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They marched up the hill. All of them, Harry’s gang and Malfoy and his girlfriend. Ron couldn’t help but feel like they were being followed. Plus what Megan had said sort of spooked him. He kept close to Hermione he knew she would protect him. He thought so.

“You don’t think what Radcliffe said was true do you?” He whispered to Hermione frightfully. Megan sneered her and Malfoy were at the back of the group. Actually it did appear as if they were following them.

“I’m right here y’know…” She shouted. Hermione turned back and sneered at Megan then turned back to Ron.

“Don’t be silly Ron; she’s not going to do anything…” Hermione answered confidently. Megan rolled her eyes and folded her arms. Harry decided to jump in.

“Hermione’s right Ron. Malfoy and Radcliffe aren’t going to do anything. They always start things then back out when it gets too serious. They’re cowards.” Harry explained.

“We’re still here y’know…” Megan and Draco said in unison with an attitude. But Harry’s crew continued to ignore them.

“That Radcliffe aye? If she didn’t have boyfriend I’d say she’s one of the skankiest looking girls at Hogwarts. Especially because she’s so tall and all her clothes fit tight. Y’think she’s part giant?” Fred asked with a chuckle as they begun to laugh.

“I’M – WALKING – RIGHT – BEHIND – YOU!” She shouted in fury. She began to pant angrily.

“What’s wrong with you all!? Have some respect! And I’m not that tall!”

“Radcliffe, stop following us. You’re making Ron uncomfortable…” Hermione said through her teeth.

“Don’t flatter yourself! This is the only way back to they hotel me and Draco know of. After all, WE DID COME THE OPPOSITE WAY BY WHEEL BARROW!”

“Don’t take it out on us. You two deserve what you got!” Harry shouted. Megan hated it when Potter spoke before she was finished. Such rudeness made her want to slap him again.

“Potter, don’t be angry because you fancy after Draco and I got to him first. You’re just going to have to let it go” She replied as she signaled Draco to keep walking and they both stormed up the hill.

“I’m not GAY!” Harry shouted back furiously at them. Fred, George, Ron and Hermione gave Harry a blank stare. Harry was still angry.

“I’m not, I’m not gay…” Harry begun to whine. Hermione patted him on the back and led him up the hill along with the rest of the group.

The door of Hermione and Megan’s room slammed open. Pansy jumped at the sound and the sight. Megan had a foul smell to her. She looked like rubbish. Pansy hurried over to her, she was so worried about her best friend.

“Meg! Meg are you okay?” Pansy asked frightfully. Megan shot her and evil look. Pansy flinched and realized the error of her ways.

“Okay stupid question…” Pansy said as she flipped her hair. Megan stood in her same spot, hands clenched in anger, face focused with fury.

“You think…” She spat back. Pansy sat on the bed, Megan’s eyes continued to follow her every move.

“What happened to you?” Pansy asked fearfully. Megan sighed hardly and began to pace.

“After that filthy mudblood pushed me off the balcony, I landed into a wheel barrow that Measly Weasley had. And he let go of it and I plummeted down the hill. Draco tried to help, but it was rubbish…” Megan explained. Pansy sighed.

“Oh, he didn’t try hard enough did he?” she said sympathetically. Megan sneered.

“No, we landed in rubbish…” She said calmly. “What time is it?” Pansy looked down at her wrist watch and observed it.

“Five thirty… You guys were out there an awfully long time…” She said as she stood. Megan angrily walked to the bathroom and slammed the door.

“In thirty minutes we’re going out to dinner. Go tell Goyle, Crabbe and Draco.” She shouted as the shower came on and her yells were mildly muffled by the sound of water.

“Yes Megan…” Pansy whispered as she slowly towards the door.

“NOW!” Megan yelled irritably. Pansy jumped and ran out the door in fear.

Harry, Ron and Hermione reached Ron’s room. Ron didn’t know if Neville had still been there since this morning but, it seemed like a smart place to go after what just happened. Ron opened the door, only to see Dean, Seamus and Neville just sitting and talking. Peacefully, quite the contrary to Harry and Hermione’s roommates.

“Hey we’re going to hang around until dinner time okay.” Neville nodded in approval, he slumped onto his bed. Harry and Hermione sat beside him.

“So we’re going to that restaurant I told you two about right?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah whatever…” Harry muttered, obviously thinking about Radcliffe. Hermione knew because of the way his face looked she grew angry.

“You— you’re thinking about Radcliffe right now aren’t you?” She stuttered angrily. Harry looked up towards her. He sort of didn’t know what to say.

“No, of course not. Just wondering, how the rest of this holiday will be going…” He lied.

Megan, Pansy, Draco, Crabbe and Goyle walked down the crowded, crisp aired London streets. Megan was now changed into her other jeans, black shirt with a dark green zip up- pullover. Draco was now wearing a gray turtle neck along with a pair of his favorite jeans. They both smelled much better and were in much better moods. She and Draco decided to treat their group to dinner. They approached the restaurant, a Muggle bum jumped in front of them. He was hooded and pudgy looking. Megan sneered at him.

“Spare change?” He asked desperately.

“Out of my way Vagabond…” She replied angrily. As she slinked away, the Slytherin crew following her. They walked inside; the place was filled with mostly Muggles. Only some students from their school were there. The hostess approached them cheerfully.

“Hello! Five in your party, please follow me!” She said gingerly. She led them to their own table, which was nice and big. She had done a good job.

“You’re good at what you do…” Megan whispered to her, she pulled out a twenty pound note and begun to give it to her. She quickly snatched it away from her.

