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Disclaimer—as always, I don’t have nearly the amount of brilliance as J.K. Rowling…


“O crap, sorry Andy, are you alright?” Sirius asked, seriously (no pun intended), not a usual tone for the boy.

“Why of course I’m ok. You have really nice eyes by the way. They are all mysterious and everything. And you’re really handsome. You’re so tall and muscular.” Andy said, staring up at Sirius in magnificence, a hint of lust present in her gaze.

Sirius bent down and picked up the crinkled paper that was once attached to the vial he spilled on Andy. He read the faded writing and mentally slapped himself. This. This or all potions he had to drop on the girl he rivaled in school. “Oh boy…” he muttered.

“What? There’s nothing wrong here,” Andy said, advancing on him. He continued to back away from her until his back hit the door. “Come on Sirius, your hot and since when have you ever resisted a girl willing to do anything with you?” she said seductively, placing her hands on his tie, beginning to undo it.

‘Well, she’s right. But, I can’t take advantage of her after she got hit by a love potion. She is kind of hot though….No, I can’t that’s stupid, and I’m not like that.’ His thoughts and Andy’s pushy hands were halted by a hard shove on the other side of the door they were leaning on, causing Sirius to topple over on top of Andy. She only returned it with a giggle, obviously pleased with him landing on her.

“We have come to save you fair maiden from the wicked-” Alex stopped mid-sentence after stepping into the closet in a fake chivalrous manner with Jimmy and seeing Sirius laying on top of Andy.

The two boys ripped the Marauder off their best friend, thinking he was doing the worst.

“What the hell do you think your doing Black? I thought we told you that if you tried anything we would kill you. Was that not clear enough to get through that thick skull of yours?” Jimmy yelled, knocking Sirius’ head after Alex shoved him against the empty shelves.

“Oh there’s nothing wrong here, “Andy piped up. “Sirius was doing exactly what we both wanted,” she said walking towards Sirius and making for a kiss, which he just pushed away.

“Wh-” Alex and Jimmy both said, clearly confused by what was happening.

“A bottle knocked over and she got hit by the love potion inside it. I was obviously the first person she saw and she came at me, but I tried to hold her off. Then you two knocked the door open that we were leaning on. It knocked me over and I just fell on her, nothing else happened.” The other two boys looked at him skeptically. “It was nothing, we did nothing. Now can we please just get her to the Hospital Wing and get the counter potion before she decides to tear me apart.”

Alex seemed to think on it for a moment before nodding and throwing Andy over his shoulder, keeping her away from Sirius.

The four walked the way in silence aside from the occasional whine from Andy of not being allowed to be with her love Sirius. ‘Oh how great leverage this will be.’ Sirius thought, a smirk present on his face.

They reached the Hospital Wing, disrupting a rather grumpy and tired Madame Pomphrey. “I swear, if it is not one of you boys, it is one of you three.” She grumbled, surveying Andy’s constant grabs and whines for Sirius.

“That was a rather strong one she had, so this antidote might take a lot out of her.” She said, pouring out a little liquid from a black bottle shaped like a heart. She handed it to Andy to drink.

Andy looked at it curiously before shrugging, winking at Sirius, and downing the potion. Her head jerked down on to the pillow of the bed she was sitting on, as if she were in a trance.

Alex and Jimmy went to help her back up, but, returning to her normal state, she pushed the two away, rubbing her palm on her aching forehead and sitting up again. “Uhh, what happened? It feels like I just got his by a brick wall.” She said, continuing to rub her forehead.

“Well, ding-dong here, dropped a love potion next to you and you inhaled it. It was just a really strong one, so it took more to get you out of it.” Jimmy informed her.

“You might be a bit woozy for the rest of the night, but you’ll be fine by tomorrow morning. Now off to bed all of you. Its getting late.” Madame Pomphrey said, shooing them out of the ward.

“Nice going Black, really, good thinking, balancing a lot of bottles of potions.” Alex said as the four started for their Common Room.

“you know what Stevens-“ Sirius began but the two’s arguing was cut off by Andy.

“Oh shut up, the both of you. Even though Alex is right. No one really cares about it at the moment, and I have a huge headache. I cant listen to this.” Andy groaned, frustrated.

They continued on in a silence a little less then comfortable. That is until Andy felt dizzy and grabbed the wall for support. “Andy, are you alright?” Alex asked concerned. He always was sort of a big brother towards her. Always standing up for her, in a cute way that brothers do for sisters, not always necessary, but welcome none-the-less.

“Yeah, fine. Just a bit dizzy like-“ but Andy’s vision suddenly went hazy until complete darkness overwhelmed her.

She woke up what seemed to be seconds later to a light shifting and bouncing, realizing she was being carried. She looked up to see Alex’s relieved face smiling down at her.

“Good, glad your back up.”

“Where are we going?”

“Back to the hospital Wing. I don’t think fainting is a normal side-effect of this.”

“No! I’m not going back. It was nothing, alright? I don’t need Pomphrey again. Just put me down and I’ll be alright. Let me just sleep it off.”

