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Disclaimer-own nothing..there would be no way for me to come up with such an amazing idea of Harry Potter because I dont have that kind of imagination...unfortunately


Three lessons later and the entire student body made their way for the Great Hall for a much needed dinner. As utensils clanged against dishes and extra helpings of food were served on to the plates, 4 large buckets of ice water floated above a certain group of students, unnoticed.

Within seconds, and a flip of the wrist, the buckets all tipped on to their unfortunate targets just below. Suddenly, the silverware of those four individuals sprang to life and began cutting away at the clothing, stripping the boys to their boxers, in the chubbier boys’ case, his tighty-whities.

The utensils continued and soon enough all the boys were grabbing for anything they could to cover up, after all, we all know what happens to boys’ *ahems* when they get wet…

The Hall was filled with a silence before a wolf-whistle broke it, causing the entire room to erupt into laughter. The Marauders entire bodies seemed to go red with embarrassment as they clung to the plates and bowls that covered them.

Andy, Alex and Jimmy were of course getting the most satisfaction out of this situation. Andy glanced up to the staff table to see some professors shaking their heads disapprovingly, but smiling nonetheless, while others didn’t even try to hide it, laughing out right.

Dumbledore had that familiar glint in his eye as he surveyed the happy students, a cheerful smile spread across his lips.

A banner appeared in front of the four boys who were figuring a way to run out of the hall with as little exposure as possible. It read:

Welcome back boys.
Better watch yourselves,
because it won’t be an easy year.

A big cartoon face appeared on the banner, winking at them all, sticking its tongue out before the whole thing disappeared with a pop.

The Marauders scurried as quickly as possible out of the Hall filled with hundreds of laughing students.

“Ah, the sweet sound of victory,” Andy said, beaming. She put a hand to her ear, signifying the giggles of girls and the hoarse laughter of the boys throughout the hall.

“And we beat them to the first big prank of the year. That’s it, we’re taking this year. No more falling second behind those four. So what’s next?” Alex said, rubbing his hands together eagerly.

“Sheesh, chill for just a few seconds between them mate. We only just pulled one.” Jimmy said, finally digging into his dinner.

“Yeah, he’s right. We’ll pull a few smaller ones before the next. And it’ll be even easier now that I’m staying in your dorm. My, are those boys going to be waking up to some awful things…” Now it was Andy’s turn to look eager and mischievous.

“And we can’t really underestimate them. They’ll figure it was us and we might go through a bit of hell also. Remember third year. After we locked them in a room with Moaning Myrtle and Sulking Sarah? Sarah just about ripped their clothes off. At least Dumbledore made her leave the school, but remember what they did to us after? I couldn’t sit down for a week…” Jimmy said, shuttering at the thought.

“Yeah, yeah. Well they still haven’t even reached the second and third part of this, so I guess your right, we can wait.” Alex said.

“Ah, yes. Parts Two and Three. That should be a lovely time as well.” Andy said, laughing at what their reactions will be.

The three finished their dinner and returned to their Common room, the buzz of the earlier events still catching their ears in the corridors.

“That was a little more of Pettigrew then I’d ever want to see, let me tell you…” A younger student reminisced in slight disgust to another girl who had not been there.

Victorious smiles adorned their faces as they entered the Common Room to find the Marauders in Phase Two, exactly as planned: in the middle of the room, on display for everyone to see them in all their glory. Well, more like in all their underwear.

Their bodies were being forced to pose in various positions that were really not flattering. A Silencing Charm had been put on them, so even though they looked to be screaming (especially obscenities) furiously, not a word was being heard by the other Gryffindors.

“Ahh. If we are getting this good of a reaction for this second part, can you imagine what tomorrow will be like?” Alex said, thinking happily of the second part of the prank.

The Three sat down on the couch in front of the posing Marauders, all of whom were glaring at them for beating them to the first big one of the year. They sat there, taunting the embarrassed boys until the Common Room emptied around 10:30, with the exception of a few girls still fawning over the revealed Marauders.

With departing ‘Good Nights’ to the other four, Alex, Andy, and Jimmy headed up to the boys dormitory. They finally moved the extra four-poster from another years’ room, so Andy had her own place to sleep. They all fell asleep to the wonderful thoughts of how great their prank was and would be tomorrow.