“Get us some whine over here and I’ll give it to you…”

“You’re underage…”

“No over-tip for you then!” She shouted as she sat down.

“I’ll be back with your menus…” She said as if her cheerfulness was sucked out her. Megan sat in between Pansy and Draco.

“Muggles are so ungrateful, if it were up to me, they wouldn’t even exist.” Megan ranted. Draco nodded his head agreeing. The hostess came back and dumped the menus onto the table. Megan looked in the menu and saw many items that she could buy, but she did have save most of money for other occasions on this trip. Not that she didn’t have plenty. The waiter arrived and asked for their orders.

“Let’s see, well I’m not that hungry. I just have the steak medium well, lobster, a whole chicken, fried not baked Oh! And a salad, watching my weight” She said with a smile as she patted her flat stomach. Draco sneered at her.

“Bloody hell Megan, thank you for ordering for us,” Draco started, he turned his head towards the waiter “That’s all we’ll be having please.” Draco said angrily (A/N: Always has to be Draco…) to the waiter, Megan picked up a fork and stabbed Draco with it in his hand.

“AAAAH! ----!” He cursed loudly. “I LOVE YOU TOO!” He groaned in excruciating pain. Megan turned over to Pansy and begun a conversation with her; ignoring Draco’s cries of pain.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked towards the restaurant all in a good mood. It seemed like Ron was still upset about what Megan had said. Harry and Hermione continually attempted to convince him that she was obviously lying. They approached the hostess, who unlike them was in a bad mood.

“Three in you party, please follow me…” She said sullenly. They trotted behind her as she led them to their table.

“Besides, all we have to do is be in the same room as them, its not like we’re hanging out or anything. All we have to do is stick together, it couldn’t get worse” Hermione said optimism. Ron stopped in his tracks and stood with a look of fear and shock on his face.

“It just did…” he whispered. Hermione and Harry’s face became just scared as his. They saw the Slytherin crew sitting at a table in the restaurant. Their night was most likely ruined.

The hostess sat them adjacent from the Slytherins. Hermione took this as an opportunity to protest.

“Excuse me; can you not sit us here?”

“Why not, listen this place is crowded tonight, your not sitting anywhere else okay. I’ll be back with your menus.” She stormed away angrily. Hermione shot a look at Radcliffe.

“Oh! Look at what we got here guys! It’s Mudblood, Pot-Head and Weasel-bee…” Radcliffe said slyly. Hermione attempted to ignore her. Harry was making it hard for her. He kept staring at Radcliffe. Radcliffe kept sniggering and looking over at Hermione’s table. They received their menus.

“Hey Granger, I suggest the – CHICKEN!” She shouted as she shoved a chicken leg down the back of her shirt. Harry jumped up in great anger and dragged Megan by her arm demanding that she apologize to Hermione. Crabbe and Goyle rose to her defense.

“How dare you lay a hand on me? NO man may lay a hand on me unless I wish it!”

“You’re starting with people why do you finish it!?” Harry roared, Not only was Radcliffe’s face angry it was also shocked.

“FINISH THIS!” She shouted as she slammed the steak from their meal into Harry’s face. Before anyone could even look up to see what was going on, there was food fight going on between Slytherins and Gryffindors. After about fifteen minutes of food flinging and fists being thrown, both parties were kicked out of the restaurant. And for some reason they all walked back to the hotel together. Megan was cover in mashed potatoes; Draco washed shimmering in butter and small pieces of the lobster. Crabbe and Goyle were soaked in gravy and Pansy in tartar sauce. Hermione covered in the chicken and some stuffing, Ron covered in Radcliffe’s salad, which wasn’t all the bad. But unfortunately Harry still had chunks of steak and the steak sauce on him.

“It seems I can’t stay two hours without being covered in something” Radcliffe murmured angrily. Draco took some mash potatoes off with his index finger and put it in his mouth.

“Well at least this time you taste delicious!” He said happily. She gave him an angry glare as she shoved him and walked away.

“You don’t have to be a prat you know…” He whispered as he followed.

“My god, this holiday has been horrible so far…” Harry started. “I would’ve been better off at the Dursley’s, Hermione Ron was right. We should have listened! We would have been better off at Hogwarts!” Harry shouted as he dropped to his knees and hugged Hermione’s ankles.

“WE DIDN’T LISTEN! WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!!!!” He shouted off the top of his lungs. He heard sniffing coming from behind him. Hermione frowned.

“Oh, Ron are you crying?”

“No…” he said as he sniffled once more. Harry stood to his feet leaving Hermione’s jeans stained in steak sauce. Ron was clutching to Harry’s sweater.

“Are—are you sniffing me!?”

“Yes…” He sniffed Harry again.


“Well… I’m hungry, we didn’t eat…and… you smell good…”


“No just…” He whispered as he took a piece of steak off his face and ate
“Mmmmm, yummy okay now I’m happy… wait hold on!” He said as he opened his mouth letting out his tongue and leaning towards Harry. Harry glared at Ron.

“Ronald Weasley… if you lick me, I am going to deck you in your face…” He said coolly. Ron backed away and they begun to walk again.

“Well just order out when we get back to the Hotel, okay Ron?” Hermione said as she patted him on his back.

“WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IS HOW YOU THREW SOMETHING AT ME, AND I WAS ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!!” Pansy yelled at Goyle, the Gryffindors turned around.

“You prats are still behind us?” Ron asked surprisingly.

“What are you all doing at this time of night?” A cold voice said as a dark figure stepped out of the alley.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Draco and Megan screamed in terror as they hugged each other frightened out of their wits.

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