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50 Names For Hermione Granger by Sara4Harry
Chapter 1 : 50 Names For Hermione Granger
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50 Names For Hermione Granger

A/N – Due to a phenomenal amount of people who wanted a sequel to ’50 Names For Draco Malfoy’ I put my imagination to work and came up with a one-shot sequel. I hope this satisfies you :D Love always Sara4Harry xox br />

The moonlight streamed through the windows of the Astronomy Tower, a cool breeze filtering through the gaps in the walls. Huddled in a corner, arms bringing her knees to her chin, Hermione Granger sat.

Hours she had been sitting there, a small sniffle or a tear or two she would shed but besides this she had kept her silent vigil. But what she lacked in verbally releasing her emotions she made up for in the storm of thoughts speeding through her mind.

Another loveless night she would spend, another night she would envy the other girls in her year and below.

Her thoughts wandered back to that glorious forth year in which she had come to know Viktor Krum. He had been handsome, oh yes. She smiled wryly when she recalled how a bunch of girls would follow him around. She had felt love for the very first time. When he had left with the rest of Durmstrang, it had broken her heart. They did still write to each other from time to time but the romance had gone.

She shuddered as a new memory came to mind. It sent shivers up her spine, goose bumps arose on her bare arms, which had nothing to do with the chill in the air. Her heart began to race, her blood pumping faster, her body trembling all over. She had craved for love, she had wanted it, wished for it even. But why did it have to come from Draco Malfoy?

It had been a simple challenge, one she could not refuse, and one she knew she had known she could win. Yes, she had won, she had succeeded in labelling him fifty horrid names which she felt had described him best. But she could not shake the feeling that she had lost. Malfoy being the womaniser he was had noticed her craving for attention and had used it against her to a get a free snog in a dark room.

Another tear slipped down her cheek and she hurriedly wiped it off. She had allowed herself to be used. But now she wanted to be used. She had wanted him to touch her, to kiss her. It had been a struggle to tear away from him. He was her enemy. She hated him. It should have been a struggle, it should have been easy.

A sigh escaped her lips. She closed her eyes for a moment, then fluttered them open once more when she heard a noise. Somebody was climbing the steps to the tower.

Frantically Hermione searched for a place to hide. She jumped to her feet and turned in circles until she found a sufficiently large trunk to cower behind. The last thing she wanted to be discovered after hours in a place famous for lovers’ secret meetings in the night.

She peered over the trunk to see the door handle slowly swivel around and the door to creak open.

Realising she was breathing heavily, Hermione covered her mouth with her hands. Her heard was beating so fast Hermione felt it would see jump out of her chest.

She listened as the newcomer slowly made his way to the window opposite the door. Again she took the opportunity to look over the trunk. What she saw caused her heard to stop dead for a few seconds.

Platinum blonde hair basked in the moonlight. He was leaning against the window and muttering under his breath. Draco Malfoy.

Quickly she hid herself again. What was he doing? He was the last person she would expect to see on by himself so late at night in the Astronomy Tower. But wouldn’t most say the same about her?

“Mentally wrong I’ll give her mentally wrong.” He muttered, “How could she just leave like that?” He released a frustrated growl and hit his head against the window in anger.

Hermione’s eyes were wide with shock. He was talking about her! This knowledge made her heart flutter lightly and her insides do the cha-cha. Maybe he really wanted to be with her. But her happy bubble popped when she remembered again who she was thinking of and for the hundredth time that day wished any other male was in the place of Draco Malfoy. It was a cruel game fate was playing.

“Get a grip. What would father think anyway?” he frowned at the thought and added what Hermione was just thinking, “What would everybody else think?”

He gazed out across the Hogwarts Grounds, but only seeing the girl he had spent a few minutes with in dark room earlier that day. He wanted it to happen again. He contemplated getting a time turner just to watch it take place. Desire was driving him mad.

He turned around preparing to leave. He had gone to the tower in the hope of acquiring peace of mind but had been disappointed.

Not watching where he was going he tripped over a stray telescope and tumbled to the floor with a loud thud.

Unable to help herself Hermione looked over the trunk to see if he was alright. He was slowly picking himself up when he glimpsed her trying to go back into her hiding place.

“Granger!” he cried in shock.

She squeaked, “I…I...” then finding no words she quickly made a dash for the door.

Scrambling to his feet he managed to catch hold of one of her wrists to stop her from running away a second time.

“Let me go!” she gasped, avoiding his eyes, not trusting herself.
“No.” he said firmly, “Look at me.”

