"Right again, Miss Granger. 15 points for Gryffindor. That's all for today class, you are dismissed." Professor Sprout said happily as she continued spraying her numerous plants in Green House One. The students began to pack up their belongings and leave the green house, heading towards the Great Hall for a well-deserved lunch.

"Hermione, how do you know everything before we even study it? You make the rest of us look like dung beetles who can't do anything useful. I mean bloody hell..." Ron said as they walked towards the Great Hall.

"Well Ron, maybe if you opened your book, you could do something useful," she said with a smirk on her face, proud of how she had gained Gryffindor a total of thirty points during class today. They continued to walk and reached the entrance doors and up towards the Great Hall when she heard someone whispering her name. She stopped and turned her head slightly to the side, and Ron and Harry stopped with her.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Harry said as Ron tapped his foot impatiently.

"Some of us here are hungry Hermione!" Ron snapped.

"Just, go on without me. I'll be right there. I just remembered something.." she said as she started to put the pieces together as to who was calling her name. She waited for Ron and Harry to turn around and walk into the Great Hall before she walked towards where she thought the sound was coming from.

"Maybe I was just imagining--" she started before she was yanked down the stairs to the dungeons. She wasn't imagining this, not at all. He pushed her against the wall, his knee between her legs, and his face was less than an inch from hers. He breathed his hot breath onto her lips.

"Tell me what you know," he said, before bringing his lips to touch hers. She whimpered slightly at the soft lips meeting hers. And then he broke apart. He pulled her arms above her head and tightened his grip on her wrists.

"I, I haven't found out, anything yet. All I know is, he's planning on,--" he forced his mouth to hers, and as she opened her mouth to moan he slid his tongue inside. She responded by deepening the kiss, and then again he pulled away.

She shuddered at the sudden stop and she continued to speak, "He's leaving. Hogwarts. Before the school year ends," she said and he forced his body closer to hers. He put his hands above his head against hers that were pressed against the wall and his lips were none too far from hers. His soft blue eyes stared into hers, lust taking over him. His breath and hers mixed, the chemistry between them enough to destroy the place.

He moved his leg, dropped his arms, and stepped away. He looked at her, turning to walk away. He made his way up the stairs as Hermione still was leaning against the wall, her wrists bruised from his harsh grip. "Remember. Astronomy Tower. Same time as yesterday. 11 o' clock PM. Don't be late. And you better have some more information on Potter than that."

"You promised. I'd get. What I, wanted." she said, a heap on the ground now. She was out of breath, but there was no way in hell he was leaving without telling her something. "Tell me, what you know." she said, in between breaths.

"Watch your back. And Watch Weasley's as well, the youngest one. She's the next target. It won't be long. Don't leave her alone," he said after turning to face her. He walked towards her again and picked her up off the ground and then pushing her against the wall once more. He ran a hand through her hair and then his lips met hers, first softly, but then he moved in harder, and he opened his mouth up to her. She slid her tongue into his mouth, realizing that he had given her information, so she had to give him what he wanted.

"What do you want from me," she said, breaking off from him as he kissed her neck. He looked up to her and replied, "You." he said, and walked away from her, leaving her once again, confused beyond belief. "And don't worry mudblood, I always get what I want."

She used her wand to remove the bruises from her arms, fixed her hair, and straightened her clothes. She decided she would skip lunch and just head back to the common room, hoping to get some information on Harry, maybe do a little research in the boys dormitory. She didn't care at the moment if it wasn't right, and she wasn't exactly helping Harry. All she could think about was a pair of pale blue eyes staring back at her, making her forget her morals and her friends, and remembering nothing but the results of a promise. *Okay, so it's not really long, but a new chapter will be up really soon after this one. The Astronomy Tower meeting..Oh and i own nothing but the plot of this story...read and review! thanks lots! oh and the more reviews, the faster i'll post! thanks*

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