The charm wore off at midnight, and the Marauders, being the only ones left awake, trudged up to the room, too tired to even begin to think about revenge at the moment.


Andy, Alex, and Jimmy awoke to the horrified screams of the four boys they shared the dorm with. Without even opening their hangings they knew what the boys were screaming about. The three other pranksters had put another charm on them, so that all day, they would look like girls and talk like girls.

And we aren’t talking about just any girl, not like Andy, but more like the girls that Andy originally shared her dorm with; prissy, high-maintenance girls.

“You three!” Sirius yelled, well more like a witch that slightly resembled Sirius yelled. He…she, had long black hair, lots of make up already on, a very large chest with an open shirt and very short skirt with knee socks. She had the whole slutty school girl look. Not to mention, long, pink nails.

“You rang?” Andy asked innocently, peaking out from her curtains.

“You’re going to regret this.” James said from across the room in front of the mirror. He was examining his very similar appearance to Sirius, only he had short, curly, brown hair. He turned around and roughly grabbed his bedpost. “Ow! I broke a nail!”

That just sat Alex, Andy, and Jimmy off. They burst into laughter, falling down on their beds as the four boys…girls, stared angrily back at them.

“Seriously, that was like three times in less then 24 hours. That is a bit unfair.” Remus, or should I say Rachel, said before bursting into tears. He had wavy blonde hair and lots of makeup on as well. Her shirt, if possible, was even lower then the rest, and looked as if it were about to burst open any second. “What the heck? Why am I crying? Is this what girls do when they get the slightest bit upset?” Rem-uh-Rachel said through the buckets of tears she was pouring out.

Andy was still in a fit of laughter when she looked at Peter. She didn’t know if she should keep laughing harder, or throw-up. Before her stood Peter, who still looked like a boy, only in girl clothes and looking like a wannabe. Not like he already isn’t one, but it was just more obvious in girl form. He was wearing a lot of makeup, though it was more colorful, like he should be dressed in a clown outfit instead.
His hair just looked as if it had been left to grow out, and he was just as pudgy, if not more, then he was before. He was standing nervously in the corner, biting his nails, which were a rather disgusting and gaudy red.

“Well, I guess we should go down to breakfast, eh?” Jimmy said, offering to the Marauders as well.

The three just laughed some more as they were basically glared out of the room.

Andy poked her head back in the dorm quickly before the door shut. “Oh, and I wouldn’t try removing it. You won’t be able to get it off and you might make it worse.” She was silenced by a rather forcefully thrown pillow.


The day was one of the best Alex, Andy and Jimmy had experienced since they had been at Hogwarts. Not only did their prank on the Marauders make them stay like girls all day, but made it so that they went to every class, instead of skipping, because, honestly, where’s the joy in looking like girls if no one gets to see it?

The Marauders had not taken Andy’s last words of advice either. They tried to remove the charm, but it only stuck them in high heels for the rest of the day, not to mention fish-net tights to go along perfectly with their slutty outfits.

As Andy returned back to their dormitory with Alex and Jimmy to start some homework, she realized that she had left something back in her old room, so she walked to the 6th year girls’ dorm and began searching around her old bed. She was thankful that it had been empty when she entered, but was now wishing she hadn’t come at all, the old girls having just walked in.

“So you know what I think Andy? I think that you only turned those Marauders into girls for your pleasure, you figure that you could only get them this way now, since your recent coming out. It was pretty pathetic actually, can’t believe you would really sink that low. But no matter, you’ll never take Sirius away, because he’ll be mine soon.” Samantha said, Vicky behind her, sneering at Andy. Lily was beginning to ignore the confrontation and go back to her own bed, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Look Samantha,” Andy began, putting on a fake smile. “I know you’re just jealous that I am sleeping in the same dorm as the Marauders and not you any more, but you’re going to have to get over it, because I don’t like girls that way. And besides, I thought you and Vicky had something going here.” Andy smiled back smugly at the angry looks on the two girls’ faces.

