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Moments later Hermione was back at her childhood home.

“Hermione, quickly” Mrs. Granger said as she handed Julian to her wrapped in a blanket. Hermione’s heart skipped a beat at his still form. Luckily she could feel he was still breathing.

"Its ok baby," she whispered soothingly, "Mommy's here." she turned to her parents, "We have to get to St. Mungos now," she stepped back into the fireplace and with one arm tightly around Julian, and floo powder in the other they were instantly transported by the network to the hospital.

After being directed to the spell damage floor they sat waiting to see a healer. Hermione's mind was racing with worry, "please be ok," she whispered to in Julian’s ear, "mummy is so sorry she left, I promise it will never happen again. “she turned to her mother, her face white with panic, “How you could let this happen?"

Mr. Granger put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder to calm her. “Hermione, there's no need to speak to your mother like that, it's not her fault." Hermione nodded as she choked back the tears, she knew it wasn't her mothers fault, but she was so upset and needed to vent out on someone.

"I know, sorry mum,” Hermione said sadly, “I'm just worried he's not going to make it," Mrs. Granger squeezed her daughters arm, "Don't worry dear, it'll be ok once he's been seen too." she pointed towards a young witch who was approaching them, "Look, here comes someone now."

The young witch was a healer named Madison. They followed her to the exam room and Hermione laid Julian on the bed. Madison examined him and did what looked like a few standard tests. After she had finished she turned to Hermione,

"So, Ms Granger, what exactly happened?" Hermione looked at her mother and then back at Madison, "To be quite honest, I'm too not sure," she felt so embarrassed, Madison must think she's a terrible mother, "I left him with my parents as I was out of town to attend a wedding." she paused for a moment, she wasn't sure weather she should say but it may be somehow important,

"You see, they're muggles so they weren't sure if the damage was magical or not." Madison scribbled down some notes with her quill, "So I thought it best to bring him here." Madison nodded and continued to write.

Hermione wrung her hands nervously; she would never forgive herself if this caused permanent damage. After scanning her notes and giving Julian another once over, Madison looked at Hermione with a soft expression. Hermione’s body became numb.

"Ms Granger, are you at all familiar with the term Magicum Primus?"

Hermione searched her brain, she was positive she had heard that term before but under the stress was finding it hard to pinpoint where. She shook her head in a sad panic,

"It sounds familiar, but I can't be certain," she looked at Julian, "Is it serious? Will he be ok?" Hermione placed her hand on Julian’s still form, he was so cold. Tears were threatening to spill over her already quivering eyes.

"Magicum Primus is a fascinating thing Ms Granger,” Madison said as she walked toward a cabinet and pulled out what Hermione could only guess was some kind of antidote, “It's more common term is magic-” she handed the phial to Hermione and smiled, “-first time magic to be exact.”

Hermione was confused, did she just say fascinating? Her son was motionless and she was calling this fascinating. Madison could obviously read her reaction and thought it best to take a step back and explain,

"Ms Granger, you son has shown his first sign of magic. This is commonly triggered by fear. Babies react by performing a defensive spell, purely by accident of course. It's a normal reflex but often stuns them temporarily,"

Relief washed over Hermione as her mother hugged her, "So he's going to be ok?" she asked. Madison nodded, "He's going to be just fine. You can take him home once I’ve perform the counter spell"

Hermione nodded as she gently caressed Julian’s head. She couldn’t believe that her baby boy had shown his first sign of magic.

“Thank you,” she said in relief as she examined the contents in the phial, “So this is some kind of recovery medicine?”

“The content in that phial is for anxiety.” Madison smiled as she began the counter spell on Julian, “It’s for you,”

Hermione raised her eyebrow at this statement; she was slightly caught off guard,
“for me? But, I don’t understand?”

“It was perfectly normal for you to react the way you did Ms Granger. All first time mothers go through it.” Madison explained as she finished the spell, “That stuff just helps take the edge off so you will be back to normal when your son wakes up and is ready to leave.” Hermione nodded, “Oh, right,” she said, slightly embarrassed, “Thank you Madison, for everything.”

“It was no trouble,” she said as she handed Hermione some forms, “Just fill these out and take them to the front desk when you’re ready to leave,” she squeezed Hermione gently on the bid them farewell, “now if you’ll excuse me, I have another patient to attend to,” and with that she disappeared.


“Look mate, just try to calm down,” Harry always tried to be sympathetic towards Ron and his problems with Hermione but frankly after so many years it seemed to be getting a little redundant. However, he still had to try, Ron was his best mate and soon to be brother in law, “what exactly did she say when she left?”

