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Hermione awoke to a hard poking on her shoulder and an insistent voice in her ear calling, “Miss Granger, wake up! Professor Lupins they need yous!” Her eyes pried slowly open to the face of Dobby, the house elf.

“Dobby, what's wrong?” She mumbled out half asleep.

“Professor Lupins says Missus Professor Lupins is sick and needs you. Dobby's been sent to fetch yous.” Dobby poked her again for good measure as Hermione leaned back on the pillow and groaned. The almost full moon shown through the drawn curtains.

“Tell them I will be there momentarily, I have to dress.” Hermione said as she got up.

“Yes, Miss Granger.” Dobby said as he disappeared.

Hermione dressed with haste and picked up a medicinal kit before leaving the infirmary to the Lupins' apartments in the Dungeons. Tonks had gotten sick yesterday, but Remus had said the flu, but now she wondered about it.

The door flew open before she could knock as Remus ushered her in, a worried look on his face. “She's convulsing and won't allow me to contact St Mungo's.”

Hermione entered the bedroom and set the kit down, and went to where Tonks lay, shuddering and sweating on the bed. “Remus, get me a bowl of lukewarm water and a cloth, please.” Hermione took her wand and waved it and mumbled a spell and groaned as a blue aura surrounded Tonks body.

“Dobby!” Hermione called out, and seconds later a pop was heard and the small elf appeared beside her.

“Dobby here, Miss Granger! What's yous be needing from him?” The house elf said as he looked worriedly upon the frail form in the bed.

“I need you to fetch Professor Snape and tell him I said not to let anyone know. Thank you Dobby.” Without another word, Dobby disapparated to Professor Snape's rooms.

Hermione opened her kit and pulled out a vial of Calming Draught and helped Tonks sit up slightly and drink it down. The former Auror coughed and grimaced at the taste. “You haven't told him yet, have you?” she asked in a whisper.

“I wasn't sure till yesterday. Oh, Hermione! He's going to be so upset!” Tonks said as the potion flowed through her.

“I'm sure he will be.” Hermione said. Remus returned and set the bowl and cloth on the table beside the bed.

“Thank you, Remus. Is Severus here yet?” Hermione asked as she dipped the cloth and rung it out before gently wiping it on Tonks face and neck. Remus shook his head no.

“May I do that? Please Hermione.” Remus asked. Hermione moved aside so he could help. “I feel so helpless,” He murmured as he softly ran the cloth over Tonks face, arms and neck.

A rather disheveled Severus Snape knocked on the door a few moments later. This had better be good! He thought grumpily as Hermione let him in.

“Hello, Severus.” She took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

“I called Severus here because he is the more knowledgeable in this problem.” Hermione stated.

“What?” Remus looked at Hermione than to his wife with confusion. “What is wrong?”

“Yes, Hermione. What is so wrong I had to be called here for an obviously medical problem?” Severus asked, irritated with being awoken by a poke and push by Dobby.

Tonks started convulsing on the bed again, and Severus forgot his anger as he drew closer. Remus stepped back and watched as Severus drew his wand, waved it as he mumbled the same spell Hermione used a bit earlier. He drew down the sheet and pressed lightly with his hand on her stomach.

“How much Calming Draught has she had?” Severus asked as he continued his examination.

“Just one vial, unless Remus has given her some.” Hermione answered, Remus shook his head no again.

“Tonks really needs to be in St Mungo's.” Severus observed as he drew the sheet back down.

“No,” Tonks said weakly. “No St Mungo's. They'll inform the Ministry.”

“What's wrong with my wife?” Remus drew a fist through his hair.

“Your wife seems to be pregnant, Remus. Congratulations.” Severus sneered. “I told you fifteen years ago what would happen if you weren't careful.”

“This coming from you.” Remus jeered back.

“Both of you, enough. Arguing is not going to help Tonks or change what has happened.” Hermione said.

“So, what's wrong then? Why is she so sick?” Remus sat back down beside his wife.

“It's simple, your Werewolf genes and her Metamorphmagus genes are creating havoc inside of her because they are incompatible. With the full moon being tonight it's overflowing into her bloodstream and making her sick. I can try to treat her with a watered down version of the old Wolfsbane potion to see if that helps with the convulsions, but I doubt it will work. No more then one vial of Calming Draught an hour until I return.” Severus turned and stalked out of the room to his laboratory.


Severus returned two hours later bearing two vials. “This is your Wolfsbane potion and this is Tonks', for want of a better name, Werebaby potion.” He said as he handed Remus one vial and went over to the bed to hold Tonks' head as he helped her drink the liquid inside. “You cannot morph anymore till this baby is born, no apparating, no physical stress and depending on how your gestation goes you'll be on bed rest soon. When do you think this happened?”

“Beginning of August, we were on vacation with my parents in Romania and the contraceptive patch broke and I didn't realize it until the morning. I didn't want to upset Remus or my parents, and I didn't think one night would matter...” Tonks stopped as she looked at who she was talking to. “So, okay it does!”

“You could have gotten the morning after ingredients from any Apothecary. I did teach you to brew it with the rest of the Seventh years.” Severus sighed. “Tonks, you do understand I may not be able to help you and if you continue with this, either you, the baby or both of you may die?”

“I understand, Severus. I'm sorry I got you and Hermione mixed up in this. You're risking Azkaban for me.” Tonks was calmer now, the Werebaby potion seeming to help.

“I'm not sure how many times you are going to need the potion. I'm going to treat you the same time Remus gets his, and if symptoms occur, then also. Both of you, get some rest. With the full moon tonight you'll need it. I'll be teaching your Defense classes I guess. Hermione can do my Potions.”

“Thank you Severus, Hermione.” Remus said as he tiredly saw them out.


Severus walked with Hermione back to the infirmary. She practically had to run to match his strides as he proceeded quickly through the halls. After they entered he threw up a silencing charm with a flick of his wand.

“How could you drag me into this? The Ministry catches wind of this and we'll all be in Azkaban. If the baby lives and they find out, he'll be treated little more than a lab experiment. Werewolves are not allowed to breed!” Severus shouted. “And with Tonks being a Metamorphmagus it's a double sentence, because if it is born a werewolf it may mean it could change at will! Bloody hell!” Severus pulled Hermione into an angry kiss of desperation before drawing back.

“Double potions with Gryffindor and Slytherin first period. Follow my syllabus.” Severus warned as he stormed out, leaving Hermione dumbstruck with the information he just gave her; her lips tingling from the kiss.

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