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Disclaimer: I own nothing. JKR rules!
A/N: This chapter is dedicated to the wonderful pearluna! Without her, this story may not have come into existence. I suggest you check out her wonderful stories.
Anyway, onto the last chapter.

Chapter Six
Happy New Year

“OMG Grace!” she started to speed walk forward (she was in heels) towards a tall girl with curly brown hair and brown eyes. The girl turned around and her eyes bugged.

“Lily!” they ran forward and hugged and did a little dance mid hug.

“This is so awesome! What are you doing here?” Grace smiled excited that she wasn’t alone at this party.

“They invited me since I did that volunteer thing. What about you, what are you doing here?” Grace was a muggleborn like her.

“Chris Stevenson invited me, you know how his dad always donates money, and my mom had just bought me this wonderfully expensive dress that guilted me into saying yes.” She gestured down to her dress, which was a pale pink with glitter all over. Lily nodded sympathetically as James and Sirius stepped up next to them.

“Come Lily darling, you owe me this dance.” Sirius grabbed Lily’s hand and spun her toward the dance floor as James asked Grace to dance.

“Yes, please.” She sent a quick glance towards her date, who was exchanging gold with some other wealthy men as James led her out to the floor. Lily was having the best time, taking turns dancing with James and Sirius for the night. When it was time to eat, Lily, James and Sirius walked toward the head table and Lily made James and Sirius sit on either side of her. Small talk progressed, and unexpectedly they were on the topic of Quidditch. Apparently, the minister used to be head of magical games and sports, and was the number one fan of Quidditch.

“I don’t care how many games they loose, I am a proud supporter of the Chudley Cannons. They were winners, and will always be winners in my book.” The minister announced as a certain raven haired someone said that the Chudley Cannons had a very little chance of ever coming out of their rut.

“Have you ever been to a Cannon game James?” the minister questioned.

“Yeah, me and Sirius once went a couple years back.” He answered, and then turned to Lily. “Have you ever been to a Cannon game?”

Lily shrugged. “I’ve never been to a Quidditch game period. I’ve only been to the ones at Hogwarts.” James stared amazed at her and Sirius gasped.

“We’re going to take you to a game before school starts back up. You can’t graduate Hogwarts if you’ve never been to a real Quidditch game.” James announced as Sirius nodded in agreement.

“Lily, when you get back from that game, I want you to write to me all about how you enjoyed your first match.” The minister added.

“Of course!”

“Excellent! Well, I’m off enjoy the evening you three.” And the minister stood and walked away.


A half an hour later, Lily and James had decided to take a leisurely stroll around the balcony. It was nearing midnight, and they had discussed everything and had stumbled upon a comfortable silence.

“This is nice.” Lily commented as everyone started to count down inside.


“Yeah it is. Hey Lily?” James asked, turning slowly to her.


“Yes, James?”


“What would you do if I kissed you?”


“I don’t know.” She paused.


She smiled and leaned forward.


“I might just kiss you first.” And as everyone cheered inside, hugging and clinking glasses, Lily and James joined in their first kiss, and they both thought:

Happy New Year.

The End

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