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A/N I know this sounds weird but there are two of us writing this story it’s me and my best mate who isn't on this site fanx Sara
Chapter 1

"Settle down” boomed Professor Slughorn "NEWT potions takes up a lot of time so lets get straight into our lesson. Today we are going to be making the Draught of Time. Can anybody tell me what the draught of time is?"

To no ones surprise Lily Evans hand shot straight up into the air. Her position as Head Girl being kept up to scratch. But nothing compared to the Head Boy who was leaning back in his chair lazily chatting to his best mate Sirius Black who was currently pulling faces at his cousin Bellatrix Black.

"Yes Miss Evans?" asked Professor Slughorn
''The draught of time is a potion created by ancient warlocks who wanted to try and change the past to make a better future without dark lords.This failed and the warlocks were never seen again.''finished Lily.
''Correct Miss Evans.Twenty points to Gryffindor.Now this potion is very complex and one small mistake could result in you dissapearing into another time and place.'' warned Proffesor Slughorn

Sirius and James suddenly looked up, suddenly eager to start the lesson.
''Four to a cauldron'' ordered Slughorn.

The four Gryffindors went to one cauldron and the Slytherins to the other.
''The instructions '' Slughorn flicked his wand ''are on the board.'' the instructions appeared on the board.''Make sure you follow what th...'' Slughorn's voice was drowned out by students rushing to get ingredients.

This is gonna be so cool.Where shall we go first?'' Sirius asked James
''How about five years from now to see how I'm doing as a famous quidditch player'' James replied cockily.
Yeah right.Better make it 20 years from now!''said Remus.
Yeah, you're right'' agreed Sirius ''That's how long it's gonna take James to get to the subs.''
''Hey I'm still here you know'' said James.
''So am I, and here are the ingredients'' said Lily, coming back from the ingredients cupboard.''Have you decided where we are going?'' asked Lily
''Yep, 20 years from now.So lets get cracking.'' replied Remus.
''Huh.Get what cracking?'' Sirius asked stupidly.
''I really don't understand how you got 8 OWL's'' yelled Lily gettin annoyed.''Get cracking on the potion, you dumbass.''
''Hey that hurt'' said Sirius sarcastically, while putting a hand on his heart.

''We just have to add the unicorn powder, link hands and think about where we are going.'' said Lily
''At last something interesting.'' exclaimed James grabbing Lily's hand, Sirius chuckled as he grabbed Lily's other hand.
''You will only be gone for a minute or so DO NOT talk to anyone!'' yeled Proffesor Slughorn.
''Where's the fun in that?!'' yelled Sirius.
''I want to see if I'm still good looking old!'' James added vainly.
''OK.I'm just going to add the unicorn powder, so get ready.'' said Remus.
''No let me do it.'' said Sirius grabbing the pot off Remus.''No wait..'' yelled Remus, but it was too late, Sirius had already spilt hal the pot into the cauldron.It started to bubble ferociously.
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