Ron was pacing back and forth in Harry and Ginny’s lounge, moving fast but going nowhere, “She said it was because of him Harry, she said it was because of this Julian guy that made her leave.”

Harry registered the name but was unsure weather Hermione had told him the whole story, “are you sure she said Julian?” he asked casually. Ron gave him a sharp look, “I was there Harry and I’m not deaf. She looked me straight in the eye and said Julian.” He stopped and rubbed his temples as he mumbled to himself, “Julian. Who is Julian? I don’t know any Julian,” he turned to Harry, “Do you?”

Harry sat with a blank look on his face, what was he suppose to say? It was definitely not his place to tell Ron he was a father and Julian in fact was his son. He continued to search his brain for an answer,

“Harry?” Ron looked curiously at Harry awaiting some kind of response. Crap. Think Harry, think. Ron’s eyes began to narrow suspiciously, “Harry, do you know something?” Harry remained silent which helped his case in no way whatsoever. Ron walked towards the couch and sat down, head buried in his hands, defeated.

“So how long has this been going on? I must’ve looked like a right fool all those years ago, thinking she was so into me,” Harry could see Ron was tired of fighting and could feel nothing but sorry for him, especially since Ron had no idea how wrong he was.

“I swear mate, I just found out too.” Harry said in an attempt to be comforting. They sat together, staring into space. They preferred silence when dealing with emotional girl problems; it was a pact they made a long time ago. To them, understanding the female species was a problem best discussed in silence.

Ginny arrived home about an hour later and was surprised at the grim mood set in the lounge, she dumped her parcels on the couch and turned to her older brother,

“Ok, Ron, what did you do now? Where’s Hermione?” Ginny asked sarcastically. Harry gave her a quick glance as if to say now was not the time to be joking around. Ginny shrugged, “What happened?” A look of realization came over her face as she sat down slowly, “Oh no, Helena told you the news then?”

Ron looked confused, “what are you talking about? What news?”

Harry buried his head in his hands and Ginny could swear she heard him make a groaning sound. She looked at Ron apologetically, “Oh no, it nothing. Sorry I must have my wires crossed it was someone else that-”
“Ginny don’t!” Ron interrupted loudly, making Ginny jump in her seat, “I have had enough of people hiding things from me,” he stood up, his face turning red with anger, “just tell me, what news was Helena suppose to have told me?”

Ginny was now standing, her face turning just as red, “Don’t you yell at me Ronald Weasley! If you want answers, maybe you should go and find out from your fiancé!”

“No Ginny, no more hiding. Just tell me now!” Ron was in no mood to be put in place by his baby sister, “I have a right to know if it concerns me!”

“Enough!” Harry put his foot down hard as he stood up to join the shouting match. Both Ginny and Ron looked at him in surprise but said nothing.

“Ron,” Harry began after a minute of silence moved past, “Helena has some pretty big news to tell you which Ginny and I both feel is best to come from her,-” Ron squinted his eyes a bit in protest “-but I guess in a way your right, if the news concerns you then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we told you.”

Ron stood staunch and folded his arms, “Look guys. I’m not in the mood to be treated like a child. Just tell me ok, I deserve to know.”

Harry looked at Ginny who gave a non-comical shrug, “if he wants to know, I guess there’s no harm in telling him,” she looked at Ron with a serious stare, “you might want to sit down for this one,” she said sternly as she sat down on the couch and patted the empty seat next to her.

“No thanks, I think I’ll stand,” he replied sharply, still sore from Ginny’s outburst earlier, “Just tell me already.”

“Ron,” Harry said in the most comforting voice he could find, “Helena’s pregnant,”

“Wh…Wh…Wha…How?” Ron stuttered

Ginny raised her eyebrow, “um Ron if you need to ask how, then-”

“I know how Ginny,” Ron interrupted, “that is not what I meant,” he began to pace again, “It’s just a shock that’s all, I mean we never really discussed kids,” he shook his head violently, “I swear she said she wasn’t ready for a family yet and,” he stopped in his tracks, “well what about her career? What about my career and-,” he then broke into a string of mumbles as he continued to pace again. Harry and Ginny watched him closely both wondering weather telling him was the right thing to do.

“Ron,” Ginny asked softly, hoping not to awake the beast she knew was hiding inside her brother on his bad days “you are happy about this, aren’t you?”.