Her search for her book was suddenly halted though because she was being sent through the dormitory’s door, Samantha and Vicky’s wands both pointed at her. The force of both spells hitting her caused her to fly through the closed door, slam against the wall of the stairway, and began tumbling down the flight of stairs to the Common Room. She landed on each step with a sickening thud or snap. She finally sopped at the bottom, aching, her body racked with pain as she was strewn across the carpet, arms and legs twisted everywhere.

Her vision was going in and out as she was able to identify two floating figures above her to be Alex and Jimmy. She was also able to pick out four odd-looking and very busty girls looking over her.

After a few moments of blurriness and unclarity, her vision focused and her hearing was able to differentiate words and voices from on another. She saw Alex and jimmy the closest to her with intense looks of worry on their faces as they asked what happened and is she was alright. She bit down hard, knowing that if she didn’t get up she would be taken to the Hospital Wing, and she certainly didn’t want to go there.

Clenching her jaw and her aching fists together, she slowly disentangled herself and made it, herself, into sitting up position. Though with such excruciating pain, she almost couldn’t bear it and thought that she would collapse at any moment. She shook her aching head and picked herself, painfully, up off the ground. Hands were coming out of everywhere, trying to help her, but she did all that she could to push them away. She was strong and didn’t accept help from anyone.

She leaned against the wall, shutting her eyes, blocking the pain and everything else from her head. She was not going to the Hospital Wing, no matter how much she hurt. There was probably nothing wrong anyways and going would be pointless and weak. She squeezed her eyes tighter for a brief moment before opening them completely.

Everyone, aside from Alex and Jimmy had backed off, though it was clearly visible that the rest of the Common Room was watching them out of the corners of their eyes.

“Andy?” Alex said, touching her arm lightly, though it felt as if he has hit her as hard as he could. “Are you alright? You fell down the entire flight of stairs. We heard a big crash before you fell too. What happened?” he said, worry filling both his and jimmy’s eyes.

“It’s nothing, got into a fight with Samantha and Vicky again. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.” She said with as much strength as she could muster up, though it wasn’t very much.

“I bet if you look this bad, you probably murdered those two whimps.” Jimmy said, trying to make her feel better.

She laughed slightly, but the movement killed her stomach and ribs. She winced slightly, but disguised it as she painfully reached up to feel blood streaking down from her lip. “I think I’m just going to go to bed. Kinda tired and I really don’t feel like doing homework. I’ll catch you guys in the morning though.” She paused before stepping up to the boys’ side. “We really did have a good prank, didn’t we?” she cracked a little smile.

The two boys smiled proudly back at her, knowing that she would be ok without their help. She always was. If she were ever injured in Quidditch or any thing else, she would never allow anyone to help her, she wouldn’t even go to the Hospital Wing for bad things, such as this, not like it happened often, but still.

She would put up a strong front, one that could never be penetrated by pain or even by her own friends.

The two boys sighed as they returned to their table in the corner, finishing their homework. They even decided to write Andy’s Herbology essay, knowing that she would end up trying to do it five minutes before class.

They headed off to bed a little earlier then usual. After all, they were missing someone who was irreplaceable, they got kind of bored.

The curtains to Andy’s bed were closed shut, so the boys knew not to bother her. Behind those curtains Andy laid wide awake, the pain finally seeping in. She ached all over. One of her wrists looked as if an elephant (or even Peter for that matter) had stepped on it. It was starting to swell and was black and blue. It, thankfully, was not her club hand. She used her beaters bat in her right hand, which was much better then her other, it only hurt when she twisted it, not all the time.

Her legs, well they were a different story. She couldn’t understand how she managed to get up, let alone walk on them before. Having lain in bed motionless for hours already, they were getting sore and hurting constantly. It felt as if she had broken almost all the toes in her right foot and she had to snap her left pinky toe back into place.

Every breathe she took was Hell. Her ribs seemed to be crushing her lungs and she felt as though her head was going to pop form the migraine that seemed to be intensifying every moment.

Andy was in for a long night…


A/N: Ok, so the beginning was pretty fun to write, and then the end, i know, its gets rather....rough, but ya know, i had to do, what i had to do....haha
Anyways, thanks all for reviewing!! Im so happy, and the next will be out pronto
I'm trying to get one out a week!
Thanks again!! (and check out my new story, Actions are Stronger Then Words, coming soon!)

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