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Chapter 3
An Albino

Dad never got around to responding to my letter. I had waited days on end but lo and behold, no letter, zip, nada, zilch. Instead I had gotten a letter from mother and Lord knows what that would hold and so when my curiosity had gotten the better of me and I read the letter I was right to assume that father was still disappointed in me perhaps even angry. But mother who wrote all this to me in a gentle manner assured me that father would get over me being, and I quote, “in Slyfinclaw.” Yeah, that’s real convincing I feel loads better. She then proceeded to ask me about school and if I had any friends. Severus’s face automatically popped into my mind, friend? Sorta. Needless to say I lied about me having friends.

“Oh yes I have loads of friends mother, we carousal and drink Fire Whiskey until we cannot feel our feet!”

I think the Whiskey part might have been a little bit too obvious that I was lying. But it would make her smile then laugh then growl then spit vehemently about my sarcasm. It was all in good fun. But I was not the only one who had a less than pleasing letter, in fact Black’s letter was much worse and much more embarrassing than mine, at least mine wasn’t heard for miles on out. I mean the way he had crumbled as the Howler yelled at him made me feel sorry for him, unlike my housemates who were chortling with glee. Despicable. How did I end up in this house?

He had run out of the great hall, letter in hand but we all could still hear it. I am guessing by the deep baritone of the voice emanating from the letter that the voice belonged to his father. His father was shouting out crap about being a blood-traitor, Mudblood lover and all sorts of ‘supposedly’ bad things. My father wasn’t as cruel as that but he hadn’t written back and that had hurt a lot. I could relate with Black and I felt very compelled to run after him. But thinking back on it, I suppose that would have been just a plain stupid idea. Severus on the other hand was laughing along with the rest of the bloody Slytherins. I expected it from him. From the start he had harbored feelings of hatred toward Sirius Black. I had wondered about this but something obviously must have happened between the two.

No, it was not I who ran after Sirius Black, it was James Potter the charming Gryffindor boy who had shaken the tight-lipped McGonagall’s hand during the sorting. This surprised me more than anything. When had the loyal Gryffindor boy befriended the would- be Slytherin? This was new to me and apparently to Bellatrix and Narcissca Black and their bunch of cronies.

“I see our beloved cousin has befriended that Potter boy.” Narcissca stated demurely while twirling a piece of blond hair over and over her fore finger. Lord I wanted to shoot her, I hated it when people played with their hair in any fashion in fact I would have shot her even if she wasn’t twirling her hair. Shows what a good person I am.

Her slightly more frightening sister Bellatrix laughed cruelly. It was a hard, forced laugh; there was nothing funny about it.

“The Potter family, ha! Don’t make me laugh even Sirius isn’t stupid enough to befriend a Potter.” She said, leering at the door leading out into corridors. The act caused her heavily lidded eyes to form thin black slits resulting in a somewhat skull like appearance. All in all, Bellatrix was a mad sadist.

“The Potter’s are a bunch of blood traitors.” Said a sixth year boy named Lestrange unnecessarily casually glancing at Bellatrix for her approval. She smirked at him coolly.

“An unnecessary statement Lestrange.” Said Bellatrix in her usual distant demeanor. Her group laughed pitifully. Cold and so fake, so forced. I vowed I would never be like them. I turned away disgusted and eyed the yellow yolk floating seamlessly over my plate. I felt sick. Images of home overwhelmed my thoughts. Mother in her sweats, puffing and pouting, her flaxen hair glinting in the breeze after a morning run, father busy fidgeting with his latest gadget placed on the kitchen counter in a precarious position, his sigh of frustration after the much anticipated crash of metal upon wood. And Luke, blonde haired, stuttering over hazel eyes with his drooping eyelids covering most of its beauty drinking from a carton of milk, hood up and without a care in the world.

My heart felt heavy. How were they holding up without me? Did they miss me? Did father miss me? Did Luke miss me? Lord I missed them, even mother. Gah. That is saying something. I played around with my eggs absently. Swish, swish, smear it with some syrup, swish, swish.

“Please tell me your not going to eat that.” Said a disgusted voice in front of me. I looked up and was greeted by the warm eyes of Lily Evans. I started. A Gryffindor! My eyes widened in shock. Had she gone completely mental? Did she not know what the consequences of her actions might be? No Gryffindor, especially a muggle first year Gryffindor had ever approached the Slytherin table alone. Bellatrix glanced sharply at my direction. I wanted to wither away and die. So much for being inconspicuous I thought wryly.

“What’s wrong?” Lily asked me tentatively. She fingered her robes nervously as she felt all eyes upon her; every single student in the Great Hall had looked up. Lily Evans was making history.

I masked my shock and smiled at her warmly. So who cared if she was in Gryffindor? Who cared if, after this moment I would be branded Supreme Outcast? Who cared if people would hate me? Who cared that I didn’t belong in this house? Who cared?

I did.

And I had every right to care, for at that moment Bellatrix Black spoke. Damn it to hell. Damn Black to hell. Damn the whole freaking Black family to hell. I swear they were put on earth to torture me. Why God? What haveth I doneth? I can’t have been that time when I told Luke that there was a fire and he ran out screaming stark naked onto the street still dripping from his shower. It also can’t have been the time when I spent the whole day up on the roof while mother called the police and spent one day trying to find me. No, I begged forgiveness and I also was grounded for two weeks. That is punishment enough but this, this is mad. This is the epitome of His wrath. The Blacks. Oh Merlin, somebody save me.

“ Is there a particular reason why you’re here?” Bellatrix simpered disdainfully, the typical sadistic bitch.

“She’s with me.” I said calmly. By calmly I mean more or less shaking in fright. Lily shifted uncomfortably.