She shook her head, tears falling quickly down her cheeks. She bit her lip. She refused to do as he demanded. She knew she would not be able to stop her own desire taking control if she looked at him.

“Please.” He added in a pleading tone. How could she refuse that?

She moved her gaze slowly upwards and met his eyes. Her insides squirmed with delight. He trailed a tear with his finger. Her breathing became infrequent and rapid.

‘What is taking so long?’ her desire cried in anguish. But she would not let her desire for him get the better of her.

“Leave me alone Draco.” She tried to say firmly but instead it was a weak demand.

“You don’t give me chance.” He said lightly, smiling weakly.
“Only because you don’t give me a chance to escape.” She retorted in the same weak and small voice.

A silence followed when all either one could do was stare at each other, both craving what they could not have.

“I’m tired, I want to go to bed. Let me go.” She said with a little more courage.

He stared at her with a hurt expression, “You can sleep? I would too if you wouldn’t stop hassling my mind. Do you really think I’d choose you if I wanted to be in love with someone?” he scoffed.

Hermione slapped him hard across the cheek, “You’re not in love with me! This whole thing is a misunderstanding!” she struggled to break loose but her efforts were fruitless.

“You’re a spiteful bitch!” he hissed in anger, eyes flashing with fury, “A bloody wrench! You’re not the only one with fancy words Granger. I could easily describe you in fifty words.”

Although still seething with anger she could not help but smile slightly, “If you can come up with another forty-eight in addition to the two you just labelled me I’ll give you a chance.” She ignored her common sense screaming at her insolence.

He smirked drawing her back into the wall beside the door, his hand let her wrist go but made its way to her hip.

“You’re a Persistent, deficient, dense, intolerable, impertinent, inferior, mudblood.” He uttered in her ear. She glared at him and pushed him back. She went to move for the door but he stopped her with more words.

”Sullen, brutal, savage!” he added. She swiftly turned to face him again, “Stubborn feminist.”

She folded her arms over her chest and waited for more dreadful words to be thrown at her. She had to admit he wasn’t doing such a bad job.

“Tormentingly, “he took a step forward, “Ferocious, “ another step, “Temptress.” He pounced on her with his lips, pressing them firmly on her own. Losing their balance they fell to the fall.

Leering Malfoy whispered, “Fearless warrior.” She nodded, “Glad you know it.”

“Stunning.” He softly planted his lips on her neck, “Spectacular siren.” He added more butterfly kisses up and down her neck and shoulder. She groaned in pleasure.

“Formidable Intellectual.” She gave a small laugh when he said that. “Thank you.” He inclined his head.

Sitting up on her elbows she watched his hair shimmer in the blue light, envious of his pale white skin that was perfect in every way.

“Intoxicating shrew.” He quickly moved when he said this, knowing she would try to attack.

“That’s ridiculous! I’m no shrew!” she tried to swipe him with her hand but fell short. He crawled back to her when he knew it was safe and Hermione pulled him toward her roughly. She desperately needed to have him close. There was no reasonable explanation why this was so. Are there any reasonable explanations for desire?

“Cunning, audacious, vivacious, melodramatic, delinquent.” Draco said lightly with a grin.

“I’m not a delinquent.” She frowned. She was a law-abiding student. (Excluding her adventures with Harry and Ron.)

“Oh really? Then why are you here? With me I might add?” he asked he. She did not reply. She still did not know.

“Astonishing, overwhelming, magnificent, breath-taking, beauty.” He whispered and she blushed at his words, thanking the darkness. Did he really think that or was he just running out of words?

“”Caring, kind, perfect, leader.” He continued, showing no signs of defeat.

Hermione shuffled away from him, staring transfixed at the boy she was certain she did not know. This was not Draco Malfoy, he had been replaced with the man who only existed in her dreams.

“Sweet, affectionate, loyal, compassionate, sensitive, talented, sympathetic, innocent, loving…” Only one more to go. He paused before finished, giving it more momentum and then said, “Angel.”

He reached out with one of his hands. She looked at it, then at his face, which was yearning for her to take it, then back at his hand.

“Hermione.” His voice ached with want, “I know we can’t be together but just...just for a little while…”

She wanted to withdraw from him but her body wasn’t going to listen to her conscious.

She reached out and took hold of his hand. He pulled her towards him and cradled her in his arms, “It won’t last forever, we are two separate souls, but just between us, just as a secret I’ll have you my squirmy ferret.”

He grinned, “And I you my angelic savage.”

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50 Names For Hermione Granger: 50 Names For Hermione Granger


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