Alex paused for a moment, the other two boys doing so as well. He seemed to be contemplating it before he reluctantly placed Andy gently on her feet. She swayed slightly, but regained her composure quickly.

Without another word she just continued in the opposite direction, headed for the Gryffindor common room, acting as if she weren’t going to faint again.

She collapsed on the couch as soon as she got to the common room, not able to bear the headache much further. Jimmy lifted her head just enough so that he could slide in and rest it in his lap. “Here, mum showed me how to get rid of headaches a bit easier.” Jimmy started doing something, but Andy was no longer aware of it.

As much as she couldn’t stand the headache, she couldn’t bear the thought of her parents either. Every time they were brought up in the slightest way, she just seemed to shut down. No one knew anything of her parents, or the fact that they were dead poor and Andy was basically left in the summer to work for any of the money she would need. The money her parents got, after all, was spent on alcohol.

It wasn’t a surprise that she was constantly hiding her bruises from people at work or at the beginning of the year. She never told anyone about it though, not wanting their pity and knowing that they wouldn’t understand. But she was happy here with Alex and Jimmy, and decided not to kill their fun as well.

She began dozing off where she was and didn’t even bother to try to resist the sleep that was coming over her.


She woke up the next morning with an incredibly warm feeling. She rolled around on the bed she was on to come face-to-face with a sleeping Alex. She managed to keep herself from screaming long enough to figure out what probably happened. ‘Wait, I didn’t fall asleep in a bed, that was a couch. So someone brought me up here.’

“Um, Alex?” Andy asked cautiously. She made a move to lean against her elbows, but the hand she was not previously aware of around her hips pulled her back. Andy stifled a laugh. “Good morning gorgeous.” She said, mustering up a seductive voice she didn’t know she had.

A smile crept upon Alex’s face as he pulled her tighter to himself, his very shirtless, muscular self. Andy held her hand clamped over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out in laughter. She cocked her head to the side slightly to see Alex’s smiling face.

His eyes slowly fluttered open and for a moment, seeing a girl in his bed, made him keep his smile. It slowly dripped off his face as his vision focused and he discovered the girl in his bed to be his best friend.

Andy finally let the laughter she was holding in explode from her lips. Alex’s face turning into a bright red, laughing nervously and rather embarrassed. “So who were you dreaming about?” Andy asked once she had controlled her laughter.

“No one,” Alex said. “Just- no one,” he sighed rather disappointedly.

Andy’s smile faltered for a moment at his tone, but seeing Alex’s smile return, her’s beamed right back at him.

“Come on, get up bub. I’ll ask you about what happened last night later…”she said, smiling and rolling her eyes playfully at him. “But I’m absolutely starving at the moment and could go for a very large breakfast,” she said, patting his chest and sitting up. She yanked the curtains back that were surrounding the bed to be met by the odd stares of the rest of the boys of the dormitory.

“Well, well, well…” James said clicking his tongue in mock disappointment.

“Oh, so you’ll shag Alex, but not me? I thought we had something, especially after last night.” Sirius said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Was that a hint of jealousy I just detected from Mr. Sirius Black?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah. How does Alex get legs like that, and I don’t?” Sirius said, looking Andy up and down.

“Watch it Black.” Andy said threateningly. She grabbed her towel and quickly took over the bathroom before the boys could.

She placed a locking charm on the door, so hopefully they wouldn’t get in. She was sure that Alex and Jimmy would guard the door for her anyways. It was those Marauders she worried about…

Andy stepped out of the boys’ bathroom fifteen minutes later, fully clothed and ready for the day. She was surprised to see that Remus also looked as though he had showered.

“Finally.” Sirius muttered as the other five boys trudged sleepily into the bathroom.

“Well, she is quicker then most girls are.” James said.

“Oh what would you know Potter, as I recall, Lily has yet to say yes to any of your requests.” Andy said, smiling at him.

“Oh real funny girl.” He said smiling back and flicking her head.

The rest of the boys started their showers as Andy and Remus sat in an awkward silence, waiting for them so they could go to breakfast. But Andy was too hungry to wait any longer.

“You want to go grab breakfast? I have a feeling that they are going to be a while, and frankly I don’t feel like waiting any more.”

“Yeah, sure,” Remus said, smiling at her.

As they began the long walk down from Gryffindor Tower to the Great Hall, Andy began to notice how pale Remus was. He looked to have a few rough scratches just healing in random places on his face.

“So, how’d you get up so early this morning. I didn’t even hear you.” Andy asked, breaking another silence between the two.

“I don’t know. I’m used to getting up early, with the sun you know.” Remus said, looking down at his feet.

“I could never do that. Normally it takes for ever for me to get out of bed. Sometimes if I cant sleep though, and I’m up that early, I like to go for a run. It always seems to calm me, and I like how it is in the early morning. No one’s really around, or being annoying. Running gives me some sort of freedom, ya know. I usually do it here though, I cant really do it at home…” Andy paused, she too taking the moment to look down at her feet. She gave a depressed sigh. “I’m sorry, I’m blabbering. I just don’t like awkward silences.” She said, returning her gaze to Remus’ beaming figure. He chuckled slightly.

