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~*~Normally I would never write something like this but i base this upon some people i knew this happened to so woo lets broadcast in harry potter style lol, enjoys my friends life haha I'm evil~*~

It pains me so bad that I feel this way, here I sit near the end of my seventh year, my life just continues to flash in my eyes, I’ve grown so much since I began here, well perhaps not so much, I’m still the same bushy haired girl but I guess now I am just a bushy haired woman.
Every day pain runs through me, how I suffer, my life seems so intolerable, I love ron, yes I do, I love him in everyway, the security he gives me the love the kindness all the fun times, but we’ve been together nearly a year, but sometimes he’s just so insufferable, I’m not allowed to even talk to another boy, well except harry! But if I even go near a boy, he shouts at me, and I admit my loyalty is faltering.
Yes I admit it, me Hermione granger am in love with another, I seek the thrill of something new, I know its bad, but cant the perfect student crave something more for a change?

I close my book slowly and sigh, staring around the common room, so many happy times with ron and harry have been spent in this room, ron asked me out just there by the fire, a weak smile appears on my face, he was so funny he couldn’t even get his words out, getting up and moving towards the window, staring upon the June grounds it looked so warm out even though it was dark,
The sad thing is I know the other I love loves me too! He told me just out there by the lake, I couldn’t tell him how I felt, I couldn’t risk it getting back to ron, so I had to tell him I didn’t feel the same way, but now he’s left, and I miss him, I just want him to wrap his muscular arms around me I want him to stroke my hair tell me everything is alright, but it’s not, not when my heart aches in the way it does.

‘Mione?’ questioned a voice, I turn around and see that smile, that red hair and freckles, he walks over to me, my heart skips a beat, oh how I love ron!

‘Hi ron’ I reply smiling brightly,
all my thoughts of the other leave my mind, as ron wraps his arms around me in a tight embrace, I wrap my arms around him, in a loving way, burying my face into his neck as he kisses me head, how could I ever think about another when I have this perfect boy, well man right here, he loves me he treats me perfectly, how would the other man treat me? I wouldn’t know.

‘what you doing up so late? You know we have an exam tomorrow, I bet your studying late again’ laughed ron looking at me brightly

I merely smiled and nodded ron let out a huge yawn,

‘well I’m going to bed, I’m so tired, is harry in the dorms already?’ asked Ron

‘Yeah he went up there earlier, I think he was talking to ginny’ I replied

‘I thought they broke up?’ snapped Ron

‘Yeah I think they’re back together’ I laughed

‘Eugh I’ll kill him’ raged Ron pelting towards the dorms but quickly turned around before descending ‘I love you’ he smiled

‘I love you too’ I beamed, and he was gone

My heard began to ache again, why was it whenever he was around, he was all I cared about, but when he leaves I want someone else, I need air!
Walking away from the window I headed out the portrait hole and descending many stairs, I knew it was after hours but I didn’t care what was there left to care about any more? finally reaching the great oak doors I slowly pushed one open, and letting the warm breeze hit my pale face, I quietly closed the door, and gazed out at the stars, where was he/? Was he thinking about me too? I moved slowly across the grounds towards the lake under that tree where he told me his feelings, told me how much he cared for me, I wanted to see him, but I know I wouldn’t, he was gone now,
I looked at the tree, I swear I saw movement, I didn’t let it faze me, I was too consumed in my thoughts to let it bother me, but as I reached the place, I saw someone there, silhouetted my the moons light he moved forward

‘Hermione?’ the voice questioned, it sounded so familiar, he moved into the light, I felt myself gasp,
there he was, perfect curtains of blonde hair, that pale face, that muscular body and those yes, those amazing silver eyes, I stared at him shocked running through my body

‘I can’t believe you’re here hermione’ said Draco, a bitterness in his voice
I couldn’t believe it, I thought he’s left to become a deatheater, joining Voldemort, I looked at his clothing long black robes, and maybe he had joined after all.

‘I t..thought you joined you-know-who’ I said shakily he shook his head and smiled

‘no I couldn’t the thought of you kept me away from him, but now I’m back for my exams’ he said coming closer to me,
‘you seem to be all I think about, I mean I never would have thought that I draco Malfoy, could fall for you granger, I mean hermione’ he said grinning,
‘and yet I knew that maybe if I waited here under this tree you would come and find me as this is where you found out, and yet said you didn’t care for me, but something tells me you were not that honest’ draco let out a laugh and wrapped his arms around my waist, my heart jumped happiness spreading throughout me, he stroked my hair so gently, this was what I needed, this was what I wanted.

‘run away with me’ he whispered, I stared up into his silver orbs

‘what?’ I replied

‘now we can leave now’ he said more urgently

‘but I cant just leave Ron and everything here’ I said taking a step back

‘I thought this was what you wanted, me and you together’ he said looking confused

I didn’t know what I wanted anymore, what sort of life would we have? Hiding away together, when I know being with Ron would be security, marriage children happiness!
But being with Draco is so new it’s exciting, and fun!
Confusion running through my mind, why did he have to return? I could have just kept dreaming now here I stand having to make this ultimatum having to choose which path to take.

‘hermione please tell me, I can’t keep waiting, I love you and I know you love me back’ he said sounding angry

‘even if I did love you, what could you possibly offer me? What life would I have?’ I need to know where my life is going-’ my words were silenced as he pressed his lips against mine, wrapping his arms around my body, my hand swept through his perfect blonde hair, time seemed to stop as passion enclosed us, this kiss was so fiery and lustful, it was exhilarating and so new it was different, it was what my heart and body had been aching for and yet it wasn’t how I expected there was something missing….there was no warmth, no love no security, it was just hot and heavy, I pulled away, looking at draco he stared at me back looking saddened

‘I love you’ he whispered into the night

‘I love you, and yet I love another’ I whispered back to him. ‘I have waited so long for you, my pains have just been hurting so much, maybe if you never left I wouldn’t still be with ron now, but I don’t know what life we can have together’ I said sadly


an arm wrapped around me I smiled so happily.

The final day at hogwarts had finally arrived, we were about to board the train, the train that led to adulthood, so many amazing years were just memories now ghosts of our past, I saw harry his arm around ginny, he looked so happy, even though he had such troubled times ahead of him, I smiled at him as him and ginny got on the train together, they were so perfect for each other I watched as everyone got on, so many people had lost their loved one and yet everyone looked so happy, but this was only the beginning, Voldemort was still out there, and I would help harry to defeat him, I watched as the last person got on the train alone he turned and looked at me, a sad look playing on his pale pointed face, his silver eyes looked close to tears, I turned to the person with their arm around me, there he was ron, my one and only, he is my love and will be forever, he kissed my cheek as we got onto the train, joking harry and ginny in their compartment.

‘I love you hermione’ beamed Ron kissing me again, ginny groaned and pulled a face, I smiled and laughed,
something’s wont change, and its for the better I wont forget draco but ron is my soul and the most amazing person in the world, even though he’s annoying, he’s mine, these little pains of draco may return, but my loyalty wont ever waver again

‘I love you too’ I smiled leaning onto his shoulder as the train left the station, I would never return, but I still had my friends, and my Ron!


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