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Hey yall!!! Kay here's chappy 9!!! I hope you like it and remember to Review please!!!~Jaymee

"So will you help us?" Millicent asked.

The Professor smiled, "Of course I will, anything for the well being of my students."

"Thanks SO much!" Millicent screeched.

Blaise rolled his eyes at his girlfriends giddyness but couldn't help his smile, "Thanks Professor, you're wicked!"

"Don't make this a habit. I don't plan on rigging anymore class activities this is a one time deal."

"No prob. See you in class."

Hermione stumbled down the corridor to the hospital wing a one woman carrying service. She had and over stuffed backpack hanging off one shoulder, and a baby bag off the other. Her left arm was loaded down with books she hadn't managed to cram into her backpack and her right she was trying to keep a squirming J.D. still.

"J.D. stop it your being a bad boy." She scolded. Hermione sighed. She herself felt a little bleh today and J.D.'s night long crying fest hadn't helped at all. She'd stayed up until the wee hours of the morning with her fussy baby boy and now she felt like a zombie. She certainly didn't look like one though. She had some how managed to put on some light make up and put her hair into soft,unfrizzy, waves that rippled down her back.

"Hermione!" A female voice called from behind her. She whirled around regretting it as her hair stuck to her lipgloss.

"Hey Mill," Hermione said trying to blow the hair off her lips.

"Here lemme help," Millicent laughed relieveing her friend of the books in her arm and her back pack, "Why weren't you at breakfast?"

Hermione sighed, "This little bloke kept me up all night crying. The Gryffindor girls threaten to kick me out he was so loud."

"Hahaha yeah? So where are you taking all this?"

"To Madame Pomfrey. She takes care of J.D. while I'm in class." She said as the pre-lesson bell rang.

"Ten minutes," Millcent said.

"Yeah, you should go ahead to class I'll meet you there in a minute," She said, grabbing her things from Millicent.

"All right don't be late though, you know how Sprout gets when we're late," Millicent said and waved as she left Hermione at the entrance to Madame Pomfrey's

After Hermione had dropped off her kid with Madame Pomfrey she skipped on down to the Greenhouses only to find a sign on the door directing her to the Forbidden Forest. She saw a cluster of students as she arrived and spotted Millicent standing of to the side with Blaise.

"Hey what's going on?" She asked ,coming to a stop beside her friend.

"Dunno," Millicent answered, refusing to meet Hermione's eyes. She would surely burst out laughing if she did.

"Students," Professor Sprout's voice cut off any low murmur of conversation that was going on, "Today I asked you to meet me here because I have planned quite an activity today," She took something that looked like a stem and a bunch of leaves out of her coat pocket and held it up for the class to see, "Can anyone tell me what this is and what it's uses are?"

Hermione looked around her before hesitantly raising her hand.

"Miss Granger?" The Professor called on her.

"It's called Syntheas Nuglatonia. Its a plant the aztecs would use on their people when they were poisoned or on any illness of the stomach. It supposed to work instantly. Its colour and structure made it seem like any other weed and so it was almost impossible to find. The Syntheas had one specific trait that confirmed what it was, on the fourth leaf branching off the left side of the stem there is a spot the size of a human's pinky nail that bleeds all the way through to the other side, that's the trait."

"Good girl! Five points to Gryffindor! Now our very own Forbidden Forest has millions of these little plants, although they are very hard to spot. Your assignment today is to find thirteen of these, more will earn you extra credit, less you will be docked points. I have assigned you into groups of two."

Hermione heard Pansy whimper and smirked, that girl was so damn desperate to get with Draco it was almost sad.

"Parkinson and Simms: Group one," Professor called, "Bulstrode and Zabini: Group two, Potter and Brown: Group three, Weasley and Patil: Group four."

Hermione looked around and hoped she would be paired with Neville, he was at least bareable.

"Longbottom and Goyle: Group five."

So much for hoping.Hermione's heart stopped as her name was called.

"Granger and...Malfoy: Group six."

Hermione blanched as she heard who her partner was, Draco. Could the world hate me anymore,She asked herself. She didn't think it was possible.

"Right, you lot have until ten minutes before class change to have thirteen Syntheas Nuglatonia in the Forest, be very careful, in broad daylight it is highly doubted that any harm shall befall you but should it, be prepared. Good luck, you may begin."

