Chapter 10

Slowly, Claudia stood up and turned slowly around, unlike before he was no longer wearing a mask. Despite the darkness she could see his face clearly. She gasped and backed away not wanting to believe it as Liam stood there with an evil smile on his face.

“You know Claudia, I thought you would have figured it out a long time ago,” He said, “but I guess I overestimated you.”

“But-but” She stammered, tears were now falling freely down her face, she couldn’t believe it, all this time Liam had been the mole, Liam was the one she’d been ordered to kill, and wanted to kill, it was him, and knowing that tore her to pieces. Did this mean it was a lie? They’re years of friendship and love, was it ever real? Or was it all just a cruel joke? As she stared into his cold, emotionless eyes, she felt pain, sadness, betrayal, but most of all: fury.

At that moment, Claudia lost all her common sense, she forgot she had a gun and he didn’t, and she forgot that there were other people there watching all she wanted now was to cause Liam as much pain as he had caused her. She charged at him but he was ready, the second she was close enough he punched her hard in the stomach and she went down, but not for long, in five seconds she was back on her feet and ready.

As they fought Andrea ordered the others to get the hostages out to which they quickly complied to, however once they had they came right back in. “What are you idiots doing? Do you want to get killed?” Andrea yelled at them.

“What are you talking about?” Gerard asked, “There’s only one of him and six of us!”

“I know, but he’s dangerous so out!” She ordered pointing to the door, but nobody moved.

Meanwhile, Claudia was in trouble, her gun lay twenty feet away and she could hardly see anything, she blocked a few of his attacks but knew she would lose if she didn’t do something and fast. So, she repeated what she had done earlier and kicked him in the groin, he went down like before which gave her time to grab her gun. She raised it to his head. “Don’t move” she said softly but fiercely.

Liam chuckled, “You’re not gonna shot me Claudia.”

“Oh, and why not?” she asked trying not to let her sadness show, but he could see it.

“You can stop pretending to be brave baby, I know when your lying, and I know that for the first time in your life, you don’t have the guts to finish the job.” He said.

“Stop it” she said, but in her heart, she knew he was right, if he were anyone else, he would have been dead by now, but he wasn’t just anyone, he was someone she cared about, or at least did care about.

“You know,” he began, “I thought this would be a lot easier, I get you somewhere far away from the agency where no one can help you and kill you very slowly and very painfully, but first I would have made you suffer emotionally. First it would have been Lydia, I’d cut her throat and let you watch her blood spill out, hear her gasps for air and watch as she slowly left this earth, and then ole’ oblivious Michael I’d shot him, right in the stomach, that’s my favorite way to kill, it takes so long for them to die and it’s so fun to watch, then, the moment I’ve been waiting for would’ve come. You my dear, would have had the longest most painful death I could think of, and would be so painful you would have begged me on bended knee to just end your suffering, but I wouldn’t and do you know why?”

He pushed the gun away from his head and sat up. Claudia dropped the gun and fell to her knees and hands, lowering her face so he wouldn’t see her crying, he forced her to look up and at his face, “Because I like to watch people suffer.”

He let go of her face but she continued to stare at him. “You evil bastard.” She muttered, which caused him to chuckle again.

“You’re calling me evil? You should talk, you’re an assassin, you kill people, and you like it, you’re just like me, if I’m evil, you’re evil.” He said.

“No…no I’m not, I’m nothing like you, you kill for pleasure.” She said.

“Oh, why do you kill then?” he asked.

“Because…I have to, that’s how I was raised.” She said.

“And it’s how I was raised and how Lydia was raised and how all the other people at the agency were. We were raised to kill…well, at least you were, me…I was born to kill, so face it my dear, we are the same.”

Claudia didn’t say anything, he took the gun from the floor and pointed it at her head, but she didn’t seem to care. “I would kill you now…” he began, then he bashed her over the head the butt of the weapon knocking her unconscious “…but that’s no fun.”

With that, he dropped the gun and picked up her motionless body. He carried her out to the other side of the warehouse onto the dock and held her over the water, by now she was awake enough to realize what he was doing, “Let’s see if they can get you out this time.” He said and dropped her.

She splashed into the water waking her up fully and she tried to swim up. She had never gone into water after that day so long ago, therefore she never learned to swim, after being under for what felt like hours, her lungs were on the verge of bursting, she needed to get the surface and fast but didn’t know which way it was, her head began to swim as she fought to stay conscious, come on Claudia the little voice in her head screamed, don’t do this, don’t go out so easily, you have to be the one to kill that son of a bitch, don’t die here, don’t die here. She sank lower, she was still trying but was losing hope, as well as her life, she made one more futile attempt at getting up to the shore, then everything went black.

Liam watched triumphantly as Claudia sank to the bottom of sea. He wondered for a moment why none of the others tried to help her, but then he remembered that it was dark and they had been speaking softly, they probably didn’t even realize what was happening, he reentered the warehouse when he was sure Claudia wasn’t coming back up and found Andrea and Harry still there, he figured the other three were out side with the hostages but he really didn’t care. Slowly he approached the two of them, when he was close enough Andrea heard him and turned around. She, like Claudia, recognized him at once.

“So,” she said smiling, “You’ve been the mole all along have you Liam, I bet Claudia loved this.”

“Oh trust me she did, she was so shocked it went a lot easier than I thought it would.” He said grinning evilly.

“Where is she?” Harry asked in a demanding tone.

“She’s outside, at the bottom of the ocean.” He said trying not to laugh at the expression on Harry’s face, but he wasn’t laughing for long, because that’s when Harry lost his temper. He pulled out a long thin stick and said some words that Liam had never heard before but somehow sent him flying back into the wall. He tried to get up a few times before finally managing it and saw Andrea staring at Harry with a look off pure shock on her face and Harry staring right at him, Hermione was now standing a few feet away from them watching the battle. Liam however, wasn’t too shocked. “Well well well, it was true then, I heard you telling Claudia you were magic, but I just thought you were insane, what a surprise, you were telling the truth. It doesn’t matter though since I’m gonna kill you anyway.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Harry shot back.

“Oh would you?” he said and pulled a gun out of his pocket. “Tell me, do you have a spell that can stop a bullet?”

He raised the gun to Harry’s face. Andrea was frozen in place and Hermione screamed as two shots rang out.

A/N: Yes, yet another cliffy but I promise this is the last one. Only two more chapters after this. r&r please

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