“What? Oh yeah, of course I’m happy,” he said quickly, as if he had forgotten Ginny and Harry were in the room. He scratched the back of his head nervously. “Ah, look guys, I better go and find Helena; we have a lot of talking to do.” He walked dazedly toward the fireplace to use the floo network. There was no way he could apparate now when his mind was all over the place.

When Ron stepped into his living room moments later he was greeted with a high intoxication smell. He held his hand over his nose as he investigated where the smell was coming from.

“Helena?” he called out curiously as she walked toward the opened balcony door. The smell was becoming stronger as he made his way outside. There he found the source of the odd smell. Helena was burning something on a small bonfire she had conjured up with magic. Ron’s eyes widened as he recognized the box she was using to feed the fire.

“Helena, what the bloody hell are you doing?” he asked as he marched over to retrieve the box. Helena quickly snatched it up and ran to hold it with her arm stretched over the bonfire.

“One more step and it goes in the fire,” she threatened, her eyes blazing like the flames beneath her arm, Ron back away slowly and held up his hands in surrender,

“Ok, ok,” he said softly, “just calm down ok,” he moved toward her slowly, “what is this all about?”

“I will NOT calm down Ronald,” she hissed as she retracted the box and pulled out a handful of parchments before discarding the box savagely on the floor,

“What? Did you think I would never find these?!” she screamed as she waved the parchments at Ron, “how could you? This whole time we’ve been together you’ve been writing letters to HER!?!”

Ron was caught off guard. He had kept that box in a particular hiding place and couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed that Helena had disrespected his privacy. But he had to push those feelings aside, Helena was in a delicate condition and he didn’t want to do anything to hard her or the baby.

“Helena, please,” Ron said calmly, “it’s not what it looks like ok,” he continued to move closer, “those letter were just a way for me to vent my feelings, my frustration. I never actually sent them.”

Helena backed away and held up one of the parchments and began to read it, “‘Dear Hermione, I miss you more than you could ever know. There is so much more love inside me left to share with you-’ this was written six months ago Ron! SIX! We have been together for over TWO years,” she held up two fingers, “TWO YEARS RON! Not only is this unacceptable, it’s down right insulting!” she screamed as she threw the parchments in the fire,

“Helena, you don’t understand-” Ron began, his eyes on the parchments as they began to burn slowly,

“Your damn right I don’t understand,” Helena interrupted, “why in the world would you want to be with someone like Hermione when you have someone like me? Someone who is willing to be with you?” she asked madly, “I gave you everything Ron, and you didn’t even care!”

“That’s not true Helena and you know it!” Ron said defensively, “Helena I love you ok, please let’s just go inside and work this out, please?” he asked sincerely.

Helena wasn’t listening; she was staring at the box at something shiny hat had caught her eye. She walked over to retrieve it, her eyes narrowed,

“Well, well, well,” she said as she picked up the said object and held it in her hand, “what do we have here?” she asked as she moved closer to the fire to have a better look. It was a medal of some sort; there was an inscription engraved on it,

‘Presented to Hermione Jane Granger for Commitment and Bravery in Defense against the Dark Arts and Preserving Wizard kind.’

Ron recognized immediately the medal Helena was holding in her hand and reacted instantly, “Helena, don’t,” he warned her as she moved closer to grab the medal, “NOT ANOTHER STEP RON!” Helena yelled as she held the medal over the fire, just she had done with the parchments earlier, “don’t think I won’t throw this in too!” she threatened, holding back her tears.

Ron took a moment to compose himself, “Helena, this is ridiculous,” he said calmly, he had to initiate some kind of “please can we just go inside and discuss this? The smoke out here can’t be good for you or our baby, and-”

Helena’s eyes widened, “Who told you about the baby?” she demanded, “It was her wasn’t it, that sneaky little-”
“No Helena, it was Harry & Ginny who told me ok,” Ron interrupted quickly, “but it’s ok, I’m happy about it, really. We’re going to be a family. You, me and our child, together,” he said soothingly,

“Nice try Ron, but we both know that you never wanted to have a family with me,” she hissed as she continued to dangle the medal over the fire, “well, luckily for you, we’re not going to,”

“What? So you’re not pregnant?” Ron asked, slightly confused, “I don’t understand?”

“Well maybe you’ll understand this!” she screamed as she threw the medal into the fire, “No!!” Ron yelled as he dashed quickly to retrieve it back out, his hand seared in the heat as he wrapped his fingers around the medal and pulled it out quickly,

“Damn it,” he yelled as he ran into the kitchen and dropped the medal on the bench. Helena followed him as she stuck his hand under the tap and ran cool water over it. He turned to Helena, “You are crazy. I want you out of my house, now!”