Hermione closed her eyes and took a deep breath before turning around. She bumped into a solid figure and looked up, startled to see Draco in front of her. You're not gonna say anything, you're gonna get this stupid thing done with and then it'll be over, keep it strictly buisness, She told herself.

Draco cleared his throat, "Well..."

"Yeah," She breathed and shook her head before leading him into the forest. She stoped to pick up one of the little wicker baskets to set the thirteen plants in before heading off into the Forest.

"Remember to stay close to your partners! The basket must be handed in by both of you!" The Professor called after the students.

Hermione exhaled. She shook her head before knealing down and crawling around on all fours looking for the blasted weed. She bit her lip in concentration before she realized Draco wasn't beside her. She looked over her shoulder and noticed the hypnotized look on his face. She blushed and turned back around, he was staring at her butt, a habit of his that she hated. Had they still been going out, she would have pounced him and pinned him beneath her, making him tell her how much he loved her butt. But that wasn't the case so she chose to do nothing. Instead she continued to crawl around until she stumbled upon something that slightly resembled the Syntheas. She checked the left side and sure enough there was the spot.

"Found one," She said happily before yanking it off the ground only it would come out. She pulled at it only to have it fight back and not move. "Dammit." She said and wiped the thin sheet of persperation that had formed on her forehead away with the back of her hand.

"Did I just hear Miss Granger curse?" She heard Draco say behind her in a surprised tone.

She smiled inspite of herself, "Yeah, kind of a bad habit I've picked up. I guess I've been hanging around Jared and them too much."

"Jared. I don't see how you like that stupid idiot," He said scowling, feeling himself go green with envy.

"Funny, he said the same thing about you," She looked at him before smiling sadly and shaking her head.

Draco looked down at the ground and scuffed the dirt with the toe of his shoe.

Hermione turned back to the stubborn weed and made another vain attempt to pop it out of the ground. No go.

"Here lemme help," He said. Hermione stepped aside and let Draco take over. He huffed and he puffed but the stubborn plant wouldn't give. "This junk is no joke," He said.

"No kidding," She answered and tried again. Nothing.

"I think this calls for two people," He said before wrapping his arms awkwardly around his ex-girlfriend's small waist. "On three ready? 1...2..."

"THREE!" Hermione shouted before yanking at the plant. The pressure was too much and out came the plant. And down came both Hermione and Draco. Draco fell back, his arms still around Hermione's waist and brought her down with him. They fell into a lying position. Draco beneath Hermione, Hermione's head turned at an angle so she could see his face. It was the position they use to lay in while stargazing at night or watching the clouds float by during the day.

Hermione looked at him, feeling a smile tug at the corners of her mouth before something in her head yelled at her to get off him, "Sorry," She mumbled, getting up quickly.

Draco said nothing but continued staring at her.

"What?" Hermione asked.

Draco shook his head, "Noth-nothing," He got up and dusted himself off.

"Well, um...that's one," She stammered and put the plant into the wicker basket. She felt her throat close over as the aching want to hold him took over. She shook her head. She had to remember her resolve. She would NOT cry, especially not in front of him. They spent the next hour looking for the stupid plant, almost frantically. They had only found nine.

"Bloody little weed! Where the hell are you?!" Hermione heard Draco bellow from behind her.

"Yeah Malfoy because it's really gonna answer you," She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Doomas, I wasn't really asking the plant, it was a rhetorical question," He shot back.

"Ha! I'm just happy you know what rhetorical means. Great job!"

"I'm not stupid Granger, you of all people should know that," He stopped and looked at her.

"Yeah Malfoy, you're really not stupid," She laughed bitterly and shook her head, "Number ten," She bent over to pluck it out and out it came.

"And three more to go."

"No, four," Hermione countered.

"She said we had to have thirteen."

"But I want extra credit."

"Why?! You don't need it," He said incredulously.

"I know I don't need it, I want it. A little extra credit never hurt anybody."

"Ugh! You're insane you know that?" He rolled his eyes and continued looking.

"Eleven," Hermione called out again.

"Will you knock that off gah dammit!"

"Knock what off?!"

"You keep finding the gah forsaken plant! Let me do it for once!"

"Fine!" Hermione dropped the plant as if it had been poison.

"Eleven," Draco repeated and placed it into the basket.

" realize I found that one?"

