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"Bye mom, bye dad i will see you in a few months for Christmas okay?" Lily had become teary-eyed while hugging her parents, she had never been away from them too long.
"Honey, are you sure you want to do this, we can go home now if you want to, right now?" her mom pleaded.
"Mom I have to go, you saw what happened last time Petunia and i got into a fight, she still isn't talking to me. I really didn't mean to turn her that shade, i swear."
"She knows you have to go, sweetie, she is just going to miss you." her dad too her into another embrace and kissed her on the cheek. "We will talk to Petunia, dont worry about it too much." After many i love yous Lily finally parted from her family. Lily follwed oddly dressed kids into the wall, and towards the Hogwarts Express.
Lily entered the doors of the Hogwarts Express. This is a new start, she thought to herself, I can do this. As she was walking down the isle, Llily noticed all the cheery students running in and out of compartments chasing each other and laughing. She wondered how long it would be until she would join in.

Lily was about to enter an empty compartment when she noticed a boy sitting in the corner. "OH! I am sorry I didn't know anyone was in here." Her first thought was that he was in dire need of a comb, but after a second look she noticed that his black hair seemed almost perfectly imperfect. Suddenly she came back to reality. "um...well okay bye." Lily left the compartment as quickly as she entered it.

There was only one comartment left, it was at the vary back. SHe entered it, and realized the reason of its emptiness, it was compleltey dingy. After Llily practicley slammed her body against the door to shut it, she sat down and pulled out a book. In no time she fell asleep, and the trip flew by.
In what seemed like minutes she felt someone shaking her shoulder.
"You might want to change into your robes we are going to be there soon."
It was the same boy who she had stumblled upon in the compartment.
"Oh right, okay."
"You look a little confused, robes you know your school clothes. I'm James, James Potter, if you need anything you can ask me."
Lily was hardly listening as the untidy, yet cute boy was talking to her, "Robes, right, sounds good. I do have one question, what happens when we get off the train?"
"After you change your robes, come to the same compartment that I was in before, we will keep track of ya."
"Sure okay, thanks." As he left the compartment, Lily had a huge smile that she couldn't control come over her face, a nice boy and not too bad looking either, had asked her to his compartment. "EEK!!!" SHe changed into her robes and fixed her slept on hair as best she could, and with an extra jump in her step started for the compartment.

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