fondly.

“You ‘ave the most exquisite ‘air and eye colour, ruby ‘air and emerald eyes. Green vould be an obvious choice in colour for a dress, but I think something a little less bright, ‘owever we’ll ‘ave a few colours out for you to try.” Madame LeFay said, then with a flick of her wand there appeared a rack holding about twenty dresses, all different colours and styles and materials.

“Wow.” Lily gasped, she may not like to dress up but she knew a beautiful dress when she saw one, and about now she saw twenty.

“Well let’s stay safe to start off. Emerald green of course.” Madame LeFay said and picked out three emerald green dresses.

The first was very simple. It was sleeveless/strapless and tight around the bust, there was a little bit of beading around the top of the dress, and it was fitted until it reached the hips where the dress flared out and reached the ground.

The second dress was the one Lily fell in love with.

“Lily it looks gorgeous on you!” Bridget exclaimed. Lily smiled and looked down at her self, her pale skin looked paler against the green, and you could clearly see the freckles that graced her shoulders. Lily looked truly stunning.

Of course the other dresses were tried, but none looked half as pretty.

Pink, orange, Yellow, red, lime green, bright blue, black, silver, gold and white dresses were all tried some with corset tops, some showing a lot of cleavage, some with flower decoration, all of them were beautiful but not half as beautiful as the second dress Lily tried so it was decided that it would be the dress Lily got.

“Now for shoes.” Bridget said smiling.

“Really Bridget, the dress was really expensive, you don’t have to get me shoes too.” Lily said.

“Oh Lily, I never had a daughter and James doesn’t like shopping for dresses. I like doing this, plus we can afford it. Now let’s get those shoes.” Bridget chuckled.

Lily smiled and walked with Bridget to a stack of shoes and chose a pair of flat emerald green pumps.

Lily smiled; she knew she would look really pretty on the night of the ball.

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