The door was pulled open by none other then the flaming red-head, Ron and James and Lily stepped inside to join Hermione and Harry in front of Dumbledore's desk.

Harry gazed at the two suspiciously and turned to the headmaster. "What are they doing here?" he asked accusingly.

Dumbledore chose to ignore his comment and addressed Ron and Hermione instead.

"Mr. Weasley, Miss. Granger, if you will please report to the Great Hall where you will find the DA waiting for you. You may inform them of any information as you see fit and then return to your common rooms" he said.

Hermione and Ron shared a confused glance with Harry but left the office quickly, latching the door behind them. "Take a seat please" Dumbledore offered the three remaining students.

James and Lily took a seat but not without casting a few more confused glances themselves. "Sir, why are we here?" asked James and glanced briefly at Harry. He was kind of uncomfortable with him being here. Something had to be up....

Dumbledore took a deep breath and spoke, again ignoring the questions fired at him. "I suppose the two of you know what took place in Hogsmeade today?" he asked, quite rhetorically.

Both Lily and James nodded. "We're not in trouble, are we Professor?" asked Lily in a quiet voice. Though she was quite reckless at times, she never dealt well with being punished.

Dumbledore forced out a small smile. "Not quite, Miss. Evans" he replied.

Lily's expression dropped slightly. Not quite?

James, sensing her unease, took her hand and gave a gentle squeeze before releasing it again. He noticed her smile slightly out of the corner of his eyes.

Harry's reaction was totally different though. His eyes grew wide at the Headmaster's last comment and he looked back and forth between Lily and Dumbledore with shocked confusion. Had he heard right?

Dumbledore eyed James and Lily for a moment, waiting for the comment to click. They must have been too deep in shock to notice. So Dumbledore turned to the confused Harry and nodded slightly, only causing the poor boy's eyes to grow wider.

Turning back to the whole room in general he spoke again. "The attack was a decoy" he said simply.

This caught their attention though. James snapped out of a little daydream he had begun to have and Lily looked at him curiously. "A decoy?" It had seemed like a pretty real attack at the time and they weren't even in it.

Dumbledore nodded solemnly. "While the staff, including myself, and most of the students were occupied with the attack more Deatheaters were sent on a secret mission to steal a certain object of great value to Voldemort from inside the school."

Harry's shocked expression hardened into a scowl. All his work and all his planning had been for nothing! "What was stolen, Professor?" he demanded.

Dumbledore surveyed Harry for a moment before stating: "My pensive."

James glanced between Harry and Dumbledore, a confused look on his face. "Why would they want your pensive?" he asked curiously. He hated being in the dark about something.

This answer took a much longer time to come. But come it did, and only to cause more questions. "There are many memories in that pensive that have value to Voldemort, Mr. Potter. One memory in particular, that I do not want him to get his hands on."

James nodded and shut up instantly. He wasn't going to push the matter on something as important as this.

Again Harry's mouth dropped open and this time he couldn't hold his comments. With his eyes glued to the "transfer" students he let slip a tiny murmur. ""

James looked at Harry when he heard those quietly uttered words. He offered him a smile. "Hey, son," he said. He thought for a moment. That was kind of weird to say.....

Lily's eyes widened as her eyes went between Harry and James. "Mum?" she repeated. She hadn't had heard that right or something. But then she looked at Harry's eyes. They were her eyes. She made a small noise and rested her head in her arms, not being able to look at either of the boys any longer for the moment.

A hard lump caught in Harry's throat as, with a short wave of Dumbledore's wand, the two teenagers in front of him took on a new look: that of his parents, much younger then he had ever seen them. Harry rose from his seat slowly, his eyes glued on James, who in turn was staring right back. Then, before he could stop himself he was hugging his father for the first time in his life.

James felt so happy at the moment as he gladly hugged Harry back. It was the best feeling in the world, the one he had right now. He had a son! And he seemed to be doing well. James began to think of himself as a father right now. Who'd have thought that would ever happen?

Harry fought to push the lump back in his throat. He wanted to say something to his father. He need to say something. But "I've missed you" was all he could choke out.

James smiled and continued to hug Harry for a bit longer. "I never thought this day would come,” he admitted softly. His gaze fell on Lily and he, somewhat reluctantly, let go of Harry. "Hold on a second."

Lily heard someone kneel down beside her and felt him taking her hand into his. She knew who it was but she couldn't look at him right now. She just couldn't. This was all too much.

James sighed and ran his free hand through his hair. It really would have been better if Lily had been told of this later. They had barely even gone on a date yet. "Lily," he said softly and tipped her chin up to see her face. He was startled to find a few tears upon her cheeks. He brushed them away lightly with his thumb.

As soon as he had brought her face up, Lily had kept her gaze down. She didn't look up as he brushed away the tears that had come. It was three words that made her look up, emerald eyes meeting hazel.

"I love you."

Lily could see in his eyes that he was being honest. I scared her. But only a little. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder. A few tears still flowed but she wasn't sure of the reason anymore.

James just smiled and held Lily in his arms, forgetting that Harry and Dumbledore stood by more than likely watching. He just held her, whispering words of comfort into her ear and stroking her hair.

Harry stood by, where James had left him. He averted his eyes and noticed that Dumbledore, too, was now looking out the window at seemingly nothing. This was James and Lily's moment and they deserved it. Any more news from Dumbledore could wait for this one precious moment.

((Fun Fact: "They must have been too deep in shock to notice." Remember this part? This was yours truly just being an idiot. I seriously didn't catch on to what Buttercup put until about ten minutes later, after she pointed it out to me. Just thought I would tell y'all that because it's pretty funny. ^_^))

((A/N: For any of you interested, I (Cupcake) now have an account set up for stuff I write on my own. The featured story is currently A Merry Christmas . Just in time for the holidays...^_^ Check out cupcake4343 for this one-shot and check out Buttercup's other stories as well. (Her stories link is on our info page.) Thanks for reading and don't forget to review! Cupcake))

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