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After breakfast the next morning, We were sitting in Potions class, while Draco told crabbe and Goyle yet another story from our summer, I was tuning him out and staring at Harry. Suddenly, Professor Snape walked into the classroom commanding the attention of every student and causing them to sit up tall in their seats.

" Good Morning class."He said in his usual uncaring, mono tone voice.
"Good Morning Professor Snape." the whole class said in unison.
"Turn in your textbooks to page five, Polyjuice potions."

For some reason, he looked directly at Harry. He and his two friends, the boy from the train and a girl with long hair, looked uncomfortable and shifted in their seats. Then Professor Snape turned around to write something on the board, it was quite stuffy in the room and I pushed my sleeves up, not remembering the bruises until Draco grabbed my wrist and whispered low in my ear "What happened to you?" his eyes betraying more concern than he warrented.

" Oh its nothing dont worry about it."
" No really its terrible, how did this happen?"
"Oh you know me, I walked into the door last night, I'm such a clutz."
" Ookay." he said, by the tone of his voice, I could tell that he didnt believe me.

Goyle turned around and gave me a look. I sent one back reminding him of the promise he made last night, he regretably sighed and went back to his cauldron . After Potions, Draco and I split up, he had two hours of Charms and I had two hours of History of Magic. Draco walked me to the class and stopped at the door. "Meet me in the room of requirement before lunch." He said smiling.

" I wouldnt miss it."

History of magic was easily the most boring class in the history of boring classes. I had to fight to stay awake while taking notes on the Goblin Revolution of 1840. I was so thankful when class was finally over, that I ran out, dodging people in the way, and nearly missing a collision with Blaise Zambini. I was eager to see Draco again after two grueling hours apart. I walked down the deserted hallway that led to the room of reqirement, and past a closet.

Suddenly, I heard the door open behind me. Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me into the clost, putting a hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. My heart went into over drive, the closet was pitch black and I could hear the person next to me breathing heavily in my ear.

" Am I being kidnapped?" I thought to myself, " But who would want to kidnap me? I dont have an enemys, but maybe Draco does, the Malfoys are a powerful family, someone's got to have it in for them, maybe they know about me and Draco... oh no what am I gonna do?"

The person whispered in my ear. "I am going to turn the light on don't scream." I nodded and the room became bright, the hand was removed from my mouth and I turned to see my captor. "Holy Quidditch!"

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