Helena knew she had pushed Ron too far, but she didn’t care. Her reputation was on the line and there was no way she was leaving her on Ron’s terms.

“Oh, don’t worry I’m leaving,” Helena said coolly, as she composed herself, “There is just one more thing you need to know,”

“Whatever it is, I don’t care!” Ron said through his gritted teeth, his hand was hurting more than he wanted to let on,

“Oh I think you will care Ron,” Helena continued, ignoring Ron’s glare, “you see because I really am pregnant,” she said proudly,

“What?” Ron was beginning to get light headed, “but you said-”
“Oh I know what I said Ron,” Helena interrupted, “the baby’s not yours Ron,”

Ron looked like he had been slapped in the face, “Wait, let me get this straight,” he turned the tap off and walked toward Helena, “you mean to tell me that you have been sleeping around on me?”

Helena stared him right back in the eyes, “that’s right, doesn’t feel nice does it huh?” she said in spite, “It makes you think doesn’t it? You must be doing something wrong Ronald Weasley, seeing as you can’t keep your woman from being unfaithful,”

Ron’s ears turned pink as he remembered Hermione and her recent admittance about her and a guy named Julian. “I want you out of here Helena!” he yelled angrily, “so you better leave now before I do something I might regret,” he turned his back on her before he could see Helena pull out her wand.

Ron had no chance with his damaged hand from countering the jinx; he curled over and fell to his knees just as he watched Helena disappear behind the elevator doors.


Ron’s head felt heavy when he awoke. He blinked his eyes a few times to adjust to the light and looked around the room. After spending much of his childhood and school years in the infirmary he knew he must be at St Mungos, the question was how did he get there? The answer came into view in the doorway, Harry.

After explaining the situation to Ginny, he made his way to Ron’s to make sure he was ok, he arrived to find Ron on the floor with a damaged hand.

“How are you feeling?” Harry sat on the chair by the bedside as Ron sat up, “It’s ok. I’ve been worse.” He looked out the window; it was dark out, “How long have I been out?” Harry smiled, “Only a couple of hours mate. Althea, the healer, said that was a pretty powerful spell that hit you, but since you have good defenses it only stunned you a bit and knocked you out,”

Ron tried to get out of bed, just as Althea entered the room, “Oh no you don’t Mr. Weasley,” Ron froze, “Not till I’ve had one final look at you to make sure all is ok, then you may go.” She checked his chart and did some final tests before declaring him ok to leave, she handed him a form to take to the desk to sign him out.

Harry waited outside the room while Ron got dressed. “Harry?” he turned and saw Hermione walking down the hallway towards him holding Julian in her arms, his head was resting on her shoulder, “What are you doing here? Is something wrong with Ginny?” she asked,

Harry shook his head, “No, Ginny’s fine. I’m not here to see her”

“Oh good,” Hermione said with relief, “So, if your not here with Ginny, then who are you here with?” Harry shifted uncomfortably, “Um, its Ron. He broke up with Helena and it didn’t end very well,” Hermione’s eyes widened, “Oh my goodness, what happened?” Harry shrugged, “Well I’m not 100% sure, but honestly, he’s fine. I’m just waiting out here while he gets changed so we can go.” Hermione was relieved to hear Ron was ok when she started to panic and grabbed Harry with her free hand.

“Harry I can’t let him see me here with Julian, it’s not the right time,” Her heart started racing; she turned to leave and started power walking down the hallway. She heard the door opening and then Ron’s voice, “Ready to go mate? Who were you talking to?” Hermione hoped like anything that he didn’t look up the hallway, she had almost made it to the corner when Julian gave her away, “Bye Awee,” he was waving over her shoulder as she turned.

She rushed to the front desk and handed them the papers. The young lady behind the desk inspected the papers and scribbled some notes, she waved her wand and produced another paper which she handed to Hermione, “Sign here and here and initial there and here” she tapped her wand and little “x” symbols appeared where she was to sign. She put Julian down, “Stay here honey, mommy needs to sign some papers then we can go home.”

“Mommy?” Hermione froze at the sound of Ron’s voice …

A/N: Ok for you guys who reviewed I made it my mission to get this chapter up as soon as possible, so the more you guys review, the faster I write the next chapter!! So PLEASE review it up large for the next chappie!

I know it was a bit long, but I had to fit it all in there and thought Ron and Helena deserved a dramatic breakup! Hopefully you readers are happy with the outcome!

And again, thanks to Mandy for being the beta on this chapter! I couldn't have completed my mission without you!

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