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A/n: just a word of great thanks to my exxxxxxxxcellent beta AdrianaBlack and to my brilliant reviewers: padzy *padfoot*, Jamie, philadelphia_kixx_rock_7594, alzzu, lizzieJ02, broadwaychick, kandy. you guys ROCK!!!:)

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except the plot. JK owns the rest.

Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore sat at his writing desk, the old, rusty lamp making his face look more tired and aged than ever. He was going over in his mind the events which had happened 2 months ago under his own nose. Lord Voldemort had returned. The thing he had been dreading for so long. He had always known he would return – had Tom Riddle himself not said to him that he had done everything to become immortal?

But he never wanted poor Harry to be caught up in it. For all of Harry’s life – ever since that terrible Halloween night, he had done everything in his power to protect him and then he had left him alone in that torturous maze – alone and unprotected.
Since that night in the maze his ancient mind had gone into overdrive- it was like this was what he was programmed to do. He had called up the Order after about an hour of Harry’s return and had sent Hagrid and Olympe off to face the giants …. Come to think of it… Where were they?

His long train of thought was suddenly disrupted by a knock on his door. Who was it? He wasn’t used to these kinds of visitors lately. Wait! He knew that knock! -Three long knocks, two short. No it couldn’t be! He quickly waved his wand and the old oak door unlocked and revealed a pair of wet, thin and anxious couple who were far from dead. James and Lily – no! My age must be getting to me!

James started to move towards his old mentor and instantly knew that this was not a happy time. Dumbledore got up from around his desk and towards the Potters and placed his long fingered hand on James’ shoulder, just to confirm that he was real. He smiled the first smile in about one month when Lily hugged him hard. He motioned for James and Lily to take a seat and asked them a very important question… “Would either of you like a sherbet lemon? I know it must be a while since you’ve had one.”(A/N: I know he isn’t the candyman but I needed a bit of humor to lighten uo the next bit)

“No thanks Albus. I know what you must be thinking, seeing us here, alive, but we were hoping that you could give us an answer to that also. What are we doing here?” said James with a smirk and then a heavy sigh at his old headmaster. “- and where’s Harry?” Lily interjected with stricken worried eyes.

Dumbledore looked at the two with a quizzical stare. He thought on James’ question, which was identical to the one which had been zooming around his mind since he first clapped eyes on them, and then Lily’s. He was sure that she must be hoping that Harry had survived and hesitated to tell her anything incase it caused the broken woman more pain.

“Albus…?” James asked. Dumbledore looked up and said, “First you both must know how happy I am to see you both here again. I’m sorry I don’t know more than you both at the minute; as to your question, Lily, yes Harry lived and is at this school living a happy life with friends by his side.” He was reluctant to say anything about the prophecy still in effect to the parents whose faces had lit up when hearing of their sons escape. “Your love saved him Lily, the fact that you died for him left a mark on Harry that caused Voldemort’s curse to rebound off your son and onto himself, which caused Voldemort to be ripped from his body and flee to Albania for 13 years.”

“Harry became known as ‘The Boy who Lived’ and the whole wizarding community went on to know his name. However Harry knew none of this, because I placed him in the care of you sister Petunia and her husband.” Dumbledore said with a sigh. He ignored Lily’s gasp of horror and continued, “You both must know that Harry was in grave danger and that there are ancient magics that protect Harry when he is with your blood Lily, Voldemort or his supporters could not get to him there. He may not have had the care and love growing up that you would have given him, but at least he was safe. I believe I made the right decision.”

Dumbledore looked at the two aghast faces and for once was speechless. He believed that he himself would not have been able to cope with their situation. “I am so sorry; I do not believe that I asked after your well being. How are you and what do you remember?” Dumbledore questioned.

James looked up and took a sip of the tea which Dumbledore had conjured and told his old professor about waking up in the misty wreckage of Godrics Hollow and how their only thought was surviving to get to Hogwarts. “We’ve been looking at Muggle newspapers along the journey to Hogwarts and getting up the energy to apparate, but we didn’t reach Hogsmeade until tonight and we thought best not to barge in and scare people. We know we’ve been away for 13 years, so we took the passageway through Honeydukes to here. Do you have any idea how this happened? Where is Harry now? How come our attempts to contact Sirius and Remus have failed? Please don’t tell me that our two best friends have gone.” James finished putting his arm around his now crying wife’s shoulder. “Is my Harry okay?” the sniffing Lily interjected. “Why didn’t Sirius take him in? You know how horrible those people are! They could have ruined my son!”

Dumbledore paused then looked up “I assure you both that Harry is a strong brave, healthy teenager who looks just like you, James, only with his mother’s eyes.” He saw them both exchange a smile at this and continued, “As to the question of Sirius’ guardianship I think we will have to ask him. We will go now if you are both ready; but first I must fill you in on the events of the past months which you will not like. I’m afraid Harry is not yet out of danger. You have returned at a most terrible time…”

After Dumbledore had finished his account of the past 13 years to the now even more stricken and anxious Potters it was well past midnight and they had one more visit to make before sleep came that night....


A disgruntled man with shaggy dark hair sat at a large, rough wooden table which was strewn with discarded pieces of parchment and several bottles of butterbeer. The man, Sirius Black, had just finished writing a letter to his disgruntled, bored godson in Surrey when he saw a silver patronus streak past his view. He wondered briefly why Dumbledore was calling on him at this time as the Weasley’s and other members of the Order were not due to arrive until the next few days. He opened the door anyway and it swung past him to reveal Dumbledore and two figures which made him question the amount he had had to drink that night.

“It couldn’t be!” he thought, “Lily and james? No….”

A/N: yes, yet another cliffhanger. Sorry for the wait – im lazy and you should have me thrown to the Skrewts. Anyway hope y’all like it. I’ll update ASAP. Read and review please. please review!!!!! I love to hear your opinions! Toodles!

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