“Maybe it’s best if I leave.” Lily whispered quietly. Her voice crackled. I winced. My mouth refused to move as she walked away, shoulders slightly slumped. Lily, beautiful, outgoing Lily was walking away dejected and hurt. What had I done? I mean she should have never come over here, for me! I’m not important, I’m no one, I am the non-Slytherin, I am Lucinda Gray and I am nobody.

A nobody who has caught the unwanted attention of the SS, the Sadistic Sycophants Inc.

“You there!” Lestrange barks from along the table. I want to crawl inside a hole and wither away. A deer caught in the headlights, hmm, an interesting position, and a position I have never wanted.

I point at myself in a surprised manner. Me? I’ll pretend I’m the stupid first year. Let them believe what they want. Superficial jerks. They growl, very unSlytherin like, more Gryffindor like. I’m disappointed.

“You stupid first.” Lucius sneers. “ Of course we mean you.”

The first years around me, shuffle uncertainly, few even get up and literally run out of the Great Hall. Cowards. Severus sits beside me still, quiet and invisible. Note to self, must ask him how he does it. I stare at him in wide-eyed innocence.

“Hello then.” I replied politely, carelessly waving my hand.

They shared a look of confusion and annoyance. Their deer has started to act oddly. Might as well run it over. I however, won’t be run overed. I will lash and bite and ram and….

“Mudblood lover.” Bellatrix seethes quietly. It’s somehow more powerful when she says it quietly, as opposed to the yelling. It’s enough to make me shiver.

“I am.” I replied. “ I love my mother.” Though ruthlessly annoying she is, I wanted to add.

They stared in confusion. You know, for a bunch of Slytherins they were pretty dull. I thought they were so supposed to be sly. Stupidity and the whole growly thing, hmm… is Slytherin starting to lose its touch?


“Get out of my way!” A snotty voiced said from behind me. I closed my eyes and cursed my stupid timing. I spun around and was greeted by very platinum blond hair and a pair of steely gray eyes. Malfoy would have been quite good looking if it weren’t for the obvious sneer plastered, and I could very well guess, permanently on his face. I looked up at him; he was alarmingly tall and had the faint smell of a mint about him. Only I could be as stupid to notice his smell in a time like this.

“Malfoy.” I whispered, mostly to myself. But knowing my luck the albino heard.

“The piece of dung has eyes.” He drawled, looking down at me from his rather long nose. I am not the kind of person to sit around and cry when someone compares me to human excrete, no, I take action. Stupid and rash action that is.

“Takes one to know one.” I replied cheekily and dashed madly toward the dungeons. There would be shelter in the cold, dark cavern of the girl’s dormitory. I hoped. Maybe none of the girls would be there, that would be a definite relief. I was in no mood for the complaints about the school uniforms, how that person told that person that that person was a fat cow, or how fabulously wealthy their families were and how they were destined to marry the other ridiculously rich families, and make fabulously rich AND good looking offspring. Merlin, weren’t we all just eleven?

My ponytail came undone as I skidded toward the stairs, looking behind my shoulder for any boy with white, blonde hair that might posses a serious threat to my personal welfare. None thank God was seen. But as I turned around I saw myself running head first into the one and only Sirius Black. Merlin, I thought, and then collided with Black.

“Oh piss.” I complained as I hit him around the chest with my body force.

“Oi!” Was his delayed reaction as we both stumbled onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Get off of me!” Was my shocked reaction as I found myself underneath him in a very intimate position. “Ew. Ew. Ew.” I complained as I pounded at his chest. I was eleven and I was pretty sure, I didn’t want to lose it, I couldn’t even say the word.

He leapt up and yelped in disgust. I scrambled away, forcing down the vomit from our short-lived proximity.

“ Merlin, dirt face, if you wanted me that bad. You should have asked.” He said disdainfully wiping at his robes, returning to his composure. Unfortunately that was not the case for me.
I leapt up, patted down my skirt in the most dignified way I could, and held my head up high.

“Ew.” Was all I could manage at that point seeing as how my mental state was severely scarred for life.

“Witty Slytherin aren’t you?” He sneered.

“Not witty,” I said, “ More or less SCARRED FOR LIFE!” I yelled. “ You are one sick pervert you know that? Go to bloody hell, you bloody monster! Go harass a pig; I know they would enjoy it. They like being harassed by their kind! ”

Like I said, mentally scarred for life.

“My God woman, you were the one who ran into ME!” He roared in frustration. He whipped out his wand, I tried to take mine out of my pocket but found it lying a couple of paces behind me.

“Great, bloody, sodding, Fan- freaking- tastic.” I cried and raised my hands above my head in exasperation. I clenched my fist in suppressed rage and was very close to punching his good for nothing, ridiculously good-looking face in. Almost. That was until I spied platinum blonde hair walking in the shadows behind Black.

“Tell anybody what happened here Black,” I hissed menacingly. “ I’ll tell the whole school you screwed Mrs. Norris.”

I didn’t wait to hear his answer. Which one of us would tell anyway? Oh yeah guys, I laid on top of Sirius Black in a very romantic way. Besides who would I tell? Severus? The mere idea made me wee in my stockings.

I turned my head around and there looking like an albino from hell was Malfoy and he was hunting for the redheaded loony case called Lucinda Gray. I bolted.

Oi, so terribly sorry it took so sodding long for this chapter, excuses are not really my specialty but I swear I have a good reason: I moved and those of you who have experienced the horribleness that is moving know quite how I feel, overwhelmed and hectic. Also moving means disconnecting the computer, which means no harry potter. And there is school, bloody annoying school. AND to top that all off, there was the major writer's block. So terribly sorry and I will be up and running and making chapters so never you mind.. Love y'all and do review. Haven't have those in a while. Happy reading my good chaps! :]] and oh yeah, feel free to give me some ideas. Loves!

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