“Well you certainly know how to avoid them don’t you?” he said.

“Excuse me? Are you telling me that I talk a lot?” Andy said, feigning hurt.

Remus’ grin grew wider as the two pushed open the doors to the Great Hall.

There were only a few students there that early, including a couple of teachers, so it was relatively quiet.

The two began piling food on their plates and eating for the first couple of moments in silence. Andy took a sip of her goblet of orange juice and looking up at Remus, who had stuck a couple of pieces of pointed bacon in his mouth to make him look like a vampire. Well, he actually looked nothing like one, and that was what made him look so funny. Unfortunately for Remus though, Andy was one of the people who would burst out laughing at that type of thing, and the poor boy was sprayed with a shower of orange juice. He sat there, dripping wet, one of the bacon pieces falling out, with his eyes closed, as Andy laughed harder at his appearance.

She fell over sideways on to the bench, shoulders shaking uncontrollably with laughter. Finally composing herself, she picked herself up to sit back up-right and look back at Remus. She couldn’t help but smile at how he didn’t seem to care about taking a second shower of the day, this time in orange juice.

He was wiping the juice from his glasses when the rest of the group came down.

“Moony, why are you so wet?” Sirius asked as the Marauders sat on Remus’ side, Alex and Jimmy on either side of Andy.

Andy broke into a fresh fit of laughter at this, falling against Jimmy as Remus finished wiping himself off and laughing slightly.

“Well, what can I say? The orange juice just has a thing for me.” Remus said, beaming wider as Andy continued to laugh so hard.

The rest of the group just looked at the two as if they had gone mental and began eating their breakfast. The group all shared their first class of the day, Potions.

“Alright, come on kiddies, its Potions project time. O joy…” Andy said in a dull tone as she stood up from the bench in the Hall.

The 6th year Gryffindors, with the exception of Peter and a few others, trudged their way down to the dungeons for the worst class of their day.


Herbology had finally ended and it was now time for lunch. ‘Just about time too.’ Andy thought, her stomach growling. She poked at it unsatisfied as she and Remus made their way from the Gryffindor Common Room from dropping their things off.

“So, what did happen between you and Alex last night?” Remus asked with a curious look in his eye.

Andy shrugged. “Not really anything, according to Alex. He said that I basically passed out on Jimmy and so Jimmy brought me up to the dorm. Alex says he must have forgotten that I was in his bed and that he was just really tired, so he didn’t realize that I was in his bed. I trust him though, he’s been my best friend for ages.”

Remus nodded before Andy changed the subject. “Quidditch tryouts on Saturday. You going to finally join your mates this year, or are you just going to watch again?” Andy asked. She was a beater, with Stephen Carding, a 5th year, and they made a great team. As everyone knew James was Seeker, and Sirius the unbeatable Keeper. He never let anything by and James always secured the win. Remus didn’t play and Andy had only seen him on his broom once or twice. There were two spots open for chaser, and Peter had always tried out (ending up in the Hospital Wing almost every year) but more for moral support (really un-needed support). Remus seemed to never really show quite as much of an interest for the game as his two best friends though.

“I’ll just watch again. Wouldn’t want to get in anyone’s way, especially James’. He’s fretting as it is being captain. If he has to cut a good friend, I would only be putting more pressure on him.”

Remus always thought that way. So self-less, always for others, never himself first. He was so logical, so kind. It was a wonder he was friends with those Marauders.

“Well that’s very considerate of you. But I guess it looks like just me and Stephen to hold intelligent conversations this year.” Andy said with a fake, haughty sound to her voice while she flipped her long ponytail dramatically over her shoulder. She was always so sarcastic, one of her many flaws, she thought she had; along with her clumsiness. Her sarcasm often got her in trouble with teachers and her parents, but again, that’s another story…

The two walked into the Great Hall smiling at each other. The rest of the Marauders were being joined by their usual fan club, while Alex and Jimmy were at the opposite end of the long table. Remus and Andy said their good-byes’ before joining their regular groups for lunch.

Andy looked confused slightly at the mischievous looks Andy and Jimmy were wearing when she took a seat on the opposite side of the table.“What are you two up to?”

“How about a welcome back prank for the Marauders?” Alex said, his grin growing wider.

“Oh, what do you have planned?” Andy asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

“Well…” Jimmy began, sharing a glance with Alex before the three put their heads together in low whispers.

“Come dinner time, those boys wont even know what hit ‘em.” Andy said triumphantly.

And the three began working out the finer details so everything would be just perfect for their first major prank of the year…


A/N: so thanks for reading! I know this one was wicked long, but maybe that’s good? I don’t know, tell me your thoughts, questions, comments, anything, even just a hello. I really appreciate reviews! And they might help speed up posting!! Thanks a bunch-TP

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