"I'm gonna looked for the twelfth one Granger," He snapped.

Hermione bit her lip to keep from laughing. She watched as he crawled around, swearing silently, in search for the little plant. Hermione rolled her eyes and went the opposite direction she stooped and picked up another Syntheas. Two more. She couldn't wait to see the confused look on his face when she came back with all the plants plus the one he might just find. She walked a little more picking up the last one plus two more. She laughed aloud to herself. She stopped laughin when she looked around. There was no one. She looked at her muggle watch and whimpered when she remembered electronics didn't work on Hogwarts Grounds. Stay calm Hermione, She said to herself, Remember your girls scout training, just go back the way you came and everything will be fine, "Okay," She said and began walking. She let out a tiny yelp as she heard a twig snap behind her. She began panting, these weren't just any woods, who knew what kind of hideous creatures lived just within the depths of these trees. She took a deep breath and started walking again. A rustling caught her attention but she tried her best to ignore it. Whatever it was, maybe it would go away. She straight out screamed when something made a huge crashing noise behind her. She stumbled on her robes and fell, cutting her palms, but she ignored the dripping blood as she started running. She swore she saw her life flash before her eyes as something grabbed her waist and brought her down with it. It placed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams and when she opened her eyes and saw who it was, she spat fire.

"Draco you idiot!!!" She yelled and beat her tiny fists against his chest.

Draco laughed and pinned her arms above her head, "Ss-har-ee hahahaha yoo-haha-you just made it so easy hahaha."

"It wasn't funny," She smacked his forehead with the back of her hand.

"Yeah it was, you should have seen your face! It was whiter I am!" He was laughing so hard he could barely breathe.

"Get off!" She ordered him, and shoved him off her. She got up, dusted herself off, and picked up the basket.

"Oh c'mon Granger don't be mad. You know I can't help myself when an opertunity to scare someone crapless presents itself," He grabbed her elbow to stop her.

"How many plants did you get?" She asked.

Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out three.

"We got 16!" She whooped and started walking back towards the opening.

"What happened?" He took her wrists and looked at her slightly cut hands.

"You did that," She jerked her hands out of his and wiped the blood off on her robes.

"Oh, that's when you fell, "He bit his tongue, "Sorry," He smiled shyly.

Hermione's heart started beating faster, "I haven't seen that in a while," She smiled at him.

Draco turned and looked at her, cupping her lovely face in one hand, "Why do you always do this to me?" He leaned his forehead against hers, and closed his eyes. He Could feel her eye lashes brushing gently against the bridge of his nose.

"Please believe me," She pleaded in a painful whimper.

Draco opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He was trying to say 'I love you with all my heart' with his eyes but was pretty positive she didn't get the message. He wrapped his arms around her and hid his face in her neck. He savoured the feeling of her soft skin against his face and the enticing scent of her hair flirting with his nostrils.

Hermione clung onto him. Enjoying the couple of secnods that passed. He was hers again. Just for a tiny while, but he was hers. It was just them again. Just the two of them. She loved the secure feeling of his arms wrapped around her, the bodies matched eachother just right.

Draco relunctantly pulled away, grabbed the basket from Hermione and began walking.

Hermione's nostrils flared, "Will you stop doing this to me?!" She yelled at him.

Draco stopped, "Doing what?"

"This! Everytime we have some kind of encounter, every time things seem like they were before you have to run away from me! Why?!" She was hysterical now.

"You wanna know why Hermione?! Do you?! It's because when I see you, every single time, I feel this bubble inside of me burst with nothing but love for you! There're times when all I want is to hold you! That's it! Just hold you and tell you how much I love you and to tell you how sorry I am that all this crap had to happen! But then...then it all spirals out of control when I imagine what the guy you had you're son with must be like! And it kills me on the inside Hermione! I'm trying to hate you dammit! But I can't! You make it so effin hard for me!" He stared at her before turning his back to her and walking away. Hermione followed at at distance and handed in the basket along with Draco before they both went they're seperate ways.

"Well since we're all back I would like to congratulate Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy for gathering up the most Syntheas, a round of applause for them please."

Hermione smiled as Millicent patted her back.

"So how'd it go?" Millicent asked.

"Well I found out one thing."

"What's that?"

"I think he loves me too..."

perfect.... how was it??? Thanks so much for reading!!!